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19 degree hybrid golf club


What is a 19 Degree Hybrid

Hybrids have brought a massive revival to golfers who struggle with the traditional long iron golf clubs.  19 degree hybrids are known for their ease of usability, and are a mixture of a long iron and wood. Hybrid clubs have become so popular that many professional golfers are know carrying them in their golf bags.

The distance covered by each shot depends on the loft angle of your 19° hybrids. The hybrids come with a fitted long graphite shaft to reduce the weight of the club and increase the distance covered in each shot.


What is a 19 Degree Hybrid Equivalent To

The 19-degree hybrid is equivalent to your 3-wood club. Since hybrids offer great versatility, they can be used comfortably on the fairway; from the rough, to off the tee.

Traditional irons do not help in hitting a consistent shot; therefore, this is where a hybrid comes in to help in improving consistency.

Since most beginner golfers’ struggle with the standard long iron and wood, hybrids have made life on the course much easier for them. The center of gravity is placed by manufacture far off the face, which makes it easier for the ball to fly through the air right from impact.


What Iron Does a 19° Hybrid Replace

The 19 degree hybrid can be used to replace the 4-iron hybrid. The hybrid helps through in getting a higher ball flat, and the shot has a more piercing flight.


How to Hit a 19 Degree Hybrid

If you continue to hit your hybrid like your iron clubs, you” hit some decent shots. You can simply strike down on the ball with an accelerating swing, and easily produce a high enough shot that lands softly on to the green.

Since 19 degree hybrids are pretty long, it is a good idea to hit them a bit low if the fairway is firm. This helps in increasing the distance covered by the shot. When it comes to the swing, hybrids and woods have some differences.

Hybrids require a lower descending swing, whereas the wood needs a sweeping blow. It’s recommend you hit your hybrid more like an iron, otherwise you run the risk of hitting a thin shot.

However, hitting it like the wood will result in the ball coming off low. A ball hit with a hybrid will create a good level of height and a result in a much softer landing.


19 Degree Hybrid Distance

The average distance covered by a 19 degree hybrid depends on your swing style. If shot well, a 19 degree hybrid can cover an average distance of 253 yards (231 meteres). Hybrids have improved accuracy because they can withstand missed hits.

A casual player is likely to cover more yards with a hybrid than the iron.

Due to the lower center of gravity, I find it easier to hit the ball in contrast to the iron clubs. To increase shot distance, I recommend placing the ball mid-stance and then swinging just below the center position of the ball.

The ball should be placed lower than the usual position if you are off for a tee shot with the quarter of ball above the clubhead at maximum.

On the fairway, the hybrid should be played similar to an iron and off the tee, it should be swung like a wood club.

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19 Degree Hybrid Club Length

The standard length of a 19° hybrid club is 38.5 inches on steel and 39 inches on graphite for men.

For women, 37.5 inches steel and 38 inches of graphite is the standard length of a 19 degree hybrid. These lengths are based upon the length required for the swing weight.

This weight should be acceptable in the standard weight of clubheads. The length played by the professionals should be made a custom fit by any fitting professional.

The 19-degree hybrid is equivalent to the 3-wood club which has a shaft weight of 43.25”.


19 Degree Hybrid Off the Tee

If you wish to cover long distances off the tee, then using a 19-degree hybrid is a good idea. It covers about 225 yards and can also range between 220 yards to 240 yards. 15-18-degree hybrids are not usually really easy to hit.

If you are looking for an easy shot, then 19-22-degree hybrids are better off the tee. The distance covered off the tee also depends on the mechanics of your swing. When it comes to hybrids it is always good to consider the swing speed rather than the length.

19-degree hybrid is a good idea as it fairly covers 235 yards or around it. The traditional 3 wood goes 250 yards, and 3 iron goes 220 yards, so the hybrid is like a halfway through both of them.

Lower degree hybrids are easier to handle and grip, especially if you have recently switched from traditional wood and iron clubs.

The 19-degree hybrids can also cover the distance as far as the shot played by a 3 wood covers. The significant difference is that a hybrid gives you more control over your shot and also improves the accuracy of each ball played.


