How to Remove EZGO/Yamaha Golf Cart Flywheel (STEPS)

Golf Cart flywheel

How to Remove the EZGO Flywheel?

The flywheel of an EZGO, be it the Workhorse or Medalist can be removed by following these steps:

  • Find out the two dome head screws in the flywheel which seems they are there for no particular reason.
  • Remove the two screws and you would find two holes to connect a puller.
  • Protect the end of the crankshaft from the puller.
  • Be mindful that the woodruff key is kept in position during the exercise.
  • If there is any material struck in the oil tank, be mindful to get it removed during the process.


EZGO flywheel removal tips

Some of the important tips to remove a flywheel are as follows:

  • It is better to get hold of a puller to remove the flywheel from an EZGO golf cart.
  • Then use a plate to drill the holes to match the flywheel.
  • Behind the flywheel, put a socket or large nut behind it.
  • Use the flywheel bolts to pull it off.
  • Make sure that the bind is not pulled too much on one side.

Keep in mind that the bolts are of the required size so that there remains no mismatch in fittings.


EZGO flywheel puller tool

The puller remains a very important tool without which a flywheel cannot be removed. Make sure that the flywheel gets connected to a puller by removing both screws in the surface of the flywheel.

Sometimes you may face a stubborn flywheel which may make life hard for you. Get hold of a torque wrench in such case to complement the puller tool.

Set the torque wrench to 50 ft-lbs since this is the maximum in which the flywheel will come off.

A medium swing with the hammer would provide enough impetus to the flywheel puller to come off easily.


EZGO 2pg flywheel replacement

The 2pg model from EZGO has been reported to be facing some challenges when it comes to operating with a functional flywheel.

It is during such situations that a replacement is sought for a flywheel which can be completed via the following process:

  • The spring present would stay in the new seal which would support in preventing the flywheel from collapsing.
  • The spring side should always face the bearing and the metal casing on the outside.
  • Get the seal staked in three places. Change the rear seat when the engine is out.
  • Everything should be done from the outside of the engine.


EZGO 295 flywheel

The 295 series from EZGO also faces glitches in terms of its flywheel. The flywheel, in such case, can be removed via the following steps:

  • There wouldbe two dome head screws in the flywheel, which is needed to be identified in the beginning.
  • Then, remove the two screws and there would be two holes to connect a puller.
  • Make sure the end of the crankshaft stays apart from the puller.
  • The woodruff key should be kept in position during the exercise.
  • Check the oil tank, be mindful to get any obstacles removed during the process.

Make sure that the fins of the fan are not damaged while the removal is taken place.


Yamaha G1 flywheel removal?

The flywheel of the G1 from Yamaha needs to be removed and replaced as and when required. You can do so by following the below steps:

  • Use penetrating oil and wait for some while. Then check if the flywheel gets off.
  • Another option would be to use a bit of heat to check if the flywheel comes off.
  • Set a mark on the timing plate.
  • After the crank seal is removed, it can be reinstalled at the correct time.

Keep a note to see if no parts get corroded during the entire exercise.


Why won’t my Yamaha G1 flywheel come off?

Yamaha G1 users have faced this glitch of the flywheel not coming off in one go. Some of the troubleshooting techniques that can be done include the following:

  • Hit the bolt on the puller with a hammer. Once more pressure is applied on it, it would pop out of the system.
  • If the above fails to work, apply medium levels of heat. The pulsar coil stays exactly behind the flywheel and if you mess it up, it would be hard to find.
  • Sometimes one single hit by the hammer may not work, apply a few extra hits to get it done with.


Yamaha G1 flywheel removal

The G1 from Yamaha can be removed via the following steps:

  • Use a bit of penetrating oil and wait for some time.
  • Apply a bit of medium level of heat.
  • Mark the timing plate once done.
  • After the crank seal is changed, it can be reinstalled at the correct time.
  • The bolt can be also hit with a hammer to check if the flywheel comes off. You can also apply few extra hits if it does not remove in one go.
  • Remove the plastic cooling fins before heat is applied.


Yamaha G16 golf cart flywheel removal size

There are various puller sizes that accompany golf carts. The most common is a Flywheel 3 jaw puller that comes in various sizes from 6 inches to 9 inches.

Sometimes the center shaft can be drilled or tapped and sometimes it may not be either.

 If there is no drilled or tapped part, get hold of a slotted wheel puller instead of a jaw puller to fix the issue.


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