5 Iron; Distance, Loft, Length (5 Iron Vs 5 Hybrid) + Chart

5 iron golf club


What is a 5 Iron

The 5 iron is a type of mid-range golf club which has an iron metal club head. Although the 5 iron falls into the mid-iron range, the exact distance depends on the specific club, type of player, and the course.


5 Iron Golf Club Specs

Used forOn the fairway and rough
Distance160 yards
Equivalent Club11 wood


What a 5 Iron Used For

5 Irons are primarily used from the fairway and rough. The 5-iron golf club can also be used on hillier surfaces on the course, so that the player does not hit a low rise shot.

Low rise is a considerable risk while using long irons. Therefore mind-irons have the upper hand in this aspect.


Advantages of a 5 Iron:

  • More control with this club due to increased thickness of the face
  • Great for fairway and rough and very hilly areas
  • Reduces the occurrence of low-rise shots
  • Mid-irons such as the 5 iron can achieve a distance of 130 to 210 yards

Disadvantages of a 5 Iron

  • Not suitable in very thick rough


What Degree is a 5 Iron

The degree of a club signifies the loft angle of the club, which is the angle the face makes with the shaft. Typically, a 5-iron golf club will have a 28-degree loft angle.

Golf clubs with significantly lower loft than the 5 iron are the 2 and 3 irons, while the 4-iron has a slightly lower loft value at 25.

A reduction in the loft angle of a club means that the ball will travel slightly farther. This extra distance traveled is known as “creep”.


What Hybrid Replaces a 5 Iron

A 5 iron golf club is best replaced with a 24-27 degree hybrid.

If you’re searching for a suitable hybrid, rest assured that most manufacturers will label the hybrid golf club with the corresponding iron club number you can replace.

Usually, the player who can swing at 90 miles per hour will be able to hit the ball with a 24-degree hybrid about 175 yards.

The same player can also hit the ball almost 160 yards with a 27-degree hybrid.


Tips to Replace a 5 Iron Golf Club

  1. Choose a hybrid that you can hit at nearly the same distance as the 5 iron.
  2. Aim for choosing a hybrid that offers more consistency.
  3. Look for the label on the hybrid that tells you which iron golf club it matches with.


Why Can’t I Hit my 5 Iron?

There are a few reasons why you may not able to hit your 5-iron golf club effectively.

 Here are some common mistakes you could be making that are hindering your ability to hit a 5-iron properly:

  1. You may not have the proper grip. It is crucial to master the standard interlocking grip for a 5-iron.
  2. You need a proper stance. Make sure never to keep the ball in the center of your stance; rather, it should be closer to the left foot.
  3. You might be struggling with clubface at impact. Make sure to learn how to achieve a proper loft and suitable flight path.
  4. You might not be able to maintain enough momentum for a proper swing. For this, you’ll need to complete full hip rotation along with the following procedure all the way with your hands.


How to Hit a 5 Iron

Hitting a 5-iron can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be sure to complete perfect shots from almost anywhere on the course.

Learning how to hit a 5-iron can be a great advantage to your game.

How to hit a 5 iron golf club more effectively:

  1. Start by warming up with a few practice shots such as punch shots.
  2. Choose a reasonable target that is far away from hazards, so that you have a margin for error.
  3. Decide on shot shape for the 5-iron, preferably something that comes naturally to you.
  4. Hold a steady stance with the ball closer to your left foot.
  5. Keep your head still while you complete the backswing.
  6. Remain confident throughout the shot.
  7. Make sure you follow through with full hip rotation and consistent momentum.


5 Iron from the Tee

Although the 5-iron is good at performing those long shots, it is better to keep this golf club for the tee shots for 3-par holes. Make sure the distance is right before carrying out shots off the tee.


5 Iron from the Fairway

Usually, golfers aren’t keen on hitting with the 5-iron on the fairway. You would need an impeccable swing and neat strike to pull off a suitable shot on the fairway with a 5-iron. Even if you’re slightly off with the accuracy, you might end up with poor results.


How Far Should a 5 Iron Go

How far the 5-iron golf club hits the ball varies depending on gender and the type of player. Three main categories of players are:

  • short hitters
  • mid hitters
  • long hitters

With the 5-iron, a male short-hitter can achieve 140 yards, while a female in the same range can achieve 80 yards.

Similarly, mid hitter males can hit the ball 160 yards, and mid- hitter females can achieve 110 yards.

Long hitter male golfers should hit a 5 iron 180-yards, while females should hit up to 140 yards.

These distances are simply average values for each golfer type.

The range you can hit will also depend on what golf ball you use, your swing speed, and conditions during play. The following tips can considerably improve your game with a 5-iron:

  1. Just as with any other golf club, keep practicing hitting with the 5-iron.
  2. Remember that a longer swing does not necessarily mean a longer hitting distance.
  3. Remain confident and keep in mind the essentials of hitting a 5-iron.


How Far Should you Hit a 5 Iron

The average distance men should hit a golf ball using a 5 iron is 160 yards. The average women should hit a 5 iron 140 yards.

