5 Wood Vs 5 Hybrid Vs 5 Iron (Best Club Explained)

5 Wood Golf Shot


Fairway woods like the 5 Wood, produce accurate shots and are easy to hit because of their large degree of loft.

The 5 Wood can be used to aim  shots into the green from a great distance from the fairway; without having to swing too much.

Alternatively, you can go for clubs with low profile heads to hit from the tight ties.

In recent times, fairway woods have begun to support adjustability in terms of face angle, loft, and movable weights.

Most fairway woods are made of titanium or steel. The shaft of a fairway wood is primarily made of graphite.

With iron golf clubs, the club heads taper from the front to the back, while the clubface is grooved for creating a good spin.

Professional players often opt for a blade or muscle-back type of iron club with a full rear back on the clubhead.

On the other hand, beginners and recreational players find cavity-back style clubs with a hollow on the rear of the clubhead handy.

An iron club set comprises of eight clubs ranging from a 3-iron, all the way to a pitching wedge. The PW in an iron set is referred to as 3-PW. Iron clubs are usually classified as long, mid, and short irons.

The numbers on the clubheads are primarily for beginners to help them identify the loft of their clubs.


When to Use a 5 Wood

A 5-wood is often an ideal accompaniment for an average, to good golfer. There are different situations where you’ll find that using a 5-wood helps you to deliver the best shots.

  1. When you want to hit straight shots from the tee and the rough, long and high shots into par 5, off the deck or clean fairway lies or tighter holes.
  2. When you want your golf ball to make a soft landing into the greens.
  3. Have a substitute for your 3-iron club.
  4. When you want your shot to cover the same distance as a 19degrees hybrid club.
  5. For accurate and consistent game shots.
  6. When you need to cover a distance between 200 to 240 yards.


When to Use a 5 Hybrid

5-hybrid golf clubs can be useful if you want a club that is easy to hit the same distance that you would usually do.

  1. Short par 4 and long par 3 shots off the tees because of its low center of gravity that makes the ball go high and descend at a steep angle to stop on the green easily.
  2. Out of the rough while keeping the clubface square because of the rails and rudders on the sole.
  3. Long approach par 4 or par 5 shots from the fairway to the green with good accuracy and confidence and distance control.
  4. Run and bump shots around the green with minimum error because of the ability to make the ball roll very fast on the green.
  5. Out of a bunker by moving the ball into the stance with a steep attack angle and swinging through the sand because of the rudder soles and large clubhead.


When to Use a 5 Iron

Like 5-woods and 5-hybrids, 5-irons have their advantage. They help you to cover a long distance because they have fewer lofts and in turn make them ideal for experienced golfers.

Even though the distance factor makes it tempting to own a 5-iron, there are many reasons why this club is gradually becoming less-preferred.

  1. While the lofts of iron clubs are becoming stronger, the spin of the golf ball is becoming lesser. The weight makes it increasingly difficult for golfers to handle the club and launch it from the turf.
  2. The 5-iron shot fails to reach the maximum height to ensure as much distance as possible. This, in turn, makes it difficult for the ball to stop on the green or fade off short of the green.

However, many manufacturers have come to realize these drawbacks and offer 5-irons which overcome these pitfalls.


What is the Average 5 hybrid Distance?

A 5 hybrid can cover a distance up to 200 yards (182.8 meters)


What is the Average 5 wood Distance?

A 5 wood can cover a distance up to 195 yards (178 meters)

The average distance covered by a 5-wood shot varies across golfers of different categories. These distances are given below.

  • The distances for short, mid, and long male hitters are 170, 195, and 210 yards respectively. The corresponding distances for female hitters are 80, 110, and 140 yards.
  • The distance for a senior tour player is 230 to 288 yards.
  • The distance for a PGA tour player is 194 to 243 yards.
  • The distance for an LPGA tour player is 185 to 205 yards.

Hybrid clubs are designed and numbered to replace iron golf clubs. They have the same number as the iron golf clubs that they are intended to replace. However, a hybrid golf club can usually make the ball travel a longer distance with good control than its equivalent iron golf club.

The average distance of a 5 wood golf club is 195 yards for males and 110 yards for females.

A golfer who can hit at 90mph should be able to hit the ball as far as 190 yards using a long hybrid. The same player should be able to cover an approximate distance of 180 yards, 175 yards, and 160 yards with 21degrees, 24degrees, and 27degrees hybrid clubs respectively.


What is the Average 5 Iron Distance?

