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After years of watching my garage getting filled with golfing equipment, I knew it was time to buy a golf storage cabinet.

Like you, I didn’t know where to start or where to even look. Fortunately I now have in depth knowledge of the best golf cabinets, racks and organizers for sale.

I’ll do my best to educate you and show you exactly how you can clean the clutter, and become a more organized golfer in the process!


Best Golf Club Storage Ideas

Below are my recommended types of storage options for your golf club equipment. The table below will explain what each type is used for. There is some overlap with the types, but it will give you some good ideas to store your clubs, balls and bags.

Storage TypeDetailImage
CabinetGolf storage cabinets consist of wooden shelves or drawers. They're used for storing all your golfing equipment. Many golfers use these as you can either store items inside the cabinet, or display items on top of shelving.
OrgainzerOrganizers are an all in one storage device. We like organizers the best as they are designed for golfers. Made from steel, organizers allow you to hang clubs, clothing and also have shelves.
I recommend you buy an organizer that contains space for 2 cart bags.
golf organizer
RackTypically made from steel, racks consist of a hanging framework. You'll find bars, rails and hooks to hang items.
Clubs are the best items to hang on racks. The accessibility and affordable price make them an excellence option.
LockerA locker is an excellent storage device to securely store your golfing items. Made from strong steel, lockers also come with secure locking systems. These are practical, secure and hide your items in a non-evasive way.
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white golf storage locker

Top 10 Golf Storage Cabinet Products

Below are some of the best golf storage cabinets, racks and organizers you'll find online.
*Price was accurate at time of printing but is subject to change

BrandBest ProductDetailPrice* (USD)
GladiatorGolf Caddy CabinetWeight: Holds up to 75 pounds.
Material: Steel
Size: (h) 42.5 x (d) 15 x (w) 27 inches
Storage: 2 shelves. Storage for 2 large Golf Bags. Also store balls, shoes and other essentials.
SuncastGolf Bag Garage Organizer RackWeight: 22.5 pounds
Material: Steel
Size: (h) 32 x (d)16 x (w) 37 inches
Storage: 2 Golf Bags
AthleticoGolf Trunk Organizer StorageShipping Weight: 3.6 pounds
Material: Waterproof Oxford Fabric
Size: (h) 9 x (d) 13 x (w) 17 inches
Storage: Perfect for storing all accessories. Hats, balls, tees, pens, flash light and other tools.
Features: Rubber grip handle, front and back mesh pockets, ventilation, pen organizer, id card holder,
Safe RacksGolf Organizer Rack | Heavy Duty Steel Wire ShelvesShipping Weight: 42 pounds
Material: Steel
Size: (h) 40 x (d) 18 x (w) 43 inches
Storage: 2 Golf Bags. Shelves for ball cases, tees, hats, clothes, shoes and gear. Also has umbrella holder function.
MilliardExtra Large Golf OrganizerShipping Weight: 23.7 pounds
Material: Carbon Steel (non rust)
Size: (h) 36 x (d)16 x (w) 37 inches
Storage: 2 Golf Bags. 3 open shelves + 1 closed shelf.
MorvatOrganizer for Golf Bag & AccessoriesShipping Weight: 21.4 pounds
Material: Steel
Size: (h) 36 x (d) 16 x (w) 38 inches
Storage: 2 Golf Bags. Extra space for tees, balls, gloves and other gear.
Home-itGolf Bag Sports Dual OrganizerShipping Weight: 21.5 pounds
Material: Steel
Size: (h) 36 x (d) 16 x (w) 39 inches
Storage: Space for 2 golf bags. Includes 4 shelves.
sfDisplayGolf Club Display Case Rack CabinetShipping Weight: 19.5 pounds
Material: Beech wood Hardwood, Acrylic door
Size: (h) 45 x (d) 4.5 x (w) 17 inches
Storage: Stores up to 10 clubs. 44 inch maximum club length
CrestgolfClub Organizer Display Shelf - GreenShipping Weight: 7.3 pounds
Material: Metal
Size: (h) 27.5 x (d) 10.9 x (w) 19.7 inches
Storage: 9 golf clubs
MonkeybarsLarge Storage Golf RackWeight: 200 lbs
Material: Steel
Capacity: 4 to 6 golf bags
Installation: 15 mins

Cabinet Parts and Optional Extras

The list below is parts and optional extras you can add to your golf storage cabinet. Some manufacturers will allow you to customize colors, shelving and materials.
*Price was accurate at time of printing but is subject to change

PartBrandPrice* (USD)
2 x Ceramic Golf Ball Knob for DrawerCarolina Hardware and Decor$7.28
108 Golf Ball Cabinet With Glass DoorEureka$149.99
Novelty Golf Handle PolyesterRichelieu (wayfair website)$8.49


Golf Storage Cabinet Features

Choosing the right golf cabinet, rack or locker for you will be dependent on your needs. If storing indoors, I’ve found a nice wooden oak finish to be my preferred choice.  This is because the cabinet is likely to match the décor of your home or garage.


If you find a cabinet you like but the color is wrong, here is a tip for you.

You can purchase spray cans which can produce a film or wrap on to your wood. Sometimes this is cheaper than forking out the money for another model cabinet.

You won’t have any issues by selecting a product that is waterproof, and one that produces a coating that can be peeled off.

Don’t cheap out here. You will need to use more than 1 can, so choose the best product from the beginning.


You’ll find most golf cabinets are built with room for 2 golf bags. This is because most golfers regularly play with a partner.

Taking your golf bag to your friend’s house every time you meet up gets tiresome. If your cabinet has space for 2 bags, it’s ideal to just leave your golf bag inside your friends’ cabinet.


Why Golf Storage is Important

Many know that I’m a big believer in storing your golf equipment correctly. You’ll save a lot of money by keeping your clubs, balls and other gear in great condition.

Aside from saving money, there are less tangible benefits to a tidy garage or golf room.

When you keep your golfing accessories tidy and organized inside a cabinet, you’ll become a better golfer. This is because golf is a mental game just as much as a physical sport.

A golfer, who has all in ducks lined up in a row, is going to feel more secure and confident on the green.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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