How to Test and Replace a Golf Cart Ignition Switch (STEPS)

Testing a Golf Cart Ignition Switch


How to Test a EZYGO Golf Cart Ignition Switch

Do you own an EZYGO cart and have trouble with the ignition switch? Well, let me help you identify and resolve the issue. It is common to experience some problems with every model of the cart after constant use. If you wish to check if the key switch is functioning properly, follow these steps.

  1. There are two probe wires present in the battery pack – a black and a red.
  2. Connect the black probe wire to the 36v negative terminal of the battery pack.
  3. The red probe wire should be connected to the back of the battery pack.
  4. With the key in the off position, check the wires.
  5. One of the wires should not have any voltage going through it while the other one should have a constant voltage.
  6. Turn the ignition key to ON position and now, the first wire should have some voltage passing through it as well.
  7. This test will prove whether the ignition switch has some issue or not.


How to Install an EZGO Ignition Switch

If you have identified an issue with the ignition switch on your EZYGO, you may need to replace it with a new one. It is really an easy task to replace the switch with a brand-new one.

  1. The first step would be to get the right switch for replacement. The necessary ignition switch and the wires will be available online according to the model number of your cart.
  2. Next, remove the existing switch.
  3. Disconnect the battery and remove the switch console.
  4. The switch would likely be still connected to the terminals.
  5. You will need to disconnect these wires and replace the faulty switch with the new ignition switch. Reconnect all the wires carefully and you are done.
  6. Insert the console plate back after verifying that all the terminals are secure and the wires attached.


How to Replace the Ignition Switch on EZGO Golf Cart

Before you start with the process of replacing the ignition switch verify that the parking brake is on. Another important thing to verify is that the ignition switch is turned off before opening or removing any of the ignition wires as this can cause a short circuit or permanent damage to the system.

  1. Use a wrench to disconnect the battery cables.
  2. You will also need a small screwdriver to remove the rivets holding the ignition console in place.
  3. Remove the face nuts with a pair of pliers. Now, the ignition switch can be removed easily.
  4. Install the new switch on to the plate and screw the face.
  5. Reverse the steps given above for locking the ignition switch back in place.
  6. Turn on the switch and verify that it is working.

How to Replace the Ignition Switch on Club Car Golf Cart

Every cart has a different configuration. Although the basic working and mechanism of most of the carts are the same, there still are minor differences in the internal workings.

So, if you are looking to replace the ignition switch of a Club Car golf cart, the steps that you followed for the E-Z-GO may not help. A few minor modifications may have to be made.

So, what are the changes to be made here while connecting the ignition switch? The main difference is when you connect the wires to the terminals.

  1. The red wire will have to be connected to the bottom left while the black wire has to be connected to the top left corner.
  2. The top right corner will have a white wire while the blue wire will have to be connected to the bottom right corner.
  3. In some cases, you may have a yellow wire instead of a blue wire which also needs to be connected to the bottom right corner.

Club Car Precedent Key Switch Wiring

Some models of golf carts have a key switch rather than the regular button switch. It can get quite confusing to handle a key switch although it is not too different from a normal switch.

A few minor modifications to the wiring can easily allow you to fix the key switch. The only major changes would be the wiring changes between both the types of the cart.

The basic rule is that the blue wire generally is connected to the solenoid while the other red wire will be connected to a fuse.

From the fuse, the wire will be further extended to another terminal of the solenoid.

If you are unable to wire it correctly, it may be a good idea to consult a key smith to get the key switch changed.


E Z GO Golf Cart Ignition Switch Wiring

If you are confused about wiring the ignition switch, worry not, I can help you with this. Most of the wiring diagrams may be confusing for a first-timer. An easy trick to do away with this confusion is by avoiding the wiring diagram and using a simple ohmmeter instead.

  1. Take an ohmmeter and measure the voltage output. The first time you measure, make sure that the switch is turned on but only till you hear the first click.
  2. At this position identify the two terminals which do not have any resistance.
  3. Now move the key till the second click and check for terminals that offer resistance.
  4. Connect the blue and red wires to the terminals that offer no resistance. This is an easy method of identifying the connections.


Yamaha Golf G2 Cart Ignition Switch Wiring

A Yamaha Golf G2 cart is not very different from the E Z GO cart that was discussed earlier. Most of the components and their wiring pattern remain the same for both.

When you are connecting the wires make sure that the toggle switch has connections to 5 locations. This is the connection from the battery. Usually, it is a red/ white wire which will be used for this purpose. This will need to be connected to the solenoid, V/R field, ignitor amidst others.

Ensure that all the wires are tightened correctly and all old connections to these components are removed.

Now try switching the ignition to ON position. It should work correctly provided all the components have been installed correctly.

Are all EZGO Golf Cart Keys the Same?

Yes, all EZYGO golf cart keys are the same. A key from one golf cart can be used on another EZYGO golf cart.

All golf cart keys are dependent on the manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have the same key molds for the keys. Yes, the keys are universal and limited to the manufacturing company. This means that if you lose a key to a EZGO golf cart, you can easily obtain a duplicate. The key for one EZGO cart will work on another EZYGO golf cart

For example, the EZGO RXV key will fit almost all models of the EZGO cart which are part of the gas and electric vehicle collection. The key is common for all the models manufactured after 2008.

The keys can be identified by their part number. In case you are wondering about the part number of this particular key, it is 606993.

Another example would be the E-Z-GO with a part number of 17063G1. This can be used on all the electric golf and utility vehicles manufactured after 1976. The only exception is that this will not work on the RXV model vehicles.

Are all Club Car Keys the Same?

Yes, all club car golf cart keys are the same.

The downside of owning a golf cart is that the key switch can be easily accessed using any key from the same manufacturer. If you have a single key from a particular manufacturer, you can easily use it to open all the carts made by them.

In other words, all the club car keys are made from the same key mold.

Do not worry if you have locked yourself out of your club cart or have lost the key. Any service center nearby will have a spare key that would most likely work for your cart.

Very few carts will have exclusive keys. You can search whether your cart has a common key based on the particular model. As far as Club Cars are concerned most of them share a key provided the models are manufactured after 1996.

Unique Key for Golf Cart

Some people park their carts on the golf course but do not prefer other people using it. To avoid this problem, you can change the key switch or use a combination of other techniques. This way the cart cannot be used by others without your permission.

One of the solutions to this issue would be to use a toggle switch. Try wiring it in such a way that the cart would start only if the key is in ON position while the switch is in the OFF position. And by default, keep the switch in ON position. This way the cart will not work unless a person knows this particular arrangement.

You can also install a hidden Kill switch which will need to be turned ON and OFF to ride the cart. Since the switch is hidden, you can prevent people from taking joyrides in your cart.


Uncommon key for golf cart

Almost all the carts come with a factory set of keys. These keys are generic. You will find your set of keys fitting into any cart made by the same manufacturer. It is rare for a cart to have a unique key.

In case you are bothered by the lack of a unique key and wish to control access to your cart, you can install a custom-built key into it.

You can buy a new uncommon switch from an online dealer or locate a dealer nearby. It is not too difficult to replace the existing switch with a new one. It can be easily installed without much hassle. This way the access to your cart can be restricted.

In general, most people don’t bother about the key as it is not used for any other purpose other than unlocking the cart. You can also try installing toggle switches or a hidden Killswitch to prevent unauthorized usage.


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