Golf Cart Won’t Move, Bounces, Jerks, Wobbles while Driving

golf cart bounces wobbles and won't move


Why Do Golf Carts Bounce when Driving?

Have you been experiencing some bounce in your golf cart while driving? Well, in most cases, it could be due to the condition of the roads. However, there may be some issues with your cart which could be causing these bounces, that may require attention.

One of the common issues associated with the golf cart bounce is the tire. If the tires are not aligned properly or the threading has worn out, it could cause the cart to bounce.

Examine your tires carefully to identify the issue and if required get your tire replaced or realigned.

Check for the air pressure in your golf cart’s tires. If the air pressure in it is too much, this could cause it to bounce.

When you are inflating the tires, you need to be aware of the pressure that is required in the tires. Ensure the air pressure level is not below or above the recommended number.

Below are some of the common causes of the golf cart bouncing around while driving.


Front End Bouncing on Golf Cart

One of the most common problems experienced by golf cart owners is the front end bouncing a bit while driving. You can easily differentiate between the bounce of the full cart and the bounce of just the front-end.

The front-end bounces are discernible only when you are making turns. It may even seem like the tires are about to come off loose and fall off.

  1. If this is the issue that you are facing, then get your tires checked. Non-branded tires easily cause problems.

  2. Also, check for the height of your tires as to whether all the tires are of the same height.

  3. The beads in the tires may not be completely seated in the case of new tires and hence may cause the front end to bounce.

  4. You can easily take care of this problem by deflating your front tires until the sidewalls of your cart are about 1/2 the front walls. This should help get the beads seated.

  5. Now, you can inflate your tires back. The bounce should have disappeared.


Rear End Bouncing on Golf Cart

  • If you find the rear tire or the rear-end of your golf cart bouncing, it could either be due to bad tires or the wheel.

  • You can replace one of the tires with a front-end tire and check if the cart is still bouncing.

  • If the cart is still bouncing, you will know that the problem is not with the tire. Instead, the issue could be due to a bent wheel. In this case, you will just have to get the wheel replaced.

If both these cases do not seem to be the cause, then it could be due to the axle or the wheel bearing.

A bad axle could easily cause your tire to shake, therefore making the golf cart bounce.

If the tires are exactly round, it could cause the bounce issues. It would be a good idea to get your tires checked and then see if the problem persists.


Front Tires Bouncing on Golf Cart

Are your front tires bouncy? A lot of people have experienced this and the reason could be very simple. If you do not use your cart much and it stays idle for weeks at a time, it could cause the tires to go out of shape due to the weight of the cart.

When the tires go out of shape, it could cause the bounce while you are driving.

  • Try using it more frequently to prevent this from happening.

  • You can try driving the cart for a few miles to warm up the tires. This will cause them to get back to their original shape and help resolve the issue of the bouncy cart.

  • You can try turning the tires one by one after jacking up your cart. Check if they work fine else the problem lies with your tires and they need to be replaced.


Golf Cart Jerks When Accelerating/Taking Off

Is your golf cart giving out jerks while driving? This could be an issue with the particular cart model or an issue with the batteries.

Every cart has something called an MCOR (Motor Controller Output Regulator). It is part of the pedal assembly and can be found under the foot pedal. By removing the floor mat, you can access the foot pedal assembly unit.

In the case of some models, an adaptor or a resistor may be required to be installed. This should help solve the issue of the jerky vehicle.

  • Another common reason for the vehicle being jerky is due to bad clutches.

  • If the clutch is bad, you could experience some jerking movement during the start or stopping stage of the golf cart.

  • Consider getting the clutch checked and possibly replaced if any issues are there. This should help resolve the problem of the cart jerking when accelerating or taking off.


Electric Golf Cart Jerks When Starting

Electric carts can also cause trouble. One of the common problems is the vehicle jerks while starting.

The most common reason why are golf cart jerks could be that the water has entered some of the components.


  1. There are a sensor and a micro-switch under the driver’s side floor mat. If water enters these components, especially the switch, it could cause the cart to jerk while starting.

  2. You need to wait until it dries out completely before you try to start the cart again. This should resolve the issue.

  3. Sometimes, the Inductive Throttle Sensor (ITS) could go out of alignment. In such cases, you will have to use an ohmmeter to calibrate the readings and make the necessary adjustments.

Any technical manual of your cart model will have details about the various parts. You can either use them to recalibrate it or take your cart to a service center. They can easily fix it for you.


