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16 degree hybrid golf club


What is a 16 Degree Hybrid Golf Club

A 16 degree hybrid golf club is considered to be an ideal club for field lengths varying from 200 yards to up to 250 yards. It has a small clubhead which is a feature well-liked by golfers as it creates ease in hitting the shot, and covers a fair distance with improved accuracy.

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What is a 16 Degree Hybrid Equivalent to?

The 16-degree hybrid is equivalent to 1 iron or a four-wood traditional driver. It is a good idea to replace your old conventional wood club with a 16 degree hybrid for an improved shot and better distance coverage. It helps to generate the maximum clubhead speed so you can make your best shot.

 Hitting on a wood club can be hard and often we end up with scuffing and duffing the shot. The hybrids resemble the wood clubhead as it has smooth edges that decrease the drag on the grass.


16 Degree Hybrid Distance

The distance covered by a single shot is dependent on several factors like how skilled the golfer is and what the loft angle of the club is. The golfer has more solid contact with the hybrid; therefore, the 16° hybrid can increase the distance covered by an extra 12 yards.

A 16 degree hybrid can cover a distance up to 198 yards (89.6 meteres). The hybrid has a clear advantage over the long iron of golf club. It has more weight at the rear and bottom end of the golf club; therefore, it increases the ease of hitting the shot, and increases the height covered.

Hybrids are most useful when hitting a shot out of the rough. This is because there is less chance of the ball being stuck in the rough in contrast to wood. Hybrids are the best choice for lesser experienced golfers, but professional players also do enjoy them.

Due to their lightweight and natural swinging ability, 16° hybrids are a better suited to perform a high shot. The club doesn’t require golfers to be perfect at their shots,  as a good swing will be able to  travel a decent distance.

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16 Degree Hybrid Shaft Length

A 16° hybrid has an angle of 16 degrees on the left and 57 degrees on the lie. The length of graphite 16 degree hybrid measures 40.5 inches, while the length of a steel shaft is 40 inches.

According to official rules of golf, you can use 14 clubs. This means it will not be of great advantage to use two golf clubs of the same performance.

For instance, if two of your clubs cover the same distance of 140 yards, it is equivalent to wasting one of your 14 clubs.

Hybrid clubs have been considered advantageous by some golfers, and some find them confusing. Adding hybrids of the same length and angle to your set is unnecessary.


How to Use a 16° Hybrid Off the Tee

The hybrid you choose depends on the number of yards you want to cover with your shot. For example, you think of covering 150 yards, you could consider a 6-iron club. Similarly, for 180 yards shot you can ask for a 5 wood. The choice of clubs depends on the many shots you have from those clubs earlier.

Getting on a tee with a par of 4 and 5, the focus of golfer becomes how long the shot would go. To decide your position off the tee, it is good to develop a picture and then decide. It is always a good idea to select a target and stick to it when playing the shot.

Many beginner golfers find a hybrid like a wood club and sweep it similarly. However, in contrast, the club should be played like a middle iron club. If you are a newbie with a 16-degree hybrid, try to make a shot by placing the clubhead a few inches above the ground.

This would give an immediate impact and hit the ball solidly for the shot.

If you want to replace you old wood clubs with hybrids, using a 16-degree hybrid is much easier club to swing at the ball.

Golfers find the wood club to cost them too many shots. This is where a 16-degree hybrid gives them a definite edge as it provides a better grip and shot.

Trying a lower degree hybrid is preferable as the shot can easily cover 200 to 220 yards.


16° Hybrid Vs 16° 3 Wood

With a hybrid, the golfer can lose a bit of distance, but if the person has the right height, the ball can be significantly crushed. It depends on one’s skills and grip on the hybrid. If you find the hybrid easier and do not think that you are losing distance, then it always preferable over a 16-degree 3 wood.

 A 16-degree hybrid is the number one replacement for iron and 16 degrees 3 wood. However, for a short player a 16-degree 3 wood gives a definite advantage if you want to cover maximum distance.