A 5 iron can cover a distance up to 180 yards (160.5 meters)

The average distances covered by a 5-iron club across various categories are given below:

  • Short, mid, and long male hitters cover distances of 132, 160, and 180 yards respectively. These distances for female hitters are 80, 104, and 132 yards respectively.
  • Senior tour players cover a distance of 184 to 191 yards.
  • PGA tour players cover a distance of 194 to 243 yards.
  • LPGA tour players cover a distance of 161 to 173 yards.


What Degree is a 5 Wood?

A 5 Wood has a loft angle degree of 20 to 23 degrees. This amount of loft is slightly more than that of a driver. This, in turn allows the club to cover a good distance. During a game of golf, this club is usually used while playing the 2nd shot.


What Degree is a 5 Hybrid?

A hybrid can have a low loft, a moderate loft or a high loft. On average, the hybrid has a loft ranging between 14 degrees and 28 degrees.

A 5-hybrid iron has a loft of 27 degrees. The lie for this club is usually 61 degrees.


What Degree is a 5 Iron?

A 5-iron has a loft ranging between 28 degrees and 32 degrees depending on the manufacturer.

However, some manufacturers have recently started offering 5-irons with far lesser loft angles to overcome the drawbacks of these clubs. For example, the Rogue X 5-iron from Callaway has a loft angle of just 21 degrees.


What is the Shaft Length of a 5 Wood?

The standard shaft length of a 5 Wood is 42 inches. However, this could increase or decrease slightly based on your comfort level. Some players are comfortable using 5-wood of sizes 40.5 inches, 41.5 inches, and 42.5 inches. Others are comfortable using 41.75 inches, 42.75 inches, and 43 inches.


What is the Shaft Length of a 5 Hybrid?

Hybrid shafts are designed to be 0.75 inches longer than their corresponding iron ones. Some manufacturers tend to increase the length by as long as 1.25 inches. However, too long hybrid shafts can result in poor ball contact and shot dispersion.

A 5-hybrid shaft has a typical length of 38.25 inches for men.


What is the Shaft Length of a 5 Iron?

With steel shafts, a 5-iron shaft length for men’s clubs is generally around 37.5 inches. The length is slightly longer at 38 inches for one with a graphite shaft.


What is a 5 Wood Equivalent to?

You can replace your iron club with a wood equivalent. As per the general rule of thumb, the 5-wood can replace a 3-iron because of similar functionality.


Which Hybrid Replaces a 5 Wood?

A 2-Hybrid is a good replacement for a 5-Wood golf club.

There are instances when you find that you give your best performance with a hybrid club. Keep in mind that the specifications of one manufacturer’s lineup may vary from another’s.

I think it’s worth checking out the manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing a replacement. Also, when replacing your 5-wood with a hybrid, try and get the replacement done from the, same manufacturer.

If you’re looking at an option to replace your 5-wood from Thomas Golf, you can consider opting for a 2-hybrid iron that has an 18° loft and 58° lie. The graphite and steel club lengths for men are 40 inches and 39.5 inches respectively. Women’s clubs are an inch lesser in both cases.


Which Hybrid replaces a 5 Iron?

The rule for replacing your 5-wood with a hybrid also applies when you want to replace 5-iron with a hybrid one. Typically, the best substitute for a 5-iron is a 5-hybrid iron golf club.


If you’re looking at Thomas Golf’s 5 hybrid iron clubs, the steel clubs for men are sized at 38.5 inches while their graphite counterparts come in 38 inches size. Both clubs are an inch shorter for women.


How to Hit with a 5 Wood

The 5-wood is ideal for off-the-tee and fairway shots. It also renders an upright posture that is important for swinging action. Here is how you can hit with a 5-wood effortlessly.

  1. Keep the ball ahead of you away from your front heel using alignment rods to help you get the right position. You can also position the ball between the driver or a few inches towards the left heel.
  2. Align your shoulders to maintain a square shoulders position for proper swinging and a flatter angle when hitting the ball. Do not keep your shoulders in open position.
  3. Balance your weight uniformly without shifting it backward when swinging the club to the back. Alternatively, you can lean a little to the right keeping yourself off the ball.
  4. Address the ball keeping your feet apart so that the 5-wood bottoms out properly.
  5. Start with a full backswing followed by a downswing without keeping your body stiff. You must be able to do a full turn while your hands form an arc. The right foot should be angled towards the target.
  6. Strike the ball using the club at the bottommost point of its arc so that the ball sweeps off the tee in a smooth rhythmic style.


How to Hit with a 5 Hybrid

When you use a 5-hybrid, allow the clubface to point towards you and keep the ball opposite the hosel. The toe of the club must be against the left heel. You can hit with the 5-hybrid effortlessly by following the steps given below.

