How to Test Club Car Golf Cart Forward Reverse Switch

Club Car Forward Reverse switch troubleshooting

How to Test the Forward Reverse Switch on a Club Car Golf Cart

To test the Forward Reverse switch on a Club Car golf cart, you will need to use a multimeter to check of all parts of the golf cart are getting power. Then press your foot on the accelerator and check to see if the solenoid is charges.

If you are a golf enthusiast who possesses a Golf Cart, then slight wear and tear are not uncommon. In most of the cases of wear and tear, Golf Cart owners check for the forward-reverse switch.

If your Golf Cart is not moving forward and backward properly, there might be a problem with your forward and reverse switch. 

When you examine the forward and reverse switch of the golf cart, first look for corrosions or check if any wiring is disconnecting. In the switch, some connectors are loosely connected to facilitate ease of movement of the Golf Cart.

To test if a reverse forward switch is faulty, one has to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Check thoroughly for loose connections. Use a multimeter to check if all the parts are getting power.
  2. Place your foot on the car’s brake, insert the key, and put the forward-reverse key in the forward position. If you see that the solenoid charges up pushing the pedal, then your forward reverse switch is working fine. 
  3. As you put your Golf Cart in the forward mode, check your multimeter for full voltage.

If you find an anomaly, it might be an indication of a faulty forward reverse switch. 


How To Identify A Forward Reverse Golf Cart Switch 

Certain alarming symptoms might be indicative of an erroneous forward reverse switch of a Golf Cart. The forward-reverse switch’s primary purpose is to control the forward and backward movements of the Golf Cart. It is prone to frequent damage.

Some of the common symptoms that will make you aware when your Golf Cart forward and backward switch is acting up is:

  1. The Golf Cart tends to move forward, even if the switch is in the neutral position. 
  2. When the forward-reverse switch is in the reverse direction, you will get a buzzing sound.
  3. Overheating may result in a burning smell.
  4. The Golf Cart may fail to offer the optimum speed, even in the forward direction.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, make sure you check if all the connections are tight and intact and clean the joints. If it not works, then you need to replace the forward-reverse switch.


How to Install a Club Car Golf Cart Forward Reverse Switch

It is quite easy to install a reverse forward switch on a Golf Cart. However, one must maintain the utmost care and safety while handling any of the electronic parts and the battery. Before you begin with the process, remove any metallic object or jewelery to avoid unnecessary spark or conduction of electricity.

To install the forward-reverse switch of the Golf Cart, one has to follow the given steps:

  1. First, the battery has to be removed. As you remove the battery and detach the contacts, make it a point to mark the cables. This will help to assemble the battery later on by making it easy to figure out which contact should be attached to which part.
  2. Discard the cover of the old forward reverse switch. 
  3. Next, loosen the screw with a wrench and take out the lever bar, which is to the right.
  4. You will find a black box that has two cables attached to it. Remove the box. 
  5. Once you remove the black box, you will see some screws and cables which you need to attach to the new forward reverse switch. You may also mark them for your convenience so that you do not make a mistake while attaching them to the new forward reverse switch.
  6. Once you have dismantled the switch completely, take the new forward reverse switch, follow the steps backward, and connect all the cables to their correct points, and you are good to go!

Sometimes the top cover may refuse to fit properly and bend the wires in this case. Make sure that the screws and nuts are tightly secured in place. If they aren’t fastened properly, they may tend to vibrate as the Golf Cart moves and leads to damage or overheat of the forward-reverse switch. 


Wiring Diagram Of F/R Switch of a Club Car Golf Cart

One should be very careful while installing the forward-reverse switch of a Golf Cart. Even the slightest of error may cause the person conducting the installation to suffer a fatal accident. Follow the given steps for accurate wiring:

  1. Pass the three wires through the bezel. 
  2. Position the rocker switch such that the terminals face the foremost part of the housing. Encase the rocker switch inside the housing.
  3. After the housing has been appropriately positioned, fasten with screws. 
  4. Keep the Run switch in the TOW position. Fix the battery cables and tighten them. For safety, fix the positive cable first.

After that, check the proper functioning of the vehicle. Ensure that the vehicle isn’t rocking forward or backward when the switch is in a neutral position. 


How To Troubleshoot A F/R Key of a Club Car Golf Cart

If your Golf Cart switch exhibits problems, then troubleshooting is an ideal solution. Using this method, one can solve any issue with his Golf Cart battery on his own without having to spend money on a mechanic. 

Your forward reverse switch may exhibit issues like heating and melting. 

  • Heating: A reverse forward switch is likely to get heated due to broken contacts, which, in turn, enhances the resistance. 
  • Melting: Sometimes, excessive heat generation can also cause the forward-reverse switch to melt. 

In these cases, it is ideal for troubleshooting the switch before the situation gets worse. Below are the easy steps for troubleshooting a reverse forward switch:

  1. Find the ignition wire of your Golf Cart.
  2. Examine the solenoid area. This is the place where the key switch attaches itself to the Cart. Sometimes the plug may be detached, and one needs to attach it to the cart to make the vehicle move.
  3. Check if the switch wire is corroded. If the corrosion is not taken care of in time, the Cart may malfunction. 
  4. Replace the key switch ignition wire, followed by the Golf Cart key switch. 


What to do if my Club Car Forward Reverse Key is overheating?

When some broken contacts inside the forward-reverse switch of a Golf Cart are left unattended, they produce immense resistance. As a result, the reverse switch tends to get heated up. 

As has already been mentioned above, the best way to resort to solving the problem of overheating of the reverse switch is a complete overhaul of the component. 

While dealing with electrical components, I would suggest that one experiment with the parts and components. Don’t opt for a DIY repair unless you are confident about it. If you have the slightest doubt, hire the service of a professional, and he will fix your Golf Cart in absolutely no time.



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