How to Adjust the Drive Belt on a EZGO Golf Cart (STEPS)

ezygo golf cart with adjusted drive belt


How To Troubleshoot your Golf Cart Drive Belt

The drive belt on a golf cart connects the two clutches (the drive clutch and the driven clutch) and distributes the power from the engine to the rear wheels. 

There can be a number of issues that can happen to a drive belt which you should be aware of. Some of them you can fix yourself while there are others that need to be handled by an expert technician.

The most common problems are: 

  1. The drive belt is too tight.
  2. The drive belt is too loose.
  3. The drive belt keeps slipping. 
  4. The drive belt is worn out.


How Tight Should a Golf Cart Drive Belt Be?

The drive belt should not be too tight. If it’s too tight it can risk wearing off faster and it’s also harder to shift gears.

To check if your drive belt is set just right make sure your golf cart is turned off then check the drive belt by pressing it down between the two clutches with your finger. If it deflects less than 1.5” it’s too tight.


How to Change the Drive Belt on an EZGO Golf Cart

To change the drive belt on an EZGO golf cart you need to first find a replacement drive belt that’s suitable for the particular model of the EZGO golf cart you have. 

They’re widely available in many online shops or in spare part stores. There are 4 different types of drive belts. The one you’ll need will depend on the built year of your EZGO golf cart.

Once you’ve acquired the suitable drive belt, changing it is a relatively simple process.

Unlike automobiles, the motor inside the golf car isn’t as complex as a car engine and can be located very easily. 

Before changing it, make sure the golf cart is switched off and the brakes are on and make sure your wear gloves. After doing so, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the primary drive clutch. It’s located at the bottom of the two clutches and is the smaller one.
  2. Take note of how the existing belt has been adjusted to the clutches and then remove it. 
  3. Slide in the new belt to the primary clutch and pull it all the way around the secondary clutch the same way the old belt was adjusted. 
  4. Roll the secondary clutch to make sure the drive belt is secured and is in its proper position.

If you’re not qualified in golf cart repairs, please call a certified mechanic to do the work for you.


How to Remove Drive Belt on an EZGO Golf Cart

You can remove the drive belt easily by cutting it off. If you would like to do it without cutting it off you can follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure the golf cart is turned off, the transition is in neutral, and the brakes are locked. Hit the gas pedal to make sure that it is off. 
  2. If the drive belt is loose you can remove it very easily by pulling it off the rear and starter clutch. 
  3. If it’s too hard to do so, you can simply use a screwdriver and place it under the drive belt as a lever while rotating the clutch and it will follow the screwdriver and come off. However, it is important that you’re careful not to gauge the clutch with your screwdriver.

Unlike the starter belt, the drive belt doesn’t have a tension bolt attached to it to adjust the tension that can tighten or loosen it.

If you’re unsure how to do it then you can simply call a certified mechanic to do it for you. 


How to Adjust the Drive Belt on an EZGO Golf Cart

There is no way to adjust a drive belt, so it’s important to get the right size belt in the first place.

To be sure, visit your local mechanic or call a certified technician to help you get the right drive belt for your EZGO golf cart. 

You might notice some squealing, or find it a bit hard to shift gears when you’ve inserted a new belt, give it some time to “break-in”. 

If your drive belt is too tight it will wear out faster and might cause some damage to the clutch, if it’s too loose, it will underperform and decrease the speed of the golf cart. You’ll also have a hard time climbing steep hills and surfaces. So please  make sure that you’ve found the correct drive belt for your EZGO golf cart model.

A quick search online on the model of your EZGO golf cart will show you which drive belt you need to buy. 


How to Tighten an EZGO Drive Belt TXT/RXV

You cannot tighten an EZGO drive belt. If loose, you will need to replace the drive belt

There have been various people online who’ve tried to store it in cold room temperatures hoping it would contract and become smaller but this is not recommended. Putting your drive belt at extreme temperatures can damage it. 

It might lose its flexibility and become stiffer. This can cause it to break more easily. 

The best course of action if your drive belt is too loose is to get a new drive belt. 

If you’re unsure which one to buy, a quick search online of the built year and model number of your EZGO RXV/TXT will help you choose the best drive belt for your golf cart. 

Or you can simply go to the local mechanic or get a certified technician to help you. 


How to Stop a EZGO Drive Belt from Slipping

To stop a drive belt from slipping you need to ensure your golf cart has the correct size drive belt, and also make sure it’s not worn out.

How to stop a EZYGO drive belt slipping: 

  1. Make sure that you have the right drive belt. Sometimes the wrong drive belt will not be as wide as the clutch you are putting it on. This gives it an unwanted room to move back and forth when you are using the golf cart. 
  2. Check and see if the drive belt appears misaligned? If so, is it misaligned more towards the driven clutch (the one on the axle) or the drive clutch (the one on the motor)? If it’s misaligned there is something wrong with the drive clutch. 
  3. Once you’ve confirmed that the drive clutch is not functioning properly you either need to have it fixed or replace. Call a trusted certified technician to have it fixed or replaced for you.


EZGO Drive Belt Size Chart

It is important that you use the right drive belt for the EZGO golf cart you’re using. This is why you need to find out what your EZGO Golf Cart Model is and what engine it uses and get the right drive belt according to it. 

Here’s a table of EZGO Golf Cart Models and the drive belt it uses: 


EZGO Golf Cart Model 

Drive Belt Measurements

EZGO 2001-up 480 CC

 49” Outside Diameter

EZGO 1994-Up 4 Cycle Gas Vehicle with Robin Engines

1-3/16″ Wide x 42″ Outside Diameter

EZGO 2pg 2 Cycle Gas 1976-87

1-3/16″ wide x 45″ Outside Diameter

EZGO 1989-94 2 and 4 Cycle Gas

1 3/16″ wide x 40 3/4″ Outside Diameter

EZGO 2012-Up With 13 HP / 400cc Kawasaki Engine with TEAM Clutch 

1 3/16″ wide x Approx 39” Outside Diameter

EZGO 2008-2012 with 13 HP / 400cc Kawasaki Engine with Kawasaki Clutch

15/16″ wide x Approx 36” Outside Diameter

EZGO 1988 2 Cycle Gas with 2 pg Engine

1-3/16″ wide x 45-1/2″ Outside Diameter


Why is my EZGO Drive Belt Too Tight?

The reason your EZGO drive belt is too tight can be because you’re not using the right size drive belt.

Check and make sure if you’re using the right one. A quick search online will give you the right information. 

It can also be too tight because the drive/driven clutch is misplaced or broken. 

A drive belt that’s too tight can damage the drive and driven clutches and can also result in the drive belt being worn out too fast. 

To check, whether the drive/driven clutch is misplaced or broken call a certified technician to have a look. It might need to be repaired or replaced.


Why is My EZGO Drive Belt Too Loose?

The reason your EZGO drive belt is too loose could be because it’s worn out, or you’re simply using the wrong size drive belt. In this case, need to find a replacement immediately. 

A loose drive belt can result in your EZGO Golf Cart to lose top speed and underperform.

If the drive belt is the right model but it seems to be too loose then it could be because there is something stuck in the clutch or there is some damage in the clutch. In this case you’ll need to call a certified technician to inspect your golf cart.


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