What Golf Clubs Really Weigh (Inside A Golf Bag)

weight of golf clubs

At some point you’ll need to take your golf clubs to a place you normally don’t bring them. This is a situation where knowing the total weight of your clubs is useful.

In short, the average set of golf clubs weighs around 30 pounds (13.6 kilos). This accounts for a complete set of 14 clubs inside your average sized golf bag. A standard golf bag accounts for 3 to 5 pounds of the figure.

Keep in mind that the figure above is an average weight. There are many factors which can add additional pounds to the overall weight such as:

  • Using a staff bag instead of a carry or stand bag
  • Placing items inside your bag such as umbrellas, bottles, and golf ball finders
  • Packing clubs with large heads


Weight in Kilos and Pounds

Individual golf clubs weigh less than 1 pound. According to golf digest, the average weight of a professional golf club is 0.73 pounds (0.33 kilos)A set of 14 clubs gives us a total dry weight of 10.22 lbs (4.64 kilos).

I personally like to be on the safe side, so before packing my golf clubs inside a shipping box, I’ll assume they weigh 1 pound each.

Each type of stick will vary in weight of course. In almost all cases a driver will weigh more than a 7 iron. As a result of this variance, 1 pound (0.45 kilos) is a good average to use across the board.


Quick Tip: What does adding weight to a golf club do?


Average Weight of Golf Irons

Since golf irons make up a large number of a set of clubs, you should know how much all of the golf irons weight individually. I’ve compiled a table below which outlines the average weight of a steel set of golf irons.

ClubWeight (Pounds)Weight (Grams)Weight (Kilos)
9 Iron0.95 lbs434 g0.44 kg
8 Iron0.94 lbs429 g0.43 kg
7 Iron0.93 lbs422 g0.42 kg
6 Iron0.92 lbs417 g0.41 kg
5 Iron0.90 lbs409 g0.40 kg
4 Iron0.89 lbs407 g0.40 kg
3 Iron0.88 lbs402 g0.40 kg


Examples of Golf Club Weight

Here are some examples of weight by golf club type. This will give you a better understanding of how club weight differs between type and brand:


Cobra 2018 F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set

  • 10 pounds – Complete Set

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

  • 0.74 lbs – Driver
  • 0.87 lbs – 3-Wood
  • 0.95 lbs – 5H
  • 0.97 lbs – 6 Iron
  • 0.98 lbs – 7 Iron
  • 0.99 lbs – 8 Iron
  • 1.01 lbs – 9 Iron
  • 1.02 lbs – PW
  • 1.01 lbs – 9 Iron
  • 1.17 lbs – Putter
  • Total Weight – 8.72 lbs


Graphite Vs Steel Shafts

If you’re looking for the lightest club possible, I would go with graphite made shafts. Graphite clubs are significantly lighter than steel in pretty much all cases. However you can expect to pay up to 20% more for graphite irons.

Benefits of graphite club shafts are:

  • Much lighter than steel
  • You can increase your distance at least by 5 yards
  • Easier to swing
  • Shots produce less vibration which decreases shoulder pain


How To Ship Golf Clubs

  1. Order a double wall corrugated golf club shipping box
  2. Tightly wrap bubble wrap around your club shaft
  3. Wrap a separate pace of bubble wrap for the head
  4. Use packaging tape to secure the bubble wrap the golf club
  5. Place clubs inside the box
  6. Secure the contents by using foam chips to fill out any empty areas inside the box. Place 1-2 inches of chips at the bottom of the bag before placing contents. then place more on the top before sealing the box.
  7. Finally tape all sides of the box securely. Remember to tape the bottom flap of the box too.


Golf Club Shipping Boxes

If you’ve never sent golf clubs anywhere before I’m here to help you. I remember years ago having no idea where to start. The cheapest way to send clubs is by using golf club shipping boxes.

A golf shipping box is simply a long narrow cardboard box that is designed for packing golf clubs. 

These boxes are made from corrugated cardboard and will keep your clubs secure while being transported.

I bought my own shipping boxes from U-Haul but you can also find them on Amazon and other storage stores.

If you have bought new clubs at any point, you may remember the box they came in. Unfortunately if you’re like the majority of golfers, you may have thrown them out. If you still have these boxes, it’s time to dust them off!

If you aren’t so lucky, you’ll just have to order shipping boxes online or visit your local storage business.

