Club Car Vs Yamaha Golf Carts (Which Golf Cart Should I Choose?)

Club Car Vs Yamaha golf carts


Which is better Club Car or Yamaha Golf Carts?

Club Car golf carts are better than Yamaha golf carts due to their strong aluminum framework. Yamaha golf carts are designed with steel body frames.

Aluminum makes the Club Car sturdier and aids in a steady ride even on bumpy roads. This is difficult to achieve with steel-framed golf carts.

However, this may not be the only decision-making factor for golf enthusiasts. Factors such as price, accessories, warranty and maintenance are also taken into consideration before golfers buy a golf cart.

Some Club Car golf carts are more expensive than a few golf carts manufactured by Yamaha. This may influence the golfer to opt for Yamaha if he/she is primarily looking for an affordable golf cart and if a tough framework is a secondary requirement.


Comparing Club Car Vs Yamaha (Specs)


Onward 6 Passenger Club Car

Villager 2 PTV

Yamaha Drive2 Fleet

Umax Rally 2+2







18 mph

Gas: 19 mph

Electric: 15 mph

15 mph

15 mph


Electric: 375 Amp AC

Gas: 429 cc Kohler

429 cc Kohler

357 cc

402 cc


Electric: 1429 lbs

Gas: 1101 lbs

Electric: 909 lbs

Gas: 651 lbs

Gas: 714.3 lbs

Electric:617.3 lbs

Gas: 1321 lbs

Electric:1212 lbs


Pros of Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha golf carts are known to be one of the most sought-after carts across the globe. These golf carts have the best mix of comfort, high-ranking technology, and distinctive style. Here are some advantages of Yamaha golf carts:

  • Reliable and long-running battery performance with HybriCore chassis. 
  • Eco-friendly golf carts with negligible gas emissions and sound, thereby permitting passengers to feel the beauty and sound of natural surroundings.
  • Airy and spacious that makes the ride more secure and comfortable. 
  • Adaptable body consoles that protect from dents and scratches along with resistance to fading.
  • Equipped with a pre-organized Yamaha Genius2 System that provides utmost protection to the passengers.
  • A reformed braking system provides an effortless riding experience with higher maneuverability around uneven terrains.
  • Autonomous front suspension, well-designed dashboard, bumpers filled with air and affordability.


Cons of Yamaha Golf Carts

  • These golf carts have a steel framework that can be corroded in humid weather conditions
  • These carts can be less appealing and rough for golfers who have previously owned Club Car.
  • Yamaha golf carts are not available in a wide range of colors.
  • Yamaha does not have the same level of experience in making electric golf carts when compared to its competitors like EZGO and Club Car.


Pros of Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car is renowned for their luxurious appeal, high-quality parts and sturdy build.

Here are some notable advantages of Club Car golf carts:

  • Club Car golf carts can be used as hunting vehicles and need minor upgradation to be driven in the forest areas.
  • These golf carts can be conveniently driven in hilly regions due to their robust framework.
  • These vehicles have a powerful engine that allows them to be driven easily in a wide range of terrains.
  • Club Car golf carts are well-known in the market for their stock motors and superior quality steering. 
  • The standard models of Club Car are created using a rust-proof aluminum structure. 
  • They have smooth suspensions and have many spare parts readily available in the market.
  • These golf carts can easily last for more than twenty years if maintained properly by owners.


Cons of Club Car Golf Carts

Here are a few negative points of Club Car golf carts:

  • The parts and accessories of Club Car  are more expensive than any other golf carts in the market.
  • The battery life of a Club Car is shorter in comparison with competing premium golf carts in the industry.
  • Club Car batteries tend to get discharged faster than competitors due to the high power drawn by their motors.
  • Many Club Car owners face problems with the clutch plates, particularly on the gas models.


Club Car Vs Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

A few comparisons can be made between the newest Club Car Tempo and Yamaha QuieTech EFI gas golf carts based on the below parameters.

  • Suspension
  • Speed
  • Framework
  • Size



Yamaha QuieTech EFI golf carts are equipped with the foremost independent rear suspension. Presently, they offer the most effortless ride in the market. In contrast, the Club Car Tempo provides a standard suspension disposition.



Club Car Tempo can go as fast as 19mph, which is its highest speed limit while a Yamaha QuieTech can only reach the maximum speed limit of 15mph, which is the standard speed of an average gas golf cart.



The Club Car has an aluminum chassis that is resistant to corrosion and comes with a lifelong warranty.

The Yamaha golf cart is manufactured with a hybrid core steel frame that is sturdier than aluminum.

However, it is not rust-proof in humid weather. To overcome this flaw, Yamaha QuieTech EFI has an electrostatic coating that lowers the odds of rusting.



The manufacturers of both brands design carts of sizes that can comfortably be accommodated in the garage. The weight of Yamaha QuieTech EFI is 720 pounds and is almost 94 inches long with height and width of about 70 inches and 47 inches respectively.

The Club Car Tempo is more close-packed weighing 642 pounds along with a length of almost 91 inches and is about 68.5 inches high. Both models have exceptional style and arrangement, along with a relaxed seating design.


Club Car Vs Yamaha Electric Golf Cart

The electric golf carts manufactured by Yamaha and Club Car have their distinctive style. The highlighted parameters particularly are of Yamaha Drive and the Club Car Precedent models.

  • Cost of maintenance
  • Bumper system design
  • Seats and canopy
  • Suspension


Cost of Maintenance

The cost of tuning up the Yamaha Drive is far lesser than the Club Car. However, the cost and recurrence of replacement of certain parts like seats and bumpers are higher, adding to the overall cost of maintenance in the long run.


Bumper System Design

Yamaha Drive has a bumper system that protects the entire body around the cart causing less external damage. On the other hand, Club Car Precedent has black plastic molding around the cart, which tends to fade after a while and is difficult to maintain.


Seats and Canopies

Yamaha Drive seats are 3.5 inches wider than the seats of Club Car Precedent making them more spacious and comfortable. Even the canopies of Yamaha Drive are placed 3 inches higher than Club Car Precedent, providing more headroom and comfort to the passengers.


Front Suspension

Yamaha Drive is equipped with an independent suspension that provides a better handle. It reduces the impact on uneven roads, thereby providing a smooth riding experience.

Club Car Precedent uses a leaf spring suspension that goes from right to left at the front and provides a firm ride. Both brands have their unique style of providing a better riding experience.


Are Club Car golf carts cheaper than Yamaha golf carts?

Yamaha golf carts can be more expensive compared to Club Car golf carts.

The below table compares the pricing of different models of Club Car golf carts with Yamaha golf carts.



 Club Car Precedent I2

 Villager 2 PTV

 Yamaha Drive2 Fleet

Umax Rally 2+2

 Drive2 Concierge 6


$7,800 USD

$6,729 USD

$6,755 USD

$14,400 USD

$12,098 USD



The investment in both brands of golf carts is a worthwhile and valued proposition. The newly designed Yamaha electric carts have attractive elements that are similar to those in Club Car carts and both brands’ carts seemingly have immense power.

Club Car Precedent has a high-quality framework and motor that makes the cart last longer.  However, Yamaha golf carts are adaptable, energy-efficient and practically designed. The ideal choice of buyers highly relies on their personal preferences as golfers.

Several times the Yamaha carts have been priced marginally lower than a Club Car and the variance in price could have been compensated with economical parts.

Yamaha golf carts are a popular choice among buyers who use them for commercial purposes due to their powerful motors. On the other hand, the Club Car is an established brand for high-quality golf carts and is a popular and reliable choice among some veteran players.


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