Golf Cart Cuts Out, Dies, Loses Power, Stops (While Driving)

golf cart cuts out and loses power while driving


Why Your Golf Cart Cuts Out While Driving

Have you been experiencing any of the above issues with your golf cart? Some people have experienced these issues where the golf cart works properly at normal speeds, but cuts out when driven at high speeds.

If your golf cart cuts out at high speeds, then you might have to take a look at the internal mechanism to figure out what the issue is.

I will list some common problems which can cause your golf cart to cut out and how to solve them.

One of the common causes for a golf cart to cut out has to do with the speed magnet. There is a magnet associated with the speed sensor.

Sometimes your speed magnet may be broken but will still be clinging on; only being held by the screw. Unfortunately, you may not realize it is broken until you take the mechanism apart.

The speed sensor may not even show any issues. Check if the magnet is broken and if it is, replacing it will help you solve the issue of the golf cart engine cutting out.

If you are replacing your old magnet, you can buy a new high-speed magnet that can help enhance the speed of your cart.

Another reason why golf carts can cut out is due to problems with the battery voltage or water levels.


How to Check Battery Water Levels in a Golf Cart

  1. Check if the voltages in both the batteries are at the designated levels.

  2. Also, if the water in the batteries has dried up, it could cause this issue.

  3. Check for the electrolyte and water levels in the batteries.

  4. Make sure that you are not overcharging or undercharging your batteries as these could also cause your cart to cut out.


How to Check the MCOR

Every cart has a Motor Controller Output Regulator called MCOR. Any issue with the MCOR can easily affect your cart. This MCOR helps in converting your foot motion on the pedal into the necessary impulses to the motor controller unit.

  1. Check whether the MCOR has any issues or is broken.
  2. If that is the case, replace the MCOR and try driving the cart again.
  3. In most cases, step 1 and 2 will resolve the issue.


Check the Solenoid

Sometimes the issue could also be related to the solenoid in the cart. If the MCOR is working correctly, try checking the solenoid. Replacing the solenoid may help resolve the issue.

If all these techniques fail and you are unable to discover the cause of your golf cart continuing to cut out, you should take the cart to a service center.

The service center will be able to easily identify and rectify the issue which causes the cart to cut out.

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Why your Golf Cart Throttle Cuts Out

Sometimes you may find that the golf cart throttle just cuts out when you are driving. This could also happen when you are moving over a bump or a speed breaker.

So, what could be the cause of this? I will help you here, with some simple tips. 

Begin troubleshooting by checking the following components:

  • V-Glide assembly unit
  • MCOR unit
  • Batteries


Assessing the V-Glude Unit

  1. You can start by checking out if the connections to the V-Glide assembly are proper.

  2. You can also verify whether the wires and connections within the V-Glide assembly are not loose.

  3. Any dust or dirt that has managed to get into the assembly could also make the throttle to cut out. Cleaning out the assembly might also be a good idea.

  4. You also need to ensure that the V-Glide parts are lined up perfectly.

  5. After removing the plastic cover, you will be able to notice some copper pads. Sometimes these pads could have become dirty.

  6. Clean the pads thoroughly.

  7. If they are burnt out, you will need to replace them.

  8. Now, remove the starter key and switch off the power. Try flooring the pedal. Notice how the copper pads look.

  9. If they are both aligned at the same level, then it is okay, otherwise, you will need to adjust it to make sure they are aligned.


Assessing the MCOR Unit

  1. Do a speed test to verify if the problem lies with the MCOR accelerator. Another common reason for this problem could be the MCOR unit.

  2. It would be a good idea to check out whether the resistance in the MCOR units is under the normal range to ensure that it is working fine.


Assessing the Batteries

Checking the batteries first before checking out the MCOR or the V-Glide can sometimes save you a lot of trouble and time if the problem is indeed with the battery.

  1. Check the batteries. Sometimes, one or both of the batteries could be dead making the cart cut off.

  2. Ensure that both the batteries are working fine and have enough water and electrolytes.

  3. If the batteries are dead, then replacing them will solve the issue.


How to Fix Golf Cart that Dies while Driving

One of the most common complaints with golf carts is that it dies after driving for some time.

Have you ever experienced this? You may have tried to make it run by getting the choke on. The cart will generally oblige and run for a few minutes before shutting off again.

By letting the engine cool off for a few hours, you may be able to start the cart and make it run for some time. After running the engine for a while, the cart may once again die.


