How to Fix a Leaning Golf Cart (EZGO/Yamaha/Club Car)

golf cart leaning to one side


Why is My Golf Car Leaning to One Side?

A golf cart may be leaning to one side because of a bent spring, a cracked frame or simply from only one person riding the cart for years at a time.

In most of the cases, the cart might be leaning heavily in the front or the back. This means that if you look at your cart from the front you might notice a heavier lean than when you look at it from the back. So why does this happen?

  • When a single person has driven the cart for many years, the springs might have become unbalanced thus producing this slight lean.
  • Another common reason for this lean is a broken spring or a bent spring. The springs under the side of the lean could be bent or broken which could be causing this issue. Try replacing the spring and the issue will be resolved.


Golf Cart Leans to the Drivers Side

The weight of one driver operating a golf cart for several years can cause the golf cart to lean to one side.

  1. Check for the springs under the driver’s side. There are many springs present under the seat. If any of the springs are bent or broken, then that could be the cause for the lean.
  2. Replace or fix the spring which is bent or broken. This will help reduce the lean on the driver’s side.
  3. Another possibility is that the frame under the driver’s side could be cracked. You may have to take your cart to a service center to lift it on a high pedestal. Once this is done, they will be able to view the frame.
  4. Replacing or repairing the broken frame will again resolve the problem.
  5. If you find that this is a new issue, try checking the air pressure in the wheel below the driver’s side. If the air pressure is low, it may cause the leaning of the cart.


My Golf Cart Leans to the Left

Many people have experienced this issue where the golf cart leans towards the left side. This imbalance of weight distribution can cause a bumpy ride. This issue can be noticed when a person sits in the passenger’s side, and the lean evens out.

  • There are leaf springs present under the seats in the golf cart on either side. Check the springs under your passenger seat. If any of them are broken or damaged, it may cause the lean.
  • Replace these springs with a new one of the same size and model. This should help you to fix the problem.
  • There are also springs present on both the front as well as the rear side. You can change the springs from the front to the rear to check if the lean moves towards the back. If the lean angle changes, you will know that the issue is caused by these springs. Try swapping out the springs from both the sides.
  • Changing the springs will level out your cart and solve this problem.


My Golf Cart Leans to the Right

If you find that your golf cart is leaning towards the right, the issue is coming from the suspension system or the springs under the driver’s side.

Golf carts that lean to the left or right is a common issue which can be fixed very easily.

Follow the instructions given below to figure the root cause of the problem and how to fix it.

  1. If the golf cart is leaning into the front than towards the back, then the frame or the suspension geometry could be broken. Check the frame carefully for any breaks or damage. Repairing this will stop the lean on your cart.
  2. Another possibility is that the cantilever on the rear side could have broken or rusted out. This can cause the cart to lean towards the right side.
  3. Also, check the springs under the driver’s seat for any damage or bent edges. If they appear bent, replace them with a new one of the same size.
  4. Check the frame under the front tires to see if anything appears broken. Sometimes these frames may get rusted. This is especially true if you live in an area where there is severe rainfall.
  5. Get the rusted parts replaced by a service mechanic to sort out the lean.


EZGO Golf Cart is Leaning

Do you have an EZGO golf cart that is giving you problems? Over several years, you may have noticed that the cart might be leaning slightly towards one side. This lean could be either towards the driver’s side or the passenger side.

So, what causes this leaning and how to diagnose the issue? The most common causes are listed below along with steps on how to resolve it.

You can try out these ideas to see which one is causing the problem. Most of them can be resolved in just a few easy steps.

  1. Check for the springs under the leaning side seat. The springs hold up the cart in it a position during jolts and bumps on the road. If any of them are damaged, the cart may lean towards one side.
  2. The shock absorbers present under the frame could be broken or damaged. You will have to lift the cart to view this. If it appears that these components are broken, simply replacing them will solve the issue.
  3. The leaf springs play a vital role in a golf cart. These will be present in pairs on either side. Check for any sort of damage to these parts. You will be able to obtain replacements quite easily from any of the golf cart shops.


Yamaha Golf Cart is Leaning

If your Yamaha golf cart is creating troubles after being put to good use for years, worry not. A lot of Yamaha golf cart users have complained of a slight lean in their carts after some years of usage. This is especially true of the Yamaha G16 models.

If you bought your cart before 1999, you may find that this issue is more pronounced. The common causes of this problem are listed below. You can try out these easy-to-fix solutions.

  1. Check for a broken retainer on the leaning side. If the retainer is broken, the cart will not be able to balance correctly.
  2. You can swap the shock absorbers from the rear to the front or vice-versa. This will help you to figure out if the shocks are causing the lean. When you swap the shocks from front to rear and the lean moves away, then the issue is caused by them.
  3. The suspension tabs below the frame can also cause a lean in these carts. Check to see if these tabs are bent or damaged in some way. Bent suspension tabs can make your cart tilt to one side.

You can get this easily fixed at a service center.


Club Car Golf Cart is Leaning

Many  Club Car owners have experienced issues where the golf cart keeps leaning to one particular side.

 If you are one of those people, read on to know more about it. Those who own the Club cart model G1 have the most complaints in this regard.

Though the common causes remain the same for every cart irrespective of the model, there are some specific issues associated with each model. So, what are the specific causes for this leaning in club car models?

  1. There are coil springs attached to the suspension system. If any of these springs are broken or rusted, then the cart could lean towards one side. You can find these above the shock absorbers.
  2. Sometimes these springs could also get collapsed over the shock absorbers. This can also cause the tilting of the cart. You will have to get the springs replaced with a new set to solve this problem.
  3. To identify if the springs have collapsed you can take a ruler and measure the springs on both sides. If one side has a longer length than the other side you will know that it has collapsed.
  4. Check to see if the shocks are leaking. This problem is commonly called the leaky shocks problem.


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