Electric Golf Cart Jerks and Won’t Move

Some people have also had problems with their electric golf carts which jerks when accelerated but refuses to move. It is not very common but could occur occasionally.

  1. You need to check the voltage readings in the solenoid to see if they are within the range specified in the users-manual.
  2. If the voltate is not with the normal range, then the problem is with the solenoid; which needs to be replaced.

In some cases, the onboard computer built into the electric cart could fail. This can result in the cart jerking but not moving.

You can easily test if this is the issue by doing the following:

  1. Locate the yellow wire attached to the solenoid.
  2. Attach a jumper wire with alligator clips to this end of the solenoid.
  3. Locate the motor controller and attach the other end of the wire to the B-ve terminal. Now try starting the vehicle and try to move it a small distance.
  4. If the vehicle moves, then the issue is with the on-board computer and you need to replace it.


Gas Golf Cart Jerks When Starting

If you have a gas golf cart, then maybe you may have faced this issue where the cart jerks violently while starting. Well, the issue could be related to the clutch.

The primary clutch weights could be broken, which might be causing the jerks. It would be a good idea to get your clutch checked to help resolve the problem.

  • Another cause of this issue could be the accumulation of dirt or dust particles in the clutch.

  • You can test this by trying to transition to different modes and if it is smooth, there is no problem with the clutch else you might have to clean out the clutch.

  • You can take it out and clean it to ensure that the cart doesn’t jerk when you start it.


Golf Cart Wobbles When Driving

Some people face this issue where the golf cart starts wobbling a bit during the ride. Are you one of them? Well, fret not! I’ll help you fix this issue easily.

One of the common causes of a wobbling golf cart could be that the tire is not fully round. Driving the cart for some time can make the tire restore it’s shape to it’s original condition.

Another reason why a golf cart may wobble could be that the tire may not be fully seated in the wheel.

  1. Check whether the tire is properly seated and also check for proper wheel alignment.
  2. Sometimes if the wheel alignment is not proper, it could make the cart wobble.
  3. The lug nuts and hubs in the wheel could also cause this problem.
  4. If one of the hubs is missing or bent at an odd angle, the cart could wobble.
  5. The lug nuts can go missing very easily.
  6. Ensure that all the lug nuts are in place, if not then replace the missing ones. It should solve your issue.


Golf Cart Wheels Wobbling

Golf carts might wobble if you are driving on uneven roads. Is it normal for it to wobble when you are driving on smooth roads? Well, read on to find learn more.

  • If you have 8-inch tires, then it is a common occurrence to see the wheels wobbling. If you want to stop this wobbling, then you might have to replace the tires to a bigger size.

  • Another common explanation might be that the axle in the wheels might be bent at an odd angle. Check if all the axles are in proper shape. If not, replace them and the problem will be solved.

  • Also,I recommend checking to see if the tires are fully round or have some a flattened surface due to disuse. Tires that are not fully round can also cause this issue of wobbling.

If you notice that the cart wobbles after you have installed a new set of tires, check to ensure that the tires are correctly placed and installed.


Front End Wobbles

If your golf cart’s front-end wobbles while driving, it could be due to the tires or it could be due to other reasons. 

A good idea is to check the steering wheel components for this kind of trouble. There will be a kingpin and an axle connected to the steering.

Sometimes if these parts are not connected properly or are worn out, it might cause the cart to clank and wobble. Check out if the kingpin bushings need to be replaced and if so, it will solve the issue of a wobbly front end.

The substitute parts can be obtained online at reasonable prices. If you know how to use the instruction manual that came with the cart and install these parts yourself, then you can do it at home.

There are numerous service centers that can help install these parts for your cart in case you are not confident of installing them yourself.


Golf Cart Wobbles When Going at High Speed

Does your cart swerve at high speed? Do you find it hard to control the steering when the cart is moving at its top speed?

One of the common reasons why a golf cart wobbles when riding it at high speed could be that the springs in the cart may have gotten soft.


  • Consider replacing the springs with harder ones. This could help solve the issue of the cart wobbling at high speed.

  • You could try using a steering stabilizer to help control the wobbling at top speeds. In general, golf carts cannot go beyond a certain speed limit.

  • If you have manually changed the gear, then you can add 10 miles to the speed limit. So, if you have made some modifications to the cart, then try installing a steering stabilizer as well.

  • It should to help control the wobbling when you are driving at top speed. If the issue persists, it would be a good idea to get it checked by a service center professional.

Experiencing other problems with your golf cart?


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