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18 degree hybrid golf club


What is an 18 Degree Hybrid?

Hybrid clubs like the 18° hybrid offer great versatility in the shots and can be used to replace many of the old golf clubs like iron and wood. The design of the 18 degree hybrid is a mixture of a wood and iron club. The face of the club is similar to that of an iron club.

The head of the 18 degree hybrid is rounded, and the center of gravity is further away from the head in contrast to the iron golf club. This is why the 18 degree hybrid offers more forgiving shots. The hybrids have a range of versatile golf clubs that vary from 14 degrees to 31 degrees in loft angle.

In contrast to the wood clubs, the 18° hybrid is shorter in length and is much lighter in weight. The smaller shaft is a plus point as often golfers struggle with the long shafts and are not able to swing the club easily.

The 18 degree hybrid has a flat face which is quite similar to that of an iron club. The flat surface ensures that it is easy to hit the ball in a straight manner.

The surface of the face is hard, which increases the distance covered by the shots. This is an advantage for beginners who have little experience with the golf clubs.

What Club Does an 18 Degree Hybrid Replace?

The 18 degree hybrid replaces the 5-wood golf club. The loft angles offer several advantages to the golfers of all levels. The expert golfers can give a shot at lowering their handicap, whereas the beginners can practice their golfing skills and increase the distance covered.

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A single hybrid can replace 1 to 2 traditional golf clubs which is a clear advantage as the golfers would have to carry a smaller number of clubs. The hybrids can easily replace the wood and iron clubs, but they can’t replace the drivers.

This is due to the low loft angle of the drivers along with the large clubhead. The hybrid which is shorter in length is easier to hit than the iron golf club which has a longer length in contrast.

The moderate lofted hybrid like the 18 degree hybrid can easily replace the 5 wood and 7 wood clubs.

If you want to increase the distance covered on the greens, then the 18 degree hybrid is a good choice. The 18 degree hybrid can be used for versatile shots on off the tee, the rough or on the fairway. It is easy to hit in contrast to the other clubs due to its shorter size.


What Iron Does an 18° Hybrid Replace?

The 18 degree hybrid is a good replacement for a 2 iron golf club. The hybrids were originally built for amateurs to improve their game, but now they have also made their way through to the golf bags of professionals.

The manufacturers have decreased the loft angles and the spin of a golf ball over the span of time. This has become a disadvantage for the golfers, especially the beginners. The 18 degree hybrid is a good replacement for the iron as it has a deeper center of gravity.

The ball gets in the air easily due to the increased deepness in center of gravity. When replacing the iron with the hybrid golf club, you should go for the one that covers the same distance as the iron golf club. The reason for replacement shouldn’t be increasing the distance.

The main focus when replacing the iron with the hybrid should be choosing a golf club that offers more consistent shots. This helps in hitting the ball more accurately and covering the maximum distance on the course more frequently.


How to Hit an 18 Degree Hybrid

This is how you hit a 18° driver:

Off the tee

If you are looking for increased accuracy in the shots, then the hybrid clubs are a good choice to make. Although it doesn’t give the same distance as the traditional driver club, the increased accuracy is an advantage.

  1. The ball should be teed lower than that when using a driver as the hybrids are designed to hit off a fairway. The ball should be just off the top of the grass.

  2. The ball should be approximately only a quarter above the club head when the hybrid is placed close to the ball.

  3. The hybrid club should be swung like a fairway wood. This should be a slow swing which is leveled out before coming in contact with the ball.

  4. Since the hybrids have a smaller shaft and club head, it is better to stand closer to the ball than you would with a fairway wood.


On the fairway

  1. Place the ball in the center of the stance. This placement should be similar to that when you use a long iron club. The ball will reach a higher height and cover more distance on the ground, so it is a good idea to reposition it beforehand according to your shot.

  2. Keep your posture similar to that when hitting with an iron. This is just like when you are swinging the ball with the 2-iron or 3-iron. Put your hands right above the ball, and the ball should be positioned under the middle of your chest.