19 Degree Hybrid Vs 19° 5 Wood

  • The 19-degree hybrid is not quite different from a 5-wood club. The main difference comes only in their functionality and shots made by the golfer. The hybrids help in getting the ball far off the fairway and have a soft landing.

  • In contrast, it can also be said that it is easier to hit off the shot with a hybrid. They have a difference in ranges like the hybrid can have a range varying between 38.5 inches to 39 inches. Whereas, the wood can have a range of 41.5 to 42 inches.

  • Due to the extra three inches, it can be said that the wood club has slightly less accuracy than the 19-degree hybrid club. There is also a difference in the weight of the hybrid and wood. The 5 wood has a lower weight in contrast.

  • The weight signifies the ease of shot as it is easier to hit with a club off lower weight for most golfers. If you want to try different shots than hybrid is always a good choice. With a wood, you can make limited straight shots only.

  • With the hybrid, you can take shorter swings of the shot and can hit straight between 190 to 230 yards. With the wood, you need good skill to manage 200 yards shot easily.


19° Hybrid Vs 3 Wood

  • With a 3 wood, it might be difficult to get the ball off the ground easily. To counter this you can use a club with an adjustable loft like the 19-degree hybrid. If you can hit a hybrid better on the fairway then a wood, the hybrid should be your obvious choice.

  • A 3 wood can be a good choice for teeing off. However a hybrid is the better choice for playing off the deck. You can easily get 250 yards to 2560 yards shot from the hybrid if your shot is well adjusted with it.

  • Some people find a gap in yards when they switch from the traditional wood to the 19-degree hybrid. So mostly it depends on your game and how comfortable you are with a hybrid that decides the yards covered.


19° Hybrid Vs 3 Iron

  • For many golfers, making consistent shots with a 3 iron can be a struggle in terms of consistency. It can also result in the fading of your natural shot. In this case, the hybrid comes in really handy.

  • A hybrid can also cover the distance gap easily and can really be good to play off the tee and compared to a 3 iron. The choice of hybrids also depends on how you hit the clubs. Many players can’t hit an iron-on less than 24 degrees.

  • In such cases, the hybrid is the most obvious choice.


19° Hybrid Vs 5 Wood

  • 19-degree hybrid can be really helpful in contrast to the 5 wood if you want to hit a higher shot and hit out on the rough and wet course. A 5 wood is not preferred by most golfers when playing off the tee, therefore, they prefer a hybrid.

  • However, for a golfer who consistently makes flat shots, a hybrid isn’t a really wise decision. Even if you get the hybrid fitted, your shots might not get better, and you may also lose distance.


17° Vs 19 ° Hybrid

  • 17 degree and 19-degree hybrids are both reasonably fine to hit off the tee. For tight driving holes, the 17° hybrid is a good as it easier to hit off the tee. Off the course of grass, 19° hybrid is a good choice as it gives you a straight shot.

  • For some golfers, 17-degree hybrids are preferred as they help to fill in the gaping of the yardage. The 19-degree hybrid is two clubs longer than the long iron and considerably close to two clubs shorter than the 3 wood.


19° Hybrid Vs 22° Hybrid

  • The difference between the distances covered by both the hybrids depends on how far you hit the ball. The gap decreases with lower hits. On average, there comes a difference of approximately 10 to 15 yards between 19 degrees and 22-degree hybrid.

  • With a 17-degree hybrid, you can choke down the shaft to 19-degree hybrid. However, it cannot be brought down to a 22-degree hybrid. Having only a difference of 3 degrees does not create much difference in the distances.


19°  or 21° Hybrid

  • Some golfers find the 19-degree hybrid considerably longer than the 21-degree hybrid. Both the hybrids can easily replace a 3 iron. Although some golfers say that logically it is easier to hit the 21-degree hybrid with more consistency.

  • The difference can be better defined by the speed of the shot rather than the club performance. If you are getting an increased distance gap with a 21-degree hybrid, it might be due to over swinging. For some golfers, 21-degree hybrids have a slight edge over the 19-degree hybrid.

  • Most golfers prefer a tighter gap when they switch from the standard woods and irons, to hybrids. The gap between the clubs is the main concern in this case. 19 degree is preferred over 21 degree hybrid as the club makes striking the ball easier. One can easily make high draws and low cuts with a 19 degree hybrid.


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