Yamaha G22 and G29 Golf Cart Differences (G22 VS G29)

Yamaha G29 golf cart

What is the difference between Yamaha G22 and G29 golf carts?

The main difference between a Yamaha G22 and G26 golf cart is that the G29 is a newer model that weighs more, and has a faster top speed of 30 MPH.

  • The frames of both the golf carts are different. The frame of the G22 golf cart is made with around tube, while the G29 is made with a rectangular tube.
  • The sensor plug fitted in both golf carts is also different from each other.
  • The G22 has a grey triangular plug while the G29 has a different type of white plug in its systems.
  • The input shaft spines of both golf clubs are also different manufactured and fitted.


Yamaha G22 Vs G29 Comparison


Yamaha G22

Yamaha G29

Release Date



Top Speed

23 mph

30 mph


668 pounds / 303 Kg

688 pounds / 312 Kg


9 feet 3 1/2 inches in length and 4 feet 2-3/4 inches in width


9 ft 10 ¾ inches in length and 4 ft 2 ¾ inches in width

Which is better Yamaha G22 or G29?

Both the Yamaha G22 and G29 have certain points completing them and some which may need a revamp. Some of the pros and cons of both golf carts are as follows:


Yamaha G22:



  • Low emissions: Golf cart owners have been very concerned about low emissions from their golf carts. Yamaha has made technology and development their driving force to fuel such change. This allows the environment to be in good stead and a cleaner air for all to breathe.
  • Long-lasting and sturdy frame: Though all Yamaha golf carts have a sturdy frame, the G22 tops the list on this front. During many instances, the G22 gets used in transporting heavy materials from one place to another. This is when the build quality of the product comes into the picture.



  • Rusting of Steel Frames: Though the frame is a sturdy one, it faces issues of getting rusted in the long run. This happens mostly when the golf cart gets exposed to moisture, rain and salty weather conditions. If regular maintenance of the golf cart gets done, this process may take a longer time but owners have shared the opinion that such rusting is bound to happen.
  • Ride quality: Some golf cart owners have said that though the features are a game-changer, the ride quality suffers in comparison to other products from different brands. The G22 has a sporty or rough patchy feel when driven, which is why it may raise a few eyebrows. In case there is no reference point in terms of comparison with other brands, you won’t be greatly disappointed.


Yamaha G29:



  • Quiet Technology: The G29 has one of the quietist engines and lowest decibel outputs in the market. This is one aspect where this particular product scores high since loud engine loud is a deterrent to most owners. Some communities have also disallowed golf carts to ply in and around their surroundings due to the loud engine noise.
  • The independent rear suspension of the cart works in tandem with this technology to make the ride experience a better and quitter one. If a golf course is planning to buy many golf carts together, this particular feature would ensure that the golf course stays a quitter place.
  • Accessories: The G29 comes with tons of accessories, one being the cooling fan that ensures cooling and also that bugs stays away. The ClimaGuard Top is one of the features introduced from Yamaha.
  • There are dual gutters placed on top which ensure that rain water does not get tricked down to the passenger seats. The user can also upgrade the seating arrangements in the cart. That shall ensure a more comfortable ride according to your preference.



  • Ride Quality: The ride quality is one aspect where golf cart owners have felt Yamaha can do a better job. In comparison to other brands, the ride quality may not be a very smooth one, instead it may have a sporty feel to it. Again, this is a personal choice where individual golf cart owners may have different opinion regarding it.


Yamaha G22 golf cart dimensions:

The dimensions of a Yamaha G22 golf cart are as follows:

  • 9 feet 3 1/2 inches in length and 4 feet 2-3/4 inches in width
  • 8 meter in length and 1.28 meter in width


How wide is a Yamaha G29 golf cart?

The width of a Yamaha G29 golf cart is 49 inches or 1.2 meters.


Top Speed (Yamaha G22 Vs G29)

The top speed of Yamaha G22 is 23 mph(approximately) or 37Kmh(approximately). While the top speed of Yamaha G29 is 30mph(approximately) or 48Kmh(approximately).


Weight (Yamaha G22 Vs G29)

The Yamaha G22 weighs 670 pounds ie 303 Kg while the Yamaha G29 weighs 690 pounds ie 312 Kg.



Both the G22 and G29 are one of the best range of products from Yamaha. We have listed out the major specs of both devices along with its pros and cons.

Both golf cart models have been well received by the customers and have been benefited by the features that both the golf carts come equipped with.


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