  3. When making your shot, you should remember that a shot hit with a hybrid will travel around 4-12 yards farther than that hit with an iron. It will also have a higher flight and soft landing on the ground.

  4. Hit the ball just like you would hit it with a long iron. If you make a good hit, a mark would be left on the grass where the ball contacted the hybrid.


18 Degree Hybrid Distance

The average distance covered by a 18° driver is 200 yards.

With an 18 degree hybrid, the men golfers can cover an average distance of 176 yards to 222 yards, depending on the skill level and the accuracy of shots.

For women, this ranges between 104 yards to 126 yards that vary according to the different factors like swing speed and height covered by the shot. The loft angle and the length of shaft greatly account for the change in distance covered by each hybrid.


18 Degree Hybrid Club Length

The 18 degree hybrid has a length of 40.6 inches. The club length of the hybrid is measured from the end of the club to the heel of the club. There is no standard set for the hybrid club length varying for each golfer.

For the club length, a number of factors need to be put into consideration. This includes the leg length, height, arm length, and the posture; hence, it is not solely dependent on the height of the golfer; there are other factors too.


18 Degree Hybrid Vs 3 Wood

  • The 3 wood is greater in length than the 18 degree hybrid. This is why the ball covers more distance horizontally than it covers vertically and rolls more on the course.

  • The 3 wood can cover an approximate distance of around 230 yards to 260 yards depending on the skill level of the golfer.

  • The 18 degree hybrid, on the other hand, covers more height and rolls comparatively less on the fairway.

  • If you want to play safe off the tee and get a good distance from the fairway than 3 wood is a good option if your shots are made accurately with it.


18° Hybrid Vs 5 Wood

  • The 18° hybrids require a reasonable speed to cover good distance on the course

  • The 18 degree hybrid is easier to launch and also has a higher flight with the fairway.

  • The 18° hybrid is easier to hit off the deck and is likely to launch lower. Since the 5-wood golf club is longer in length, it is likely to cover more distance on the field, and it also has a larger clubface.

  • To get the ball airborne with the hybrid, it should be teed higher than usual. To get accurate shots with it, you require a good strike to get the ball on the face.


18° Hybrid Vs 3 Iron

  • If you want to increase the yardage, then switching from 3 iron to 18 degrees hybrid is a good option. The adjustable hybrid allows you to make shots in the direction you want. The 18 degree hybrid also flies higher in contrast to the 3 iron.

  • If you are a high ball hitter, then 3 iron should be your preferred golf club over the 18 degree hybrid. The 18 degree hybrid is good to play low shots.

  • The hybrid is more used by some golfers over the traditional 3 iron due to more versatility and consistency in the shots.

  • The 18 degree hybrid is easier to hit in contrast to the 3 iron. It can also be used around the green with the right lie.


18 Vs 20° Hybrid

  • If you are looking for a replacement for your 3-wood golf club, then a 18° hybrid should be chosen over 20 degree hybrid. The reason is that the 20° offer similar shots to that of 3 wood.

  • The 20 degree hybrid is better to play on the rough than the 18 degree hybrid as it has more loft angle.

  • The 20 degree hybrid being higher with a lower center of gravity helps in launching the ball with ease.

  • It depends on the yardage gap of the golfer if they have to choose between the 18 degrees and the 20 degree hybrid.

  • Getting an adjustable hybrid is a wise option as one can easily range the angle from 18 degrees to 21 degrees.


Ping g410 – 18° hybrid

The Ping g410 comes with an adjustable hosel which is an advantage for the golfers who seek precision in their shots.

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The larger clubhead offers the user a  more forgiving shots. It is slightly greater in size in contrast to the normal hybrids. The hybrid has a solid feel to it and has a textured face to reduce the spinning of the shots.

The turbulators have been reshaped to improve the aerodynamics of the club. The face has been made thinner to increase the swing speed of the club.

The features of this club offer consistent shots at a much greater rate, which is a clear advantage for all the golfers.

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