Your Guide To Golf Club Storage Ideas

Firstly, it’s proven that a great golfer should be well rounded in all areas of the game. In other words, you should always keep your golf clubs stored correctly. Above all, it pro-longs the life of your clubs, and keep your organized.

Golf Club Storage Items For Sale

Why Is Storing Your Clubs Important?

It’s often said a golfer’s best friend is his golf club. I certainly agree with the statement! That’s why I always recommend that you follow the correct storage protocol for all of your golfing equipment.

If not maintained correctly, over time your club will become damaged and unusable. Chips, scratches and even rust will form on your clubs if you don’t look after them.

Extreme temperatures can also cause damage, specifically to irons. Both heat in the summer months, and colder temperatures in winter are a likely culprit.  A simple solution is to always store your golf clubs in the correct type of bag, container or display cabinet.

Furthermore, it’s not enough to just choose the best storage item, but you also need to know when to, and when not to use a particular style of box, cabinet or bag.

  • Golf Club Storage Bags – These bags are used for not only storing your clubs correctly, but they make transporting them easy too. Choose a bag with wheels, and with inbuilt club dividers. The dividers will stop each club from scratching each other, and will keep them in excellent condition for longer.
  • Golf Club Storage Containers – Containers are good longer term storage option. You can keep clubs which you don’t use often in them as they will keep their air right and dust free. However access is more restricted making them not as practical as a rack or cabinet.
  • Golf Club Cabinets/Lockers – A cabinet or locker is more for the serious golfer who has the extra space. They do provide extra security with locks.
  • Golf Club Racks – Racks are a perfect overall option. They offer you easy access to your clubs while being an idea showcase piece, thanks to their beautiful designs.

Do Golf Clubs Go Bad?

An often asked question is, can a golf club go bad, and when do you know if it’s time to replace it?

1. Check The Grooves For Dirt and Debris

One big mistake I see golfers making all the time, is not keeping their clubs clean. Almost after each stroke, a buildup of dirt, grass and debris will often be found on the grooves of the club.

A dirty club will certainly effect the accuracy of your shots. I recommend that you regularly wipe your clubs with a damp cloth. Secondly, use a tee or hard brush for the harder to clean areas.

2. Look for Dents and Depression On The Club Face

A good way to know when it’s time to replace your golf club with a new one, is by inspecting the face of the club. Although iron is a strong metal, over time wear and tear will play a key factor.

What I see time and time again, is either dents or a more subtle inwards depression on the club. These markings are found on drivers and irons as these clubs are used for more long range shots.

Hitting the ball in the exact same spot on the club causes this damage to occur. If you see this on your club, it may be time to purchase a new one.

Golf Clubs Storage Ideas

Golf clubs are the most important pieces of equipment any golfer has. Therefore, it’s essential that you store your drivers, irons and putter correctly, In other words, you’ll add years of life to your golf clubs, while keeping you playing at your best!

In this article we are sharing some ideas that’ll get your storage situation on the right track. From racks, boxes and containers, to full on garages dedicated to golf storage.

Your options are endless; therefore think carefully what type of storage solution is right for you.

Bags Club Storage (Price $100-$300)

If you’re any kind of real golfer you’ll definitely need a golf storage bag to carry your clubs from hole to hole. Purchase a high quality durable carry bag that can be carried over your shoulder.

Similarly, it pays to fork out the extra money to buy a bag that will last you several years. More importantly, follow this advice if you make your way to the green regularly.

While they’re not essential, bags which have built in dividers inside are highly recommended. 

The dividers will prevent your clubs from rattling around and getting scratched. Players on a strict budget who don’t need any extra features can get away using a simple duffel bag for a cool $20.

Essential Features

  • Shoulder Carry Strap
  • Golf Club Dividers
  • Top Lift Handle
  • Sealed Zips/Pockets
  • Space For Your Umbrella
  • Wheels

Top Brands (manufactures)

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Callaway
  • Glove It
  • Taylor Made

Containers Club Storage (Price $20-$50)

Firstly, club storage containers that come with lids can be purchased online for a cheap price (around $20). These containers are usually made from strong plastic or wood. Secondly, wooden units have the benefit of hiding your contents better; however they’re pricier than plastic.

Above all, remember that 45 inches is the standard length of a club, so be sure to look for a container that’s at least 47 inches long.

Some containers will contain handles, wheels and other handy extras. However, if you wish to keep your clubs stored in a steel or aluminum made container, keep them scratch free by wrapping them inside some head covers.

Essential Features

  • Space for several clubs
  • Fitted lid
  • Made from plastic or wood
  • Minimum of 47″ in length







Cabinet/Locker Club Storage (Price $110)

Not made for the once a year golfer, golf storage cabinets are for those who are serious about their game. If space at home is not a worry for you, you’ll love investing in a golf storage cabinet or locker. 

A more stylish addition to your golfing garage is wooden cabinets that compliment any modern or traditional decor.

Lockers made from steel, will offer you a lot more options from, your favorite designs, colors and any security options you may need. We recommend you opt for a standard pad lock, a safe lock, or even require users to inset a coin/note to open/ close your locker.

Essential Features

  • Shoulder Carry Strap
  • Golf Club Dividers

Top Brands

  • Probe
  • Biocote

Racks Club Storage (Price $30-$70)

Golf storage racks are one essential piece for any avid golfer. I think it’s essential to have your clubs easily accessible This is where racks are extremely handy to have.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to hang each of your clubs at home, while storing your golf shoes, gloves and jacket all on one rack!

The vast majority of golf organizer racks that you’ll find are made from steel. In addition, this makes them just light enough to move around with ease. Simply attach your rack using a hook or wall bracket, and you’re ready to showcase your favorite items!

Essential Features

  • Choose a rack that can store your golf bag


What we really want to get across to you is that your clubs are an investment into your game, and should be cared for. 

The condition of your clubs really do effect the accuracy of your shots. However with proper maintenance and storing them carefully, they can last for many years.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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