Why Your Golf Cart Won’t Reverse / Goes Faster in Reverse

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How Reverse Works on a Gas Golf Cart

How does reverse work on a golf cart? Golf carts have a button or lever that allows you to switch between forward and reverse gears. The reverse switch is found below the driver’s seat, and can be activated by pulling the handle left or right. Once pulled, the golf cart will start moving in reverse.

Golf carts are based on electric motors. They are explicitly designed to be eco-friendly as they do not run on gasoline that would release toxins into the environment. There is no considerable difference between the mechanics of cars and golf carts.

You can quickly learn to maneuver a golf cart, but there are a few rules that you would want to remember while doing so.

Remember that your Golf cart will not start unless you push down on the brake.


  1. After placing the key in the ignition, get the cart turned to ‘on’ position. Since the golf cart does not run on motor machinery so you can get it going with a gentle turn of your wrist, you must not wait for any sounds to be sure that your golf cart is running, just ensure that ignition is turned to ‘on’ position.

  2. As a precautionary measure, it is always good to put on your seat belt even though golf carts do not go up to a very high speed.

  3. Next up, you need to get your golf cart in gear that can either be ‘forward’ or ‘backward.’ This may, however, vary from cart to cart. Make sure that you lock the lever before proceeding any further.

  4. Get the brake out of its locked position by slightly pressing the gas pedal. You can hear a slight pop when doing so. You might have a sudden jolt since golf carts start working at their full power, so be prepared for that.

  5. Since golf carts are light and small in size, they carry a high possibility of easily toppling over. So, make sure you keep you speed minimum, especially when turning. Don’t forget to grip on the steering wheel with both your hands. This might need a little more effort in contrast to the normal cars.

  6. After finishing off, lock the brake by firmly pushing on it. The keys should be removed after you get done with your ride and the cart is not in use.

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Why Golf Cart Won’t Go Forward or Backward

There might be several reasons why a golf cart won’t move in forward or reverse. The most likely reason is incorrect wiring or a faulty accelerator.  

If you’re mechanically experienced, you can attempt to use the tips below to fix the problem yourself. I have outlined the most likely causes and steps to fix this below:

  1. One possible cause of a cart not moving forward or in reverse is because of the way the wires are hooked in reverse. To fix this, you should switch the position of both the wires that are leading to the motor.

  2. If the golf cart is not rolling across freely, there might be an issue with the brakes. Inspect the brakes and rear ends and check out for any seizing up.

  3. There can also be an issue with the controller. Make sure that you have new batteries inserted in the golf cart and that they are not drained. There may be a loose connection of the battery wires, so you make sure they are tight as well.

  4. Another reason that can cause this issue is the accelerator. It might not be functioning perfectly. Old accelerators come with contactors that can be worn out so replace them with new accelerators as they contain potentiometers for controlling speed.


How to Fix a Golf Cart That Won’t Go in Reverse

The reverse switch can be the reason for preventing the golf cart from moving in reverse. It might have lost contact, and the connection would have been disrupted.

  1. Switch the wires in place from the reverse switch to ensure that the issue is due to the switch.

  2. The micro-switch on the passenger side can also cause trouble. Try bending the prong below the tip of the switch from the lower side. This would push it further into the housing of the switch. The forward and reverse contacts can also be burnt sometimes.

  3. Check for any burnt contacts since the switch controls both the forward and reverse. Try moving the switch back and forth to get it working. If not, then the issue is mainly within the switch. Check the wiring carefully to make sure that all the wires are in place.

  4. The cables can also be worn out if used over a long period of time, so it is better to get them replaced to get your golf cart working in reverse. Pull out the switch plate and see if there is any debris deposited on the spade connections. If the connections are dirty, you need to clean them


Golf cart only goes in reverse

If your golf cart is only moving in reverse, there could be an issue with the contacts in the forward and reverse switch.

This can be checked by swapping the two wires present in the swivel terminals in the center.

  1. The micro-switch present at the FR knob might be preventing the golf cart from going in the forward direction, so it is ideal to get them replaced.

  2. The controller can be another cause of this trouble. If the micro-switch is in perfect state, check the controller.

  3. Often the plug between the controller can get wet, and this would keep the golf cart going in reverse only. Get it dried out and see if it gets your golf cart working in the forward direction. Often, the plug stays wet when the cart is washed, so make sure you dry it out properly.

  4. The forward and reverse switch is controlled by a single solenoid. There are two types of switch with a lever; electrical and mechanical. The mechanical switch should be replaced, and the electrical switch can be fixed by getting the controller replaced.


How to Fix Ezgo Golf Cart Reverse Not Working

If the ezgo golf cart is not going in reverse, the reverse micros might be out of order since they control the cart and the direction it goes in; forward or reverse. If this is so, then get them replaced.

If you find an issue with the controller, do not try fixing it yourself as it might damage your cart further.

Get the controller replaced with a new one. You can try the Alltrax 300 amp as it is a good option with value for money. You can also get remade controllers from a local ezgo dealer if you do not want to buy a new one.


Steps to Fix Reverse Not Working on EzyGo Golf Cart:

  1. First, get the forward and reverse switch in a neutral state.

  2. This is followed by disconnecting the micro switches, both forward and reverse. Use an ohmmeter to check the micro switches as you move them in forward and reverse position.

  3. If the switches are working perfectly, put them in back in place. Otherwise, get the defective ones replaced. Now, try interchanging the black and white wires.

  4. If the cart is now only moving in reverse, there is an issue with the controller that you need to get fixed.


The forward micro switch is what engages the activation circuit. So, when getting the cart in reverse, make sure that it closes. If the cart continues in the forward direction, then the issue is with the micro switch and not the controller that needs to be replaced.

Another commonly found issue can be with the circuits. You can find out which circuit is defected through the solenoid. If it clicks, but the cart doesn’t move when the pedal is pushed, the issue is with the high current circuit. It the solenoid doesn’t click; the trouble can be in the solenoid activation circuit.


How Do Golf Cart Forward Reverse Switches Work?

The power cables establish a connection between the starter generators and forward reverse switch — the cady shift of ezgo costs around $52.

  • Six-gauge cables have been widely used in electrical golf carts and are now being replaced with four-gauge cables.
  • The forward and reverse switch assembly of ezgo costs $33 and the forward and reverse handle costs $21 (USD).
  • The tires of the cart need a high current supply to be activated.
  • As the number of people sitting in the cart increase, the power load also increases.

Without the forward and reverse switches working correctly, the golf cart cannot move at all.


How to Install a Golf Cart Forward Reverse Switch

  1. Before removing the old micro switches, make sure you mark the forward and reverse switches properly, so the new ones get in the right place.

  2. As a precautionary measure, disconnect either the positive or negative terminal first and then get them connected at the end.

  3. After removing the old forward and reverse switches, mount in the new forward and reverse switch and put the right wires in place, one at a time.

  4. Use masking tape to label the cables and their positions.

  5. The last step is placing the large cables to where the labels were placed, and you are good to go.


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