How to Test/Change a Club Car Golf Cart Ignition Coil

Testing a Club Car Ignition Coil

How to test a Club Car Golf Cart Ignition Coil?

Testing the coil on a golf cart is required due to a bad ignition coil or a problem that may run deep in the engine. Coils are intrinsic to every golf cart and the ignition system powers the spark plugs.


Steps to test the ignition coil on a Club Car Golf Cart:

  • Locate the ignition coil in the golf cart by getting the seat of the golf cart raised to, as would be mentioned in the owner’s manual. It is shaped cylindrically with a metal sink on both sides. It will have a thin, wire coming out from one end and another wire, a relatively thicker one from the other end.
  • Get the negative terminal of the golf cart batteries disconnected with the help of a wrench.
  • Get the wires which lead to the ignition coil disconnected. Check to confirm if the thicker wire is attached to a wiring harness that can be unplugged. The thinner wire acts as a pin connector which may be pulled out by hand.
  • The black test lead needs to be put on the negative terminal of the ignition coil. Then attach the red lead to the positive terminal.


How to change a Club Car ignition coil?

  • Make sure that the batteries are disconnected before the process of changing ignition coils is started. This is because ignition coils deal with higher level of voltage.
  • The wiring harness is needed to be unplugged the electrical connector is pulled out.
  • Get the bolts removed to pull out the engine easily.
  • If the spark plugs have to be changed, get those sorted.
  • Put grease on the coil plug as it will keep water out of the reach of the connection.
  • Get the coil slide so that the boot clicks into the spark plug.
  • Get the electrical connection reattached. Move to the next unit till the other coils are replaced.


Club Car Precedent ignition coil replacement?

The Precedent from Club Car needs replacement of its ignition coil on most occasions especially after running for some time.

There are specially manufactured ignition coil pullers which can be used to get the ignition coil of a golf cart replaced. Such tools help to speed up the entire process of getting the coil replaced at the earliest.

  • At first the spark plug is needed to be replaced and the RPM limiter be removed.
  • Then the ground wire is needed to be disconnected.
  • Make sure that the OEM coil which is being replaced actually matches with the one present in the Club Car Precedent
  • Old models of Club cars used to have the RPM limiters which are nonexistent in the newer engines available in latest models.


Club Car golf cart ignition coil wiring?

The design of an ignition coil resembles that of a transformer. One of the major objectives of an ignition coil is to let a high voltage be induced from a low voltage. There is a laminated iron core which has the task of getting the magnetic field amplified.

The primary wiring is connected to the secondary wiring via a connection to the terminal. That is used during regular coil production.

The ignition coil mat fail due to voltage supply being cut down or overload of the ignition control unit.

It can also be due to any sort of mechanical damage to the ignition wires due to a faulty valve cover gasket or oil leakages.


What causes ignition coils to keep going bad?

The main cause of golf cart ignition coils going bad is the wearing out due to a bad spark plug ignition cable. When a bad plug is inserted, it will have a much higher resistance value.

During such high resistance a high amount of voltage gets generated from the secondary wiring of the ignition coil.

The excess amount of voltage ends up creating a higher amount of heat which ends up melting the coil’s wire and insulation.


How to tell which ignition coil is bad?

It is recommended to start using the ignition coils on the back side. Since the heater hoses are placed there, post starting the engine it would not be possible to reach there. Remove the boot and inspect all the coils to figure out which coil is the faulty one.

Keep in mind that the coils record very high voltage. Replace the coil post being detected. It has to be checked if the spark plug is also causing any sort of additional concerns.


Club car ignition coil failure symptoms

The symptoms of an ignition coil failure are as follows:


Misfiring of engine and loss of power:

Engine performance issue remains one of the most important concerns. The ignition coils are one of the most important components of an engine of a golf cart. Such issue can compromise the spark which can downgrade the performance of the golf cart.

There may be rough rides, loss of power or engine misfires. The golf cart may even get bogged down in the long run.


Golf Cart not starting in one go:

If you experience that the Golf Cart is not starting in one or two goes, then it is an indication that there may be a failure in ignition coil.


Check Engine light:

 If the Check Engine light comes on quite frequently, that may be a cause of concern. It happens when there is a glitch detected in the ignition coils. Better to get it checked by a technician in such scenario.


How much does it cost to replace the ignition coil on a golf cart?

The average cost of replacing the ignition coil of a golf cart ranges between $264 and $376 based on the exact problem detected in the golf cart along with the model and manufacturer.


Can I just replace one ignition coil?

There is only one ignition coil in an engine cylinder; hence the condition of one has no bearing on the other. This means an ignition coil can be replaced after the faulty one has been identified.


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