Method #1 – Check Carburetor

If your cart engine dies suddenly, it may be the carburetor causing the issue. Read the following steps to fix it:

  1. The first thing to check would be the carburetor.

  2. Ensure that the carburetor is clean and has no problems.

  3. The fuel lines can also cause the engine to die. Check if the fuel is flowing correctly through the fuel lines. The fuel filter may sometimes need replacing.

  4. Ensure that all these components are thoroughly checked and replaced as and when necessary.

  5. Also, the diaphragm in the fuel pump could be torn or not working properly. It would be a good idea to verify this part also.

  6. Another common cause of this problem could be with the fuel delivery. If there is some issue with the fuel delivery to the engine, the engine may die out suddenly.


 Method #2 – Check Brake hub and Axle

Another reason for the problem could be related to the axle-to-brake connection.

  1. Check if the brake hub and axle spline are properly connected and are working fine. You can test this by removing the cap and trying to floor the pedals.

  2. You will be able to notice which of the axles work and which don’t.

  3. You can replace the ones which are causing the issue and your problem will be solved.

  4. If all these techniques fail, you might have to take your golf cart to the nearest service center. They will be able to figure out the issue and repair it for you.

The above-mentioned techniques usually solve the issue in most of the cases. Be careful when you are handling the batteries or the motor as it could cause burns or injuries if done incorrectly.


How to Fix a Golf Cart that Loses Power Quickly

Sometimes you might have had this happen to your golf cart. You would have charged up your cart fully but after driving it around for an hour or two, the power would have got drained off completely.

If this is a frequent occurrence with your cart, then you will need to take a look at the batteries.

  • Also, you might notice that the batteries charge very quickly. Sometimes batteries may take as little as 2 hours to get fully charged. This doesn’t seem right. Well, the issue could be related to your batteries and their voltages.

  • Try noting down the voltages after charging the batteries and after they power off. If your battery is losing voltage very fast, you will need to replace the batteries.

  • The specific gravity readings of the batteries will also need to be verified. Ensure that all the values are within the specified normal range.

  • If the battery seems to be working fine, then check the charging wires. Sometimes the wires hooked up to the batteries may not be properly connected. Make sure that these wires are connected properly.

  • Similarly, try doing a load test on your batteries. If one of your batteries has gone bad, then they may show the right voltage but will not work.

  • To check if the battery has gone bad or not, do a voltage test with a load. This can help you identify if the battery has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

  • It’s recommended that you also check the water levels in your batteries. The electrolyte levels and the water levels are critical for the batteries to function properly.

  • Another possible explanation for this issue could be that one of the wires or connections may be damaged. If you have recently installed any new part in the golf cart, you could have made some misconnections.

  • Some components may have fused out. If the cart starts powering off after a new installation, then you will know that the issue is caused due to errors with the installation.

  • Check all the connections and related components to ensure that all the parts are working fine. This may help you to resolve the issue although most of the times the issue will be related to the batteries.


Golf Cart Stops While Driving

Does your cart stop suddenly while driving and give out beep sounds? Well, you may not be the only one experiencing this. A lot of people have reported that they have experienced their carts stopping suddenly and giving out beeps.

In some cases, the carts have started running again after the beep sounds stop. Compared to all the other faults in the cart, this could be potentially the most dangerous.

Imagine driving on the road and the cart suddenly stops. It looks like a recipe for an accident.

You must take this problem seriously and try to rectify it as soon as possible.


Method #1 – Run Diagnostic Mode

  1. Try running the cart in the diagnostic mode.

  2. Move the run/tow button to run position.

  3. Now, try switching the FNR switch between reverse and neutral 5 times in a row. This will help you identify the issue.

  4. Every cart has a set of fault codes. The manual will have the list of beeps and their respective fault codes. The first beep sound will indicate the performance factor.

  5. The second set of beep sounds will indicate the fault code.

  6. Take note of the beep sounds and look up the manual to see what the problem is, signified by the beeps.


Other Recommendations

  • The golf cart speed sensor could also be responsible for sudden stops, followed by beeps. You can take a look at the speed sensor and figure out if any of the wirings have come loose.

  • Also, take a look at the solenoid connections. If the connections from the solenoid have become loose or if there is some other loose contact, the cart might behave in this manner. It can also be caused by a faulty motor or a faulty key switch.

  • If the micro-switch is faulty, it can also cause the cart to suddenly stop midway.

  • Check if the carburetor brushes are fine. Some people have had trouble with the brushes and once they were replaced, the cart would work fine.

  • This issue could mainly be related to the battery or the switches. Identifying the faulty component and troubleshooting may take some time. Replacing the problematic part can help solve the issue.

  • If the problem persists, then you might have to take the help of a service center professional.

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