3 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid Distance (Best Club Explained)

3 wood-hybrid golf shot

Unless you’re an experienced golfer, it’s difficult to know whether you should use a traditional 3 wood, or the latest hybrid clubs on the market. In this article I’ll compare the performance and distance of a 3 Wood and a 3 Hybrid golf club to make this decision easier for you.

3 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid Club (Comparison Chart)

3 Wood3 Hybrid
Used ForLong distance on the fairway.More precise shots on the fairway.
MaterialStainless SteelMixture of graphite, steel and iron.
Loft8 to 16 degrees18 to 27 degrees
Length42 inches42.5 inches
Weight208g | 0.46 pounds | 0.21kg206g | 0.44 pounds | 0.20kg
Distance210 - 230 yards160 - 200 yards

As a golfer myself, I know most golf purchases fall under the “expensive category”. So it’s always important to understand the requirements and functionality of each type of club you buy.

Remember, every club is designed to meet a specific need. Some clubs are more forgiving due to the increased surface area of their heads while others offer more control over the ball.

Some clubs like the wood will come with longer shafts whereas others are designed to be short and stubby (hybrids). Based on the requirement of the player and his level of skill set, the correct club must be chosen to perform your best on the fairway.

If you like playing long-range shots and want a club which can tolerate off-center hits, then you may need to make a tradeoff.

Even a golfer who has been playing golf for quite some time has difficulty finding the right driver or club for them. I will help you identify whether a 3 Wood is better for your playing style or a 3 hybrid is better suited for you.


3 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid

The main difference between the 3 wood and 3 hybrid is that the 3 wood is used for longer distances, where as the 3 hybrid is better for more precise shots.

Fairway woods are generally referred to as woods in common terminology, and they are used for shooting from the fairway.

These clubs are useful for playing short distances. The clubs are built with metal heads and shorter shafts. The heads of the fairway woods resemble drivers but are generally smaller in size.

An interesting thing to note is that the center of gravity (COG) of a fairway wood is always located at the back of the head. This design gives the perfect tradeoff between accuracy and distance covered.

However more recently, many golfers want clubs that can deliver more precision over a shorter distance. This is where the hybrids come in.

Think of hybrids as a cross between a fairway wood and a traditional iron. Hybrids are designed in such a way that the COG falls to the front of the head. This allows for greater control while hitting the shot.

A good example is to use a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being the highest. In this scenario, a 3 hybrid clubs will have an accuracy of 9. Compare this to a 3 wood, where I would place the accuracy only at a 7.

However there is a trade off that comes into play here. Hitting a ball using a 3 hybrid will cause the ball to travel at a much shorter distance compared to using a 3 Wood.


Differences Between 3 Wood and 3 Hybrid

The main difference between the 3 wood and 3 hybrid golf club is that shots made from a 3 wood will travel 30-40 yards more than the 3 hybrid.

A 3 wood club and a 3 hybrid both have a great deal of accuracy. As mentioned, the 3 hybrid offers more precision, but, there is a catch. The distance covered by the ball is reduced while having an increase in accuracy.

What this means is that you can accurately hit a shot for shorter lengths using a 3-hybrid compared to 3 wood club.

If you’re a beginner who often hits the ball at off-center points, then a hybrid might be a better choice for you. Hybrids are definitely more forgiving than irons.

A fairway wood has a longer shaft, and it does take a great deal of practice and skill in order to get the most out of this club.

Apart from the accuracy and distance aspect, the angle of descent will also vary. Expect to see your ball roll out more when hit by a 3 wood. The angle of descent will be higher for a hybrid as the ball tends to fly a little higher.

I do find the hybrid to be an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players. However, for further help in choosing the right club for you, look at my complete guide to golf club distance.

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What is the Average 3 Hybrid Distance?

The average distance of a 3 hybrid golf club is 180 yards (160 metres).


When to Use a 3 Wood

If you own a great 3 wood but rarely put it to good use, it is time to realize where to use these clubs. There are a lot of situations which we often find ourselves in, and you can use a 3 wood club to bail you out of trouble and put you back on course.

  1. Punch Shots

Imagine if you are playing in the fairway and are trapped near a tree. You need to shoot the ball as close to the ground until you reach a safe area. This is where a 3 wood club comes is perfect to hit a short distance lob shot. The main advantage of a 3 wood is that no matter how hard you hit the ball, it just won’t go too high.

  1. On Grassless Surface

This is another scenario where the 3 wood can be your savior. If you find yourself being stuck in an area where the ground is very dry and has little to no grass, it’s time to bring out the 3 wood! 3 wood clubs have a broad head which prevents the ball from bouncing around too much.

  1. On the Edge of a Fringe

It’s always tough to play a shot if your golf ball is stuck on the edge of a fringe. Getting the right angle to make this shot is next to impossible using a wedge or a driver. You’ll have a much easier time swinging a clean shot by using 3 woods. You will be able to make the ball roll gently towards the hole.


When to Use a Fairway Wood or a Hybrid

By now you should have a better understanding on each club type. The next step is to identify playing situations where you should choose one club over the other.

If you’re playing on a fairway where the wind is not moving against you, then a 3 wood might be the right club to use.

If the lie is rough or uneven then it will be a good idea to choose a hybrid. Hybrids can tolerate a higher degree of error, and can even be played well in rough ground. The same cannot be said about a fairway wood.

A fairway wood is best for swinging from the group to the top. These clubs are known for their steep swinging action.

A fairway wood club is ideal for controlled and precise motions best left for experienced players. Whereas hybrids are better suited for helping you get out of rough spots due to its downward swinging action.

The degree of loft is also lower in fairway wood clubs than hybrids. Woods have a varying degree of loft; ranging from 8 to 16 degrees. Hybrids on the other hand have a range between 18 to 27 degrees.


3 Hybrid Vs 3 Wood Distance

The average distance when using a 3 hybrid is 160 – 200 yards. The distance when using a 3 wood is 210-230 yards. 

We all know that there should be a compromise between distance and accuracy to be able to choose the right club.

Hybrids offer more accuracy than fairway woods. Hence, it is evident that the factor of distance will be affected in the case of hybrids. On average, fairway woods can be used to reach distances ranging from 200 to 250 yards.

In the case of hybrids, the average distance varies between 160 to 200 yards depending on the category of hybrid chosen.

A 3 wood offers optimal distance coverage. It can be used to play distances of around 210 to 230 yards comfortably. A 3 hybrid, on the other hand, can be used for shooting balls to shorter lengths. 180 to 190 yards is the ideal distance that can be achieved when using a 3 hybrid.

If it’s driving power that you are looking for, then a 3 wood might be the right one for you. If you’re not willing to compromise on precision, consider using a hybrid instead.



Choosing the right type of golf club is essential for playing your best game of golf. There are a lot of different kinds of clubs available. Each one of them has its own specific set of usages.

For example, you need to use a hybrid if you are looking for a high degree of accuracy and the hole is within 180 yards.

You cannot expect to hit 250 yards effectively using a hybrid club.

You will need a driver for that.  Similarly, you will find that drivers are more forgiving as opposed to fairway woods.

There are many good brands available like Titleist and Adams, who both manufacture high quality golf clubs. It may take a bit of practice and time to identify the right product based on your playing style, but it will be worth the time invested.

In golf, there is no one club that fits every game scenario. You need to be able to use a variety of clubs to help you bail out of unexpected situations.

I recommend you have a good think about your current skill level. Be honest with yourself and don’t make the same mistake many amateurs seem to make. Always opt for greater shot accuracy over distance!

While it may be fun to smack the ball long with a wood, if you need to reach over for that 3 hybrid instead, please do.

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