The 3 wood would launch the shot higher than the 16 degrees and hence it will have a smooth landing.

The hybrid has a shorter shaft than the 3-wood club, and it is easier to hit straight with the hybrid, and it will also run a long way. With a 16-degree hybrid the shot can be ranged from 220 yards on the string to 215 yards from the fairway.

The 3 wood carries a chance of missing the shot even if you are playing your best ball. This can make you lose up to 20 yards.

Some 16 degrees 3 woods have large clubheads that can make swinging difficult at times.

On the tee, it may be easier to use a 3 wood, but on the ground, your shots will become more challenging.

Many golfers prefer using the hybrid because of the decrease in yards due to its ease in workability.  The accuracy of your shot is much improved with a 16-degree hybrid.

I find it much easier to hit from both the fairway and tee with a 16-degree hybrid. The decrease in yards become a fair trade off along with improvement in accuracy.

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15° Vs 16° Hybrid

Hitting with a 15-degree hybrid is also pretty much easy like the 16-degree hybrid. It can cover from 110 yards to 100 yards if it is dry. The shot goes clear off the deck, and the ball goes off a mid-flight.

 It’s easier to make a shot with a 15-degree hybrid than a wood club, and it covers a fair distance of 230 yards.

The 15-degree hybrid is more accessible off the tee and works similarly off the deck too. You might need to increase your usual speed for an accurate shot, but with moderate speed, you can get a perfect shot.

It can also be managed with mere swing speeds and is the only low lofted hybrid that works fine at even this speed.

But, if you are amateur, you might usually find it hard to make a shot with the 15-degree hybrid but one you get you handset on it, you can make a clear and straight shot.


4 Wood or 16° Hybrid

4 wood can be a real tough deal to hit unless you know your shot. With its long shaft, one does not stand an extended chance of making any error. A 16-degree hybrid is a better choice in this case due to its shorter shaft. It gives a natural swing as it has a light swing weight.

It can often cost a lot of shots, and some golfers do not find it trustworthy. With a 16-degree hybrid, it is easier to make a shot off the tee. Sometimes the shot can be challenging to make from the deck, but with a reasonable height, the shot can be adjusted.

If length is an essential factor for you, then 16-degree hybrid is always a better choice to make over a 4 wood.

There will not be much difference in distances if you choose between a 4 wood or a 16-degree hybrid, but the swings can vary in both depending on which one you find more natural to manage.


Left Handed 16 Degree Hybrid

A stable hybrid can be a wise decision over a 3 wood if you are left-handed. The 15-degree hybrid can cover a distance of 240 yards and go higher if your shot is accurate and made precisely. A great hybrid can be used to improve the shot rather than choosing a hybrid that just enhances the distance by 10 to 15 yards.

The mid launching shaft can be lengthened if one likes it and be adjusted to their shot. A 16-degree hybrid made both for left, and right-handed can cost around 124 USD made by the company Thomas Golf. The new Integra 16-degree hybrid gold club can cost approximately 45.99 USD.


Best 16 Degree Hybrids

There are some really impressive 16 degree hybrids out now. Below are my 3 favorite clubs which I think are worth checking out: 

1)   Adams golf 16° Hybrid 

This is considered a good golf hybrid for golfers of all skill levels ranging from amateur to professional. The crown is designed with velocity slot technology, and the sole is made with cut-thru slot technology. According to customers, it has a strong and robust club that does not feel springy at all. It is a value for money with its smooth shaft.

2)   TaylorMade 16° Hybrid

This has been designed specially to improve the speed and distance covered by the shot. The design has a shallow face and raised crown to increase the speed of the swing and to give it an aerodynamic shape. People say in reviews that it is a suitable replacement for long iron shots and is easy to hit in contrast to other hybrids.

3)   Mizuno 16° Hybrid

This 16-degree hybrid has been made with an amplified sole to push the clubhead forward and hence increase the speed of the shot and make the launch much easy. It is manufactured with harmonic

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