However, lengths for the average player will vary of course. You must learn about your golf yardages and your potential for carrying out shots with the 5-iron golf club.

Once you start playing, you will get the hang of the 5-iron and will soon come to know the maximum yardage you can achieve from this golf club.

As you advance and build your skills, your yardage is likely to change. While practicing hitting far with the 5-iron, you should simply make sure you hit straight and far from hazards.


Is a 5 Hybrid the Same as a 5 Iron?

No they’re not the same. There are a few differences between a 5 iron and 5 hybrid. Although the 5-hybrid is meant to replace the 5-iron, golfers can hit the ball farther with a hybrid than with an iron.

This means a 5-hybrid has a longer distance range than a 5-iron. Furthermore, most golfers I come across, say that they find their 5-hybrid to be more accurate than a 5-iron.

Hybrid golf clubs also exhibit a better center of gravity than their iron counterparts, which means that you can expect a higher trajectory.

The hybrid golf club has a significant advantage over the iron-type; however, it is essential that you learn the proper technique for the 5-hybrid golf club.

 If you’re not handling the 5-hybrid correctly, it is better to stick with a 5-iron that you are more skilled at using.


What is the Standard Length of a 5 Iron

The standard length of a 5-iron golf club is 37.5 inches with steel shafts, and 38 inches with a Graphite shaft.

These lengths are for men, and the standard lengths for women are an inch shorter than the specifications for men. It is crucial to choose an appropriate length to ensure you get the maximum potential from your golf club. Here’s how to choose the best golf club for you:

  1. First, stand upright with your arms at your sides.
  2. Measure the length from your wrists to floor.
  3. Use your wrist-to-floor length and your height to pinpoint a suitable club length from a recommendation chart. 


Average 5 Iron Distance

The average distance a male golfer can hit a 5 Iron golf club is 160 yards. A female can hit a 5 Iron 140 yards. Professional golfers are known to hit 195 to 205 yards with a 5 iron.

The value of average carry per club for professional golfer hitting with a 5-iron is 181 yards. The average range for LPGA players with the 5-iron golf club is 170 yards.


What is the Degree of Loft on a 5 Iron

The 5-iron has a loft of 27 to 28 degrees.

There is no exact value of degree loft for each type of iron golf club. Measurements of loft angles keep changing throughout the years with new advancements and experiments.

Loft values directly affect the distance you can achieve with the golf club, so it is important to have a desirable loft degree.

It is not uncommon for golfers to struggle with achieving the correct trajectory, and trajectory is directly affected by the loft angle.

 To fix this problem and deliver the most suitable degree loft, it is important to keep in mind impact position and follow these necessary tips:

  1. Always position the ball properly between your stance.
  2. Try tilting your spine a little bit away from your target and keep your head behind the ball.
  3. Achieve a high finish after each full swing.


How to Hit a 5 Iron Off the Tee

Hitting a 5-iron off the tee might seem challenging at first, but when you follow these simple steps, you can master the shot in no time:

  1. Make sure you don’t set the ball too forward
  2. Make sure you’re not changing your swing
  3. Hit the 5-iron well off the ground
  4. Don’t hit the ball too hard
  5. Don’t hurry the shot

What Wood Replaces a 5 Iron

A 11 wood club is the best replacement for a 5-iron golf club. Both golf clubs will give you nearly the same speed and distance. The 11 wood offers a 30-degree loft which is 2 to 3 degrees higher than the 5 iron golf club.


5 Iron Vs 5 Hybrid

There are considerable differences between the 5-iron and 5-hybrid golf clubs. The 5-iron is more versatile than the 5-hybrids. You can easily get those low shots from under trees and branches.

On the other hand, a 5-hybrid has the ability to throw the ball higher into the air, and it offers slightly better control.

So, using a 5-iron or 5-hybrid depends entirely on the type of course and greenery you most typically deal with.

Generally, a 5 iron is better for longer distances while a 5 hybrid is more suitable for shorter distances.


5 Iron Vs 5 Wood

Both the 5-iron and 5-wood golf clubs are great for using off the tee or the ground. However, they vary greatly when it comes to loft degree and distance.

The 5-iron has a loft of 27 degrees, while the 5 wood offers a much lower loft degree of 18 degrees. The 5-wood also gives a much higher yard distance than the 5-iron golf club.

A 5 Wood is the better choice for longer shots with more accuracy. A 5 wood is also better than a 5 iron for hitting from the fairway.


5 Iron Vs 7 Wood

The 5-iron is in a whole different class  from the 7-wood golf club. It is mainly because of the differences in trajectory, and the design of both clubs.

The 7-wood golf club is versatile and highly consistent as compared to the 5-iron golf club.

With a 7-wood, however, you need to be sure not to swing too hard, unlike with a 5-iron golf club that can tackle various types of approaches.

A 7 wood offers a lower loft than the 5-iron, at 21 degrees and around the same average carry distance.

Therefore, if you are looking for more consistency, then the 7-wood is an excellent choice, but the 5-iron is a more solid, durable golf club.


