Differences between Club Car DS & Precedent (DS Vs Precedent)

Club Car DS Vs Precedent

What is the difference between Club Car DS and Precedent?

One main difference between the two is that the Club Car Precedent has several technological features that are lacking in the DS. This is especially true for the Precedent i3 model of the Club Car Precedent golf cart.

Unlike the Precedent, the Club Car DS is not equipped with an electronic scorecard. This scorecard in the Club Car Precedent allows you to keep a record of your scores and email yourself your game records.

GPS messaging is another feature that is unique to the Precedent. This feature helps you to message other golf cart owners who have the same type of cart as well as other golf courses. It also helps you to keep a track of the whereabouts of your cart in case you get lost.

The DS doesn’t support the tournament software present in the Precedent. This software assists to keep track of your scores and displays live leaderboards. It also helps you to identify your position in competitive environments.

The seats of the DS have a typical bench-like appearance in 2000.5 and later models while those of the Precedent have a better visual appeal although both seats feel the same.

However, the 1982 to 2000.5 models of the Club Car DS have two separate back seats. There has been no change to the seat styling of a Club Car Precedent ever since its inception.

The lights of the DS cart are cut out onto the body whereas they are positioned below the body in the Precedent.

There is a halogen light bar that serves as a headlight on the Precedent that makes both day and night driving easy. This isn’t a part of the DS.

The Club Car DS body panels on the rear and front are made of fiberglass and plastic respectively that makes them quite sturdy. On the other hand, the frame of the Club Car Precedent is made of flexible and bendable material with a 360° wraparound bumper.


Club Car DS Vs Club Car Precedent comparison

The table that is given below highlights the specs of both the DS TXT and Precedent.



Club Car DS

Club Car Precedent

Lights positioning

Part of the body of the cart and no halogen light bar.

Placed below the body of the cart and features a halogen light bar that acts as a headlight.

Seat styling

Two separate seats in the 1982 to 2000.5 models and the typical bench-like seats in later models.

Curved bottom seats with high seatbacks.


Stiffer and sturdier body due to the choice of fiberglass.

Flexible and bendable material that can easily cause damage to the cart’s body when hit.


Slightly heavier than the Precedent.

Electric cart – 498 pounds/225.9 KG

Gas cart – 619 pounds/281 KG

Lighter than the DS by a few pounds.

Electric cart – 495 pounds/224.5 KG

Gas cart – 606 pounds/281 KG


No sub-models are available.

Available as two sub-models Professional (square center steering wheel) and Champion (round center steering wheel).

Front cowl

Standard style and same look as that of a typical golf cart.

Features a sleeker and updated look.


Thin plastic roof with silver aluminum supports in the 1982 to 2000.5 models or a thick roof with black supports in the following models. Normal roof type without water draining facility.

Molded plastic roof with inbuilt drain spouts that drain the water to the ground.

Serial number position

Can be found below the passenger side glove box in 1982 to 2000.5 models and behind the gas pedal in 2000.5 and later models.

Can be found inside or under the glove compartment on the passenger side.

Nose and bumper style

Square front nose with a small black bumper at the front end of the cart on the lower end.

Round front nose with a black wide bumper that runs all around the cart.

Which is better – Club Car DS or Precedent?

The Club Car DS is a better and a more affordable option over the Precedent for golfers who don’t want to invest heavily in a golf cart. The Club Car DS is also more sturdier than the Precedent.

Some players feel that the connected seatback of the Club Car DS makes the seat more comfortable while offering assurance of a relaxed ride at the same time. There are a few golfers who are of the opinion that the Club Car Precedent has a better visual appeal than the Club Car DS and is also easier to fix.

Some players feel that the Club Car DS is better than the Precedent because of its ease of maintenance and when compared with the Precedent, and it has fewer problems. The Precedent is prone to problems pertaining to rear springs, pedal assemblies, 12-volt battery problems, and onboard charging computers to mention just a few.


What does Club Car DS mean?

The DS in Club Car DS is abbreviated from the name Dom Saporito. He served as a vehicle designer for the Club Car golf carts during the 1980s. The Club Car DS was designed with the help of inputs given by him and has been appropriately named after him.


How fast will a Club Car DS go?

An electric Club Car DS golf cart has seven speed settings and can travel at a maximum speed of 19mph. The speed of a gas Club Car DS cart ranges from 12mph to 15mph. (19.3KMPH to 24.1KMPH)

The speed of Club Car DS varies slightly depending on whether it is a gas-powered DS or an electric-powered DS. The electric golf cart goes faster than its gasoline counterpart.


How fast will a Club Car Precedent go?

An electric Club Car i2 Precedent supports 7-speed settings starting from 7mph up to 19mph.(11.2 KMPH to 30.6 KMPH.) A gasoline Club Car Precedent golf cart can travel at a speed of 12mph to 15mph. (19.3KMPH to 24.1KMPH.)

Like the Club Car DS, how fast a Club Car Precedent will go depends on whether the golf cart is electric or runs on gas. The electric cart is undoubtedly faster than the gasoline cart. The i2 version of the Club Car Precedent has the same speed as the Club Car DS for both electric and gasoline carts.


Top Speed (Club Car DS Vs Precedent)


The top speed of a Club Car DS and Precedent electric golf cart is 19mph. (30.6KMPH). The maximum speed of the gasoline-powered Club Car DS and Precedent golf carts is slightly lesser at 15mph. (24.1 KMPH)

The electric golf cart offers higher speed than the gasoline cart for both the Club Car DS and the Precedent. Therefore, golfers who want maximum speed for their golf carts are better off owning an electric golf cart.


Weight (Club Car DS Vs Precedent)

The Club Car DS is a heavier golf cart than the Club Car Precedent. Also, the electric cart is lighter than the gasoline version for both models. For an electric golf cart, the dry weight or weight without the batteries is taken into consideration.

The electric Club Car DS weighs 498 pounds.(225.9kg). The gasoline Club Car DS weighs 619 pounds (281kg).

The electric Club Car Precedent has a weight of 495 pounds, which is around 224.5kg. In contrast, the gasoline Club Car Precedent weighs 606 pounds that is around 274.9kg.


Club Car DS Vs Carryall

The Club Car DS and the Club Car Carryall are essentially two Club Car golf carts that have more or less the same features. However, there are a few differences between the two carts.

  • The Club Car DS doesn’t have a utility or dump bed option that the Carryall cart has. This makes the Carryall a better choice for golfers who want to use their golf cart as a utility vehicle as well.
  • The body parts and suspension of the two carts are different while their engine parts are almost identical. However, with no front brakes, both golf carts have the same suspension.
  • The electric and gasoline versions of the Club Car DS are smaller and weigh lesser than the corresponding Carryall as the latter has to take bed loading and towing capacity also into consideration.


Club Car Precedent Vs Onward

The Club Car Precedent and the Club Car Onward have some noteworthy differences although they have a few similarities as well.

  • The jounce bumpers and sway bar in the rear suspension are different in the Club Car Onward and the Club Car Precedent.
  • The Club Car Precedent has a single headlight above the front bumper whereas the Onward has two headlights over the bumper.
  • The Club Car is a better option over the Onward for players who would like to own an affordable golf cart.


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