How to Fix a Golf Cart Clutch (Not Engaging/Slipping/Stuck)

fixing a golf cart clutch


Types of Golf Cart Clutch Problems

Golf carts have a special technology called CVT which stands for Continuous Variable Technology. This technology allows the user a smooth drive without having to worry too much about changing gears.

Every golf cart will have a clutch consisting of two parts namely the primary clutch and the secondary clutch.

What are the common problems associated with the clutch system? How do you identify if the problem lies with the clutch and not with any other part of the golf cart? Well, let me elaborate by giving some examples of scenarios that could occur if there is any problem with the clutch system.

  1. When you’re driving up a hill or even on a flat surface and notice that the cart transmission is not smooth, then it clearly indicates that the issue lies with the clutch system.
  2. Another common problem a lot of people face is a jerky start. The cart while starting up might give out a few jerky movements. After a while, it could become smooth, but this problem is caused due to some issues with the clutch system.
  3. If you’re driving up a hill, any problems with the clutch can be easily noticed. The clutch system will not be smooth and the speed will be erratic. These are some of the common problems observed due to issues with the clutch system.


How to Fix a Golf Cart Clutch that Is Not Engaging

Are you experiencing issues with the clutch not engaging especially during hill driving? You might have found that as soon as you let go of the hill brake the clutch refuses to engage. This could be due to a battery that is not working or due to some issues with the clutch system itself.

Fixing the battery will usually help you resolve the issue of your golf cart clutch not engaging.

  1. If you find that the issue does not lie with the battery, then you might have to remove the back cover and take a look at the system to figure out what the issue is.
  2. With the rear end jacked up, try throttling the cart. If the cart refuses to throttle, then the problem might be with the throttle cable.
  3. Fixing this cable can easily help resolve your issue. Also, check if the drive belt is loose.

Sometimes a belt that does not have the correct tension and is loose may cause the clutch to not engage properly. It might help to clean out any rust on the clutch system as this could also be the cause of this issue. Rectifying these problems could help resolve the clutch issue.

If the clutch still refuses to engage, you might have to get it checked by a service center. They will be able to identify the issue easily and help fix it.


How to Fix a Golf Cart Clutch that is Slipping

One of the common problems in a clutch system is the clutch slipping while switching from the neutral gear. Some people have experienced the issue where the cart makes some weird squeaking noise while shifting the gears and the transition is not as smooth as it’s supposed to be. 

The problem might be much more when more people are seated in the cart as the clutch would refuse to engage because of the added weight. This could be because the clutch is slipping from its designated position.

  1. You might have to check the belt. If the belt is loose or too tight, this squeaking noise may be heard. Try replacing the belt to see if the problem is resolved.
  2. If the issue persists, then you can try dismantling the clutch system to identify which part is causing the problem.
  • Worn out parts can also create squeaking noise while driving. If you’re unable to replace the part, the service centres can easily help you to identify the issue and help resolve it.
  • Sometimes this issue of the clutch not fully engaging but slipping could be caused due to the dirt build-up inside. Cleaning the clutch thoroughly might be the simplest solution to this problem.
  • You could also try lubricating the system with a good quality lubricant. This might free up the clutch and thus prevent the squeaking noise.
  • Another common reason could be due to the weights present inside the system hanging up. Check if the weights are correctly positioned and reposition them correctly. This should resolve the problem.


How to Fix a Golf Cart Clutch that is Stuck

Sometimes you might want to remove or replace the clutch after it has been used for quite a long time. It’s said that the used clutch is very easy to remove and requires very little effort.

You just have to remove the oleoresins in the center and the clutch will come out very easily. If you find that after removing the bolt, the clutch is still stuck and you’re unable to remove it, then what should you do?

  1. The first thing you can try out is adding some PBBlaster to the clutch and let it soak in for some time. Add a generous quantity and let it sit for a couple of days.
  2. Next step is to try removing the clutch. If this doesn’t work, try leveraging the clutch by using a crowbar behind the clutch.
  3. Gently place the crowbar behind the clutch and apply pressure. The clutch might slide off and come apart.
  4. Make sure to add even pressure at the same intervals otherwise you might end up breaking a part.

If none of these techniques work, you can try cutting some relief on the clutch. This might loosen up the tight parts and help you remove it without damaging the main segment.

Using a chisel to cut out the relief could be a good idea. Never use a pickle fork or any other fork to cut out or pull out the clutch. This could damage the other internal systems and might end up causing more harm.


Troubleshooting EZGO Cart Clutch Problem

Are you experiencing issues with the clutch in your EZGO cart? Well, the most common issue experienced by people, is the clutch getting stuck.

If you’re finding it hard to move the clutch and it seems to be stuck, then rest assured that you’re not alone. This is a common problem and a lot of people have had this issue. What can you do to get rid of this issue?

Try using WD40 and spray it on the clutch. Leave it for a while and try. Any dirt or dust clogging up the system will be released, thereby helping you to loosen up the clutch.

You can also try using a clutch puller to help release the clutch.

If neither of these work, you might have to take apart the whole clutch and check if the weights are properly aligned. Remove the outside hub and check each of the parts quite thoroughly.

One of the solutions involves removing the clutch and cleaning it thoroughly. Apply a good lubricant and reassemble the clutch back. There is a chance the issue might be resolved, post the lubrication.

Another cause could be a bad spring. Sometimes, if the spring in the system is bad, it could cause the clutch to get stuck. Try replacing the spring and check if the problem is resolved.

If none of these work, you might have to replace or rebuild the entire clutch system. There are a lot of shops which sell the required parts for EZGO carts and it’s also quite easy to rebuild it.


Troubleshooting Yamaha G29 Clutch Problem

One of the common problems faced by the users of the G29 Yamaha model is the clutch coming off the shaft. This is usually noticed when the driven clutch keeps falling off or becomes loose which then leads to the clutch coming off the shaft. Are you experiencing this issue? Worry not! I will help you fix this problem quite easily.

Try torquing the bolt that holds the clutch to a higher level. In most cases, this will resolve the problem. Another solution would be to apply Loctite on the threads. The adhesive will help hold the clutch in place. Check if any of the bolts are bent or any of the parts are damaged. This could be the cause of the issue.

There is a washer present under the clutch which helps in protecting it. If this washer is damaged in any way, then it could come loose leading to the clutch getting stuck.

It might indeed be surprising to note that quite a lot of people have trouble with this washer. Many people have complained that their washer fails within 3 months.

Usually, the company will replace it free of cost if it’s within the warranty period. So it would be a good idea to check the various parts of the clutch to identify the issue correctly. There are diagrams available online which can help you identify the clutch and its parts correctly.


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