  1. Ensure that your stance is wider than your shoulder width and keep this stance as wide as you can. You must be an inch away from the ball. The ball should be a little ahead of the center of your stance.
  2. Keep the same grip on your 5-hybrid that you would when playing with a long iron. You will need more pressure to hit out of the rough and open the clubface a little to square up when you hit the ball.
  3. Swing the 5-hybrid like how you would do with an iron in a fairway. The loft and design of the clubhead will help in automatically lifting the ball.


5-Iron Loft Angle

A 5-iron is categorized under middle irons and generally has a loft angle of 28 degrees. They help men to achieve an average distance of 160 yards while women can achieve 110 yards. They are most suitable for playing on the fairway.


5-Wood Loft Angle

A 5-wood will typically have a loft ranging between 17 degrees and 19 degrees. For example, if you’re planning to buy a 5-wood from Thomas Golf, you will have a club with 18 degrees loft, 58 degrees lie, and a length of 43 inches. The head of this 5-wood is made of stainless steel.


5-Hybrid Loft Angle

The loft angle for hybrids usually starts at 14 degrees and can go as high as 28 degrees. This generally varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A 5-hybrid iron from Thomas Golf has 27 degrees loft and 61 degrees lie.


5-wood Vs 2-hybrid

  • The 2-hybrid is always easier to hit with than a 5-wood, especially when you’re hitting out of the rough. However, a 5-wood hits better on fairways.
  • The 5-wood is a better option than the 2-hybrid if you want to hit over an extended distance.
  • The 2-hybrid is more accurate and easier to control in all situations like windy days because of the low trajectory.
  • The 5-wood is ideal if you want to play on dry lies and set the golf ball going high.


5-wood Vs 3-hybrid

  • The 5-wood can be used to hit off the fairway while the 3-hybrid is best for chip and off-the-tee shots.
  • The 5-wood renders a longer distance than a 3-hybrid while the 3-hybrid promises to be more accurate.
  • The 5-wood tends to fly straight and launch better than a 3-hybrid.
  • The 3-hybrid digs lesser into the ground than a 5-wood when making a swing.


5-wood Vs 4-hybrid

  • The 5-wood is at times not as versatile and easy to control as a 4-hybrid club.
  • The 5-wood is apt for long-distance and high shots while the 4-hybrid can be helpful to attack the green.
  • The 4-hybrid is easier to control because of its shorter length than a 5-wood.


5-wood Vs 5-hybrid

  • The 5-wood renders a longer distance when compared to a 5-hybrid.
  • The 5-wood gives a softer landing than a 5-hybrid.
  • The 5-hybrid is better suited than a 5-wood for courses with long par threes and short par fives.
  • The 5-hybrid promises more accurate shots than its5-wood counterpart.
  • The 5-hybrid is better suited for a rough course than a 5-wood.


5 Iron Vs 5 Hybrid

  • The 5-hybrid is more consistent because of its forgiving aspect and offers better flight into the tee as against a 5-iron.
  • The 5-hybrid covers a better range of distance and works easily on most lies when compared to a 5-iron.
  • The 5-iron is more accurate than a 5-hybrid, while the 5-hybrid hits better for some players because of its design.


5-Iron Vs 4-Hybrid

  • The 4-hybrid is capable of rendering more consistent shots than a 5-iron club as it is easier to hit with.
  • Shots with the 5-iron club cover a lesser distance range than a 4-hybrid club.
  • The 4-hybrid supports a faster swing and clubhead speed than a 5-iron club.


5 Wood Vs 2 Iron

  • The 5-wood has a longer shaft than a 2-iron that helps it to deliver shots that cover a longer range of distance.
  • The 5-wood is a good choice for playing during normal weather conditions whereas a 2-iron does a good job on a windy day.
  • The 5-wood has a larger head in comparison to a 2-iron that makes it ideal for beginners to hit better shots confidently.


5-Wood Vs 3 Iron

  • The 5-wood works well for cutting under the ball, preventing a snap hook into the lake, or a halfway approach into the hole. The 3-iron is recommended for long par 5, long par 3, and controlled tee shots on fairways and good lies.
  • The 5-wood club has offered more consistency than a 3-iron club for some players.


5 Iron Vs 4 Iron

  • The 5-iron shot covers a lesser distance on an average for swingers of all levels, as against a 4-iron shot.
  • The 5-iron club offers more consistent contact for a shot than a 4-iron.


Driving Iron Vs 5 Wood

  • The driving iron is good for tight fairway and off-the-tee and turf shots while a 5-wood helps to hit shots straight into the air.
  • The driving iron provides good control while a 5-wood is easy to launch.
  • The driving iron is at times more versatile than a 5-wood club.
  • The driving iron is ideal for normal weather because of the high trajectory whilst the 5-wood can be used comfortably on a windy day.


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