How to Remove and Adjust the Clutch on a Golf Cart (STEPS)

Adjusting the clutch on a golf cart

How to adjust the clutch on an EZGO TXT/RXV golf cart

Clutch removal or adjustment on a EZGO TXT or RXV golf cart is something more common than you may think. Not everyone is pleased with the current clutch settings in their golf carts, so they either want to remove them or adjust them at the least.

The main source of these types of problems is that the clutch present in the golf cart works differently from the one in your automobile, but they perform the same tasks. This gives a lot of people a large amount of grief as most people try to adjust or remove it altogether.

There are a few tools that you will need, whether you are removing the clutch or adjusting it. They are the clutch puller, an air gun, machine oil, and a rubber hammer.

It is necessary to be gentle in the process because if you use excessive force, then the transmission may be damaged.

So, take great care while adjusting the clutch and use the clutch puller that matches the cart’s model.


Yamaha G1 clutch adjustment

You will need the very basic tools that have been mentioned in the previous section for adjusting the clutch in your Yamaha G1.

After you have the tools, make sure they are compatible with the golf cart model you are using. Then you need to follow the following steps:

  • There are two clutches in the golf cart. To locate the primary clutch, it is generally the lower one. Consult the cart’s manual to make sure.
  • First, observe exactly how the drive belts have been adjusted to the clutches. After you have noted that. Move on to removing them.
  • After you have removed the old belt put in the new one and connect it to the primary clutch. Once the belt is on, adjust how it is wound around the secondary clutch. Now your belt can be a little differently adjusted, depending on the nature of performance you want from it.

Make sure that the golf cart has its brakes on when you are performing all these operations.

After putting on the belt, try to run the cart and make sure it is working properly.


Yamaha G1 secondary clutch adjustment

There can be a variety of problems with the secondary clutch on the Yamaha G1. Before you start making adjustments, the important thing is to identify the exact problem damaging the cart.

There can be various problems with the golf cart clutch, so we need to identify the exact problem.

A slipping clutch is a very common issue in golf carts. If there is any problem in how your golf cart runs, you can check for the following problems:

  • There might be a problem with the belt. Check if the belt is too tight or loose. It might be causing the clutch to slip. If you think that is the case, replace the belt to see if the issue goes away.
  • If removing or replacing the belt does not improve the situation; then the clutch needs to be dismantled to identify the specific problem area.
  • After dismantling, check for any old or worn out parts. Replace them if there are any.
  • If there are no worn out parts in your view, then dirt build-up can be an issue. Clean the parts as thoroughly as you can, and it might make the problem go away.
  • Like the previous point, besides using cleaning processes, you can also add different lubricants to make sure that the parts are working smoothly and properly.
  • This happens in rare cases, but you should check if the weights in the parts are correctly balanced. If not, then reposition them to balance the weights, and you might see the problem vanish.


Yamaha G2 clutch adjustment

Sometimes when the golf cart clutch is a problem, the best solution is to replace it. Just remove the clutch from your Yamaha G2 and replace it with a new one.

Now, there can be some problems if the clutch gets stuck. If that is the case, then you will need to complete the following steps:

  • If the clutch gets stuck in any instance, the first thing you should do is use a PB Blaster and add some of it to the clutch. Give it some time to soak. It is advised that you let the clutch rest for 2 to 3 days.
  • After a few days of trying to get the clutch free, if it still does not budge from its place, then use a crowbar for more leverage. Do not use too much rough force, but put the crowbar gently behind the clutch and apply pressure. The clutch might slide out smoothly. It is important to increase your pressure evenly and gradually, or you can damage it more than before.

If the above steps do not work at all, then it is advised that you use a chisel to cut out the relief.

Never use anything else for this purpose because you will surely end up damaging the whole transmission system.

Cutting the relief can cause some of the tighter parts to loosen up a little, and then you can remove the clutch easily.


Yamaha G2 secondary clutch adjustment

As mentioned in the previous sections, there are always signs telling you that your Yamaha G2 has a secondary clutch problem.

If you want to know whether your clutch has some problems or not, look out for some signs or symptoms.

The most common signs that can tell you if there is any problem with the secondary clutch of your Yamaha G2 golf cart are as follows:

  • The golf cart may slow down and speed up on its own without any reason whatsoever. This is a very common problem, so do not take it lightly.
  • The golf cart may face some problems while maintaining slow and even speeds while traveling uphill or on an incline.
  • When the cart starts, if it produces any uneven vibrations or jolts, it is better to check the clutch and replace it.


Yamaha G9 clutch adjustment

 There can be a slipping problem with the Yamaha G9 clutch. Some simple steps can be done by you to make sure that the clutch’s slipping isn’t an issue for your golf cart. Just follow the given steps:

  • There can be a problem with the drive belt, which can cause the clutch to slip. Sometimes the installed belt drive may not match the clutch in the golf cart, causing problems. Just replace it, and you are good to go.
  • Check if the belt drive is misaligned. This is also a common problem with the clutch.
  • Make sure you check all the parts before concluding that the clutch is problematic. Check for any solution that you can get through the belt drive repair. If the clutch is the culprit, get a certified technician to replace or fix the clutch


G16 secondary clutch adjustment

If there are any problems with your G16 golf cart’s clutch, follow any of the checks listed for the previous models. If there is any problem with the secondary clutch, it is best to replace it or the drive belt connected to it.

If you are unsure about removing the drive belt or the clutch, then you can adjust it. Just take out the belt and wound it again with the secondary clutch according to the requirements, and your problem should be fixed.


G29 secondary clutch adjustment

You need some essential tools for adjusting the G29 clutch. Consult the model number of your golf cart to ensure that you have the right set of clutch pullers, and then get some machine oil. The process is relatively simple for almost all the models.

For the secondary clutch, change the drive belt’s adjustment connected to it, and that should solve the problem.

Try oiling the parts of the clutch and cleaning them. Replacing the damaged and worn out parts can also do the trick.


Club Car DS clutch adjustment

Club Car DS golf carts can also have problems with the clutch. The main reason behind these problems is that the clutch in the golf carts performs the same function as those in normal cars, but their method of working is way different from each other.

Most people end up having problems with the clutch settings.

You can follow the steps listed in the previous sections to rectify the problems since most of them work in the same way.


How to remove a secondary clutch on a Yamaha golf cart

There are some simple steps involved in removing the secondary clutch on a Yamaha golf cart. Just carefully follow the given steps:

  • First of all, identify the right clutch puller according to the VIN number of the golf cart you are operating.
  • Then use it to remove the drive belt very carefully from the primary and the secondary clutch.
  • After the belt is removed, you will need an air gun to loosen the central bolt that holds the secondary clutch. After the bolt is removed, you can easily put it in the clutch puller and turn it to get out of the secondary clutch.


How to remove a secondary clutch on an EZGO golf cart

First of all, make sure that the golf cart is turned off, and the brake is in place. Make sure to put pressure on the gas pedal. 

  • Use a clutch puller to remove the drive belt
  • Loosen the central bolt using an air gun


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