Mizuno ST180 Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

Can you adjust the loft on Mizuno ST180 driver?

Yes, you can adjust the loft on the Mizuno ST180 driver for eight different combinations. The loft can be increased for a draw or decreased for a fade using the sleeve on the hosel of the driver. Changing the loft also makes a change to the lie angle and face angle accordingly.


Mizuno ST180 driver specs

The Mizuno ST180 driver has a few noteworthy features that are worth noting. The key features of this driver are given below.


Mizuno ST180 Driver Features



9.5°, 12.5° (Adjustable)

Hand Availability

9.5° – Right-Handed and Left-Handed

12.5° – Right-Handed

Lie Angle


Clubhead Size and Color

460cc Blue

Clubface Material

Forged Titanium

Club Length


Swing Weight


Shaft Flex

Regular, Stiff

Shaft Type/Weight


Shaft Name

Mitsubishi Tensei Orange (Regular)

Mitsubishi Tensei Blue (Stiff)


Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Handicap Level

Low and Mid-Level


Low Spin and Reduced Spin Rate

Sole Type

Amplified Wave (Expands and Contracts at Impact)

Crown Style

Internal Waffle


How do I adjust my Mizuno ST180 driver?

The Mizuno ST180 driver comes with an adjustable sleeve on its hosel. This sleeve can be used to raise or lower the loft with an appropriate change in the face angle and lie angle.

The following steps walk you through the process of adjusting your Mizuno ST180 driver.

  1. Insert the wrench provided by Mizuno into the screw behind the clubhead of the driver.
  2. Turn the wrench a few times in the anticlockwise direction until the clubhead becomes loose.
  3. Lift the clubhead upwards gently and take it off from its position over the club shaft.
  4. Rotate the adjustable sleeve to get to the desired marking of your choice to either increase or decrease the loft and thereby make appropriate lie angle and face angle.

You can raise or lower the stated loft in increments or decrements of 1° by up to 2°. There are five different possible loft options including the standard loft. The 9.5° variant can be adjusted to set the loft anywhere between 7.5° and 11.5°. On the other hand, the 12.5° model supports loft options between 10.5° and 14.5°. The UPRIGHT position retains the default loft and face angles making changes to only the lie angle.

The lie angle also gets changed and there are three possible settings ranging from 60° to 62°.

  1. Replace the clubhead by taking care to ensure that the stated loft marking on the clubhead is aligned with the desired marking selected earlier.
  2. Put the wrench back into the screw once again and turn it in the clockwise direction. The number of turns is usually the same as what was done in Step 2.
  3. Stop the turning when you hear a click sound. This ensures that the clubhead is secured in position.


When you increase the loft of the Mizuno ST180 driver, the clubface closes marginally. This sets the driver in favor of a draw. You will also encounter more spin and a high ball launch but will have to compromise on distance.

In contrast, decreasing the loft of your driver will open its clubface fractionally. This will promote a fade bias in your driver. While the ball launch and spin are lower than with the stated settings, you will be able to gain on distance.

With the upright lie angle, there is an increased angle between the ground and the club shaft, resulting in lesser contact with the ground.

Players tend to hook and pull the ball with their shots getting directed towards the left. Some golfers also find that their swing speed tends to get affected at times. However, the spin and height remain unchanged as there is no change to the loft.


Mizuno ST180 driver adjustment


Mizuno ST180 driver adjustment chart

The Mizuno ST180 driver loft, lie angle and face angle adjustment for a driver with 9.5° loft is given below. The same settings can be applied to the 12.5° model of the ST180 driver as well.



Lie Angle

Face Angle

9.5° (Standard)


8.5° (-1°)



7.5° (-2°) LOWER







10.5° (+1°)



11.5° (+1.5°) HIGHER

61° (+1°)


10.5° (+1°)

60.5° (+0.5°)



Mizuno ST180 driver Quick Switch hosel instructions

The Mizuno ST180 driver encompasses a Quick Switch hosel fitted with an adjustable sleeve. The hosel supports switching shafts by turning a key. The hosel also incorporates a loft adjustment range of 4° and different lie angle settings.


Mizuno ST180 driver weight adjustment settings

The Mizuno ST180 driver has two adjustable weights. One of them is a large sole weight that can be moved based on the player’s preferences. You will need the wrench that you use for changing the loft to help you with the weight adjustment setting.

The steps given below help you with the Mizuno ST180 driver weight adjustment.

  1. Put the wrench into the screw weight positioned at the club sole of the driver.
  2. Turn the wrench left until the screw becomes looser.
  3. Slide the weight low and forward to the desired position.
  4. Fit the wrench into the screw head once again and rotate it to the left until there is an audible click sound. It’s essential that you do this so that the weight is held in place and doesn’t move out of position.

Golfers have noticed that adjusting the weight of the Mizuno ST180 driver helps them to lower the spin rate while raising the launch with a low center of gravity. They are also able to gain some extra yards with respect to distance without having to sacrifice the forgiving aspect of the driver.


Mizuno ST180 driver upright settings

The Mizuno ST180 driver can be adjusted for an upright setting with or without a change in its loft.

When an upright setting is done without a loft change, the lie angle is at the maximum value of 62° with a draw bias. This helps players deliver slightly straight strokes. The ST180 driver can also be set upright by opting for three other loft options between 8.5° and 10.5°.


What is the difference between Mizuno ST180 and GT180 drivers?

The Mizuno ST180 driver is less adjustable than the Mizuno GT180 driver. However, the carry distance is slightly more in the case of the ST180 driver when compared to that of the GT180 driver. On the other hand, the launch angle is more with the GT180 than the ST180 driver.


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