Once you have your box, follow my easy step by step guide below to pack your golf clubs correctly.


golf club shipping box
Use a golf club shipping box to send your clubs safely.

Use a golf club shipping box to send your clubs safely.


Choose Double Wall Shipping Boxes

Important: I highly recommend spending the extra few cents it costs order some high quality double wall boxes.

In the past I made the unfortunate mistake of ordering single wall boxes. “Single wall” simply means is that the box is made from only one layer of cardboard. 

Double wall cardboard boxes on the other hand offer many times the strength as a single. The extra durability will ensure your clubs arrive in the same condition they left in!


Shipping Weight and Dimensions


Choosing the right golf club shipping boxes will be easier if you know the amount of clubs you need to pack. You can find boxes that will fit 1-4 clubs for less than $6 each.  While you can find boxes for less than $1, I would be wary of their durability. 

The boxes I bought show on the label they can hold up to 60 lbs of weight. This is more than enough to hold your whole set of clubs! 

Remember to order 1-2 more boxes than you think you’ll need. Once clubs are wrapped in bubble wrap, their size will increase quite a lot.



When shopping online, you’ll come across many different sizes of a golf club shipping boxes.

Pay careful attention to the length of the box as you can’t make a box taller!

Remember to measure your driver as it will be your longest club. The standard length of for a driver found at the shops is 45.5 inches long. This is slightly less than the 44 inches used by most professionals on tour.


These are the most common golf shipping box dimensions I have come across:

  • 8″ x 8″ x 30″ (76 cm) (For kids club sizes)
  • 6″ x 6″ x 40″ (102 cm) (Only suitable For putter and irons, sand wedge and PW)
  • 15” x 15” x 48” (123 cm) (Ideal for all sizes)


Length Of Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Set

  • 45″ – Driver
  • 41.5″ – 3-Wood 
  • 42.5″ – 5-Wood
  • 38.5″ – 4H
  • 37.75″ – 5H
  • 37″ – 6 Iron
  • 36.5″ – 7 Iron
  • 36″ – 8 Iron
  • 35.5″ – 9 Iron
  • 35″ – PW
  • 35″ – SW
  • 35″ – Putter


Golf Weight Glossary – The Terms Explained

When shopping for golfing equipment and storage boxes, no doubt you’ll come across some confusing terms. I remember back in my early days of online shopping being very confused over terms like swing weight. 

Here are the most useful phrases explained:

Dry Weight: As the name suggests, this is the weight of an item in its bare bones state. For example the dry weight of a golf bag would not include any accessories, or extras the bag comes with.

Swing Weight: Swing weight often confuses golfers but it’s not that difficult to understand. This measurement has nothing to do with the actual weight of the club. Swing weight simply refers to the clubs distribution of weight from the bottom 66% compared to the top 33%.

Shipping Weight: The total weight of a boxed item. Manufacturers or online stores will often include this figure so you know the exact postage costs of the product.


How Tall Is A Golf Bag With Clubs

Since golf clubs stand in the middle section of the bag, the overall length of golf clubs inside a golf bag is approximately 50″ tall.

The standard length of a golf stand bag is 36″. The tallest golf club you will be packing is your driver coming in around 45.5″ long. 

Since most bags don’t allow clubs to fit inside all the way to the bottom of the bag, your clubs are likely to be sticking out the top end of the bag. This allows easier access to your clubs, and also creates extra storage space at the bottom of the bag.

To make things easier, I wrote another article which shows you my favorite lightweight golf bags



Well there you have it! Everything you could ever want to know about golf club weight, size, height and dimensions!

I hope this guide helps you when it comes time to pack, ship or send your clubs. As long as you measure your clubs weight and size before buying any box or bag, you won’t have any problems. 

To save some time, have a look online for your specific clubs to try and determine their measurements. 

Extra Tip: I find ordering my boxes online to be the easiest way to ship my golf clubs. Aside from the convenience, I’ve found the prices to be cheaper as well.

If you think you’ll need to pack more than on one occasion, I recommend purchasing in bulk lots. Bulk purchasing tends to offer further discount which is worth it, as you don’t want to pay multiple postage costs.

Good luck, and remember your driver is the longest club you own, so use it as a base to measure everything!


Quick Tip: What does adding weight to a golf club do?


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