Best Lightweight Golf Bags

If you’ve ever had to carry a heavy golf bag around the course, then you understand how exhausting it can be. By the time you reach the 18th hole, your back and shoulders are aching. Fortunately, some really good lightweight golf bags have come on to the market. It’s refreshing to see just how comfortable some of the lightest bags are to carry around.

The Callaway Hyper Lite Zero golf bag is as light as a feather.

Is Your Golf Bag Causing You Back Pain?

In recent years I have noticed that more golfers are ditching the golf cart, and instead choosing to walk from hole to hole. No doubt this is a much healthier way to golf, but it does have its dangers. 

Carrying any bag that has some considerable weight to it, is likely to cause some back and shoulder pain. Without getting too technical, lower back pain, muscle spasms, and nerve tension can occur at some stage. 

80% of US golfers are likely to experience some back pain in their lifetime. Oversized and heavy bags are the likely culprits. If not treated, minor strains can lead to more serious injuries. By choosing the best lightweight golf bag possible, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of strain on your body.


How To Choose The Best Lightweight Golf Bag

When it comes to light golf carry bags, not one size fits all. Each individual has a different sized body, and it will also differ between males and females. However there are some basic tips we can follow to help you choose the right bag for you.


  • Size: As a general rule, smaller is better than bigger. While tempting, avoid choosing a larger sized bag in order to fit more golf clubs inside. Instead go for a smaller size which follows the shape and outline of your body. Your back will be supporting the bags weight, but it won’t be able to if the bag is wider than you. A 35″ length bag is a good size for most golfers.

  • Durability The durability of a golf bag is dependent on many factors. The majority of modern products should last you many years of use. However we do recommend going with a known brand name such as TaylorMade, Callaway or PING.


  • Material: I highly recommend that you choose a nylon based golf bag. Nylon is a modern advancement in the golfing world and it couldn’t have come any sooner! Not only a strong material, nylon is also one of the lightest. The toughness and flexibility of nylon polymers, makes it hands down, the best material for your travelling around with your golf bag.


  • Storage Space: Store only necessary accessories in your golf travel bag. Clubs, a few golf balls and an umbrella is all that is needed. The key is to reduce as much as weight as possible on your back. Don’t carry items that you will not use that day. For anything else, use your pockets or a push cart.


  • Price: What price should you pay for a lightweight golf bag? Personally I wouldn’t pay any more than $150-$200. Your choice in this price bracket gives you a great deal of choice. 

  • Accessories: I also recommend that you select a bag that comes with an inbuilt stand. Most quality products now come with stands to keep your bag off the ground. This is extremely handy and will eliminate the need to bend down to pick up your bag. Secondly, you’ll want one that comes with a rain hood, so you can keep your clubs dry over the rainy season.


What Features Are Inside A Lightweight Golf Carry Bag?

When choosing a lighter or smaller golf bag, you won’t necessarily lose out on any features. Larger bags of course will have a greater amount of pockets and dividers though. Remember, less is more when it comes to golfing. We want a clear mind, and an even lighter back.


  • Dividers: Most golf carry bags will come with a set of dividers to place your clubs inside. As the name suggests, each club is divided by the designated slots. Although some bags will have your clubs extend to the whole length of the bag, most will have a upper section that stops midway down the bag. This allows storage of additional accessories towards the bottom of the bag. 


  • Pockets: Every bag will come with a certain number of pockets to place items such as balls and tees. However, modern designs offer you a lot more functionality. You can find bags that allow you to store drink bottles, food and even your winter coat.


  • Putter Well: When looking to buy your golf bag, a feature that may be listed is a putter well. This is an exterior pocket on the side of the bag. The putter well prevents your putter from hitting; therefore damaging your other clubs. Without one, your putter is likely to smack against the shafts and heads of your irons, wedges and driver. 

    If you use larger sized putters like the Macgregor Response, Super Stroke Grip, or Ping Pal, you’ll certainly want to use a putter well.


What Are The Best Lightweight Golf Bags For 2019?




ping hoofer lite golf bag
The Ping Hoofer Lite was a favorite among golfers in 2018.

The 2018 Ping Hoofer Lite carry bag was one of the highlights of the year. Users of this golf bag have praised its light weight, durability and large number of pockets.

Designed to be the worlds lightest carry bag that also comes with a stand, the hoofer lite doesn’t disappoint. Weighing in at only 4 lbs./1.8 kgs, it’s amazing how light and comfortable this bag is to use.

This is a full size bag and has everything you could ever want. A bag this size would generally be suitable for men. However it’s nylon based material along with it’s polypropylene frame means is a huge improvement.

As it’s one of the lightest models ever made, slightly taller than average women will have no trouble using it either.



  • Full Size Bag
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Shoulder strap
  • Adjustable Shoulder pads using SensorCool Technology
  • Cushioned Hip Pad
  • Rain Hood Included
  • Anti-Flex 4 way top – doesn’t extend down to full length of bag
  • 4 slots – 2 large and 2 small
  • 7 Pockets
  • Space for your water bottle



  • Black
  • Graphite / Black / Copper
  • Blue / Black
  • White / Red / Black
  • Navy Blue / Graphite / White
  • Navy / Silver / Mint



  • 4.8/5 – Official Ping Site
  • 4.5/5 Amazon US Site



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