5 Iron Vs 7 Iron

Although both golf clubs fall into the mid-range, a 7-iron golf club, when compared to the 5-iron, will give you a lower ball speed, lower club speed, and a smaller carry. However, with the 7-iron you can achieve more height with each hit.

You also have a higher launch angle with the 7-iron, which can suit you depending on your requirements and style.

The 5-iron will definitely be easier to hit than the 7-iron for most players. This is because the 7-iron has a longer shaft length and higher loft value.


5 Iron Vs 9 Iron

When compared to a 5-iron, a 9-iron will give you a much lower club speed, lower ball speed, less carry distance, but a slightly higher height. A much shorter range is expected from the 9-iron since with each increase in iron number, you’ll get shorter shots.

With a 9-iron, you can expect to hit anywhere from 80 to 90 yards for a beginner and 125 to 135 yards for an average player.

The 9-iron will also roll less after hitting the ground because of the steeper trajectory. Therefore, you should use a 9-iron if you’re looking for slower, more precise shots on the course.

A 9-iron will usually be more comfortable to control and hit as compared to the 5-iron.


5 Iron Vs 4 Hybrid

A 5-iron club will most likely offer a similar carry distance to a 4 hybrid. However, the 4-hybrid can give players more confident shots with gentle landings. A 4 hybrid also allows the golfer to carry out shorter shots.

A 4-hybrid golf club has a lower loft degree than the 5-iron, which means that you can expect a slightly longer distance. The hybrid will give you similar swing mechanics as the 5-iron, but you can expect overall better performance.


5 Iron Vs 9 Wood

The 9 Wood typically has a loft angle of 23 to 26 degrees, whereas a 5 iron golf club has a 27 to 28-degree loft angle.

Using the 9 wood golf club from the rough might be a better option than using a 5 iron if you’re comfortable with a wood golf club.

 Usually, golfers would prefer a 9 wood over a 5 iron because it might be easier to it, offering a cleaner shot.

A 9 wood is generally matched with a 4 iron golf club, rather than a 5 iron golf club due to both clubs having the same loft angle.


5 Iron Vs Driver

The distance of a golf driver depends highly upon the type of player using it, but on an average will give you a distance of 190 to 205 yards.

For PGA professionals, this yard range is from 280 to 320 while for LPGA professionals, the average yard range is from 230 to 270. The driver golf club has the lowest possible loft values ranging from 8 to 13 degrees.

Compared to a 5 iron, a driver golf club will give you much higher club speed, higher ball speed, lower land and launch angles, and a maximum height of 32 yards.

The average maximum height is only a yard more than that of the 5-iron golf club; however, speeds and distances are considerably higher.

When opting for long, steady shots, the driver is your best bet over the 5-iron golf club.

On the other hand, the 5-iron golf club will give you more versatility with your shots.

The driver is the most indispensable part of the golfer’s collection, and it allows you to master the shots off the tee effortlessly.


Alternative to a 5 Iron

Two popular alternatives to iron golf clubs are wood clubs and hybrids. Ideally, you’d expect a 5-wood golf club to replace a 5-iron golf club, however, with a lower wood golf club number you would achieve a yard range closer to the 5-iron.

There are a few signs to look out for if you suspect you need to find an alternative to your 5-iron. For example, if you are not feeling confident with the 5-iron, or if you are struggling with shots, it might be time for another golf club type.

If you are looking to replace your 5-iron with a hybrid golf club, you will most likely need a 5-number hybrid as well. However, you must check if you can achieve the same range with the alternative wood or hybrid to make sure you maintain consistency in your game.


5 Iron Carry Distance

It’s widely known that the top rule of determining golf club distances is that a smaller gold club number will hit longer than a higher golf club number. The carry distance tells us how far the golf club can hit the ball.

The PGA tour average statistics determined that the 5-iron golf club can achieve a carry distance of 195 yards while the LPGA tour average statistics showed a carry distance of 161 yards.

On similar lines, the PGA tour average statistics show that the 5-iron achieves a maximum height of 31 yards.

LGPA tour average statistics depict the average maximum height to be 23 yards.

These statistics are based on the performance of professional players, so your carry distance will vary.

It’s important that you know how far and high you can hit the ball with your 5-iron gold club. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  1. Carry distance is measured right when the ball hits the ground, not when it rolls.
  2. You can hit ten or more shots in a row to figure out an average golf club distance.
  3. Your carry distance and height will change over time with more practice and improvement in skill.


5 Iron Clubhead Speed

According to PGA tour averages, the average 5-iron swing speed is 94 miles per hour for men. For women, the average 5-iron swing speed is 79 miles per hour.

The 5-iron golf club head is made from steel which means it is heavier than average. This particular clubhead weights almost 257 grams, while a titanium or lighter metal clubhead would weight around 198 grams.

Although the 5-iron clubhead is smaller in size than others, it is heavier in weight which means the swing speed will be slow. Of course, the club speed directly influences the ball speed.

On average, the PGA tour depicts the ball speed to be 132 miles per hour. The LPGA tour averages show that the 5-iron can produce an average club speed of 79 miles per hour and a ball speed of 112 miles per hour.


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