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How much is a 2011 EZGO golf cart worth?

The average cost of an EZGO 2011 TXT golf cart is $3,400. An EZGO RXV 2011 golf cart costs about $3,498.

You can buy a used 2011 EZGO golf cart from retailers like ATV Trader and Dean Team.  


2011 EZGO TXT Specs




Overall Length

93 inches

94.5 inches

Overall Width

47 inches

47 inches

Overall Height

46.5 inches

47.5 inches

Motor Type

Shunt Wound

Single-Cylinder OHC


3 HP

11.5 HP


6, 8 Volt

1, 12 Volt

Dry Weight

253 kilograms

307 kilograms


2011 EZGO models

There are two models of 2011 EZGO golf carts, namely TXT and RXV. EZGO has been manufacturing TXT models since 1996 whereas the RXV models were introduced only in 2008. Both the TXT and RXV models are available in gas, electric and lithium variants. Here are the common features of each of the 2011 models of both the carts.


2011 EZGO golf cart


Features of 2011 EZGO TXT

  • The back seat of the passenger side is connected in this model.
  • There is no plastic bumper in the front. 
  • There is a top with handles in the TXT model of the EZGO golf cart.
  • The serial number is printed on the glove compartment located on the passenger’s side.
  • This model offers a variety of tires and wheel options for the golf cart that enhance the riding and customization experience.
  • Additional rear-facing seats can be fitted so that more passengers (up to four) can ride on the cart. 


Features of 2011 EZGO RXV

  • The seat back of EZGO RXV is joined.
  • There are rounded fenders at the front of the cart. 
  • The front bumper in the RXV version is enlarged. 
  • The plastic roof of this cart is molded and has handles.
  • The serial number is written at three locations of the golf cart: steering column, frame under the splash shield situated on the driver’s side and on the passenger’s side frame rail. 
  • There is a premium dashboard in the new-age RXV golf carts that improves the storage capacity of the cart. 
  • The optional insider bag gives a convenient under-seat storage space in the RXV golf cart.
  • The rear seat can be transformed to add more room for passengers on board. 


2011 EZGO gas golf cart

The 2011 EZGO gas golf cart has a wide array of features that enhances the fuel efficiency of the golf cart. Given below are some of the most important features of the 2011 gas golf cart by EZGO.

  • The 2011 EZGO gas golf cart has a powerful Kawasaki gas engine with a horsepower of 13 HP. 
  • This gas golf cart has a continuously variable transmission mechanism and a rack and pinion steering system that helps the driver exercise maximum control over the movement of the cart.
  • The 2011 EZGO gas golf cart has a foldable windshield to allow the passengers and driver to have a more personalized experience of traveling in the cart. 


2011 EZGO electric golf cart

The 2011 EZGO electric golf cart is one of the best carts in the market. It has some very striking features that make it stand out from other golf carts. Here are some typical features of a 2011 electric golf cart by EZGO.

  • The 2011 EZGO golf cart features an impact-resistant bumper that helps in keeping your cart free from any dent.
  • It possesses the largest golf bag storage system in the industry that enables you to store your golf clubs and bags safely.
  • This 2011 EZGO electric golf cart comes with an optional USB port that you can use to charge your personal electronics while traveling on the cart.
  • There is a foldable windshield in the 2011 EZGO electric golf cart to let the drivers and passengers have a more customized experience riding the golf cart.
  • The AC technology of the EZGO electric golf cart gives a longer running time to the cart so that you can ride the cart for longer distances without worrying about draining the battery. 


2011 EZGO golf cart manuals

Whenever you want to find the location of an accessory in your golf cart, want to look at the wiring diagram of your golf cart or need to check the specifications of the cart, a service manual is the most helpful solution. As the service manuals are written and published by the manufacturing companies, they become the most credible source of finding information about the golf cart. Here are the links to the service manuals of EZGO RXV and TXT golf carts.



2011 EZGO Parts

Name of the Part         

Model Name

Suitable for

Horn switch

1975 and up

EZGO gas and electric


2010 and up

EZGO TXT electric

Wrap-around brush guard Enclosure

1994 to 2013

All EZGO gas and electric models

Accelerator cable

1994 and up


Fender flares starter generator

2010 and up

EZGO TXT gas and electric

Brakes F&R micro-switch

2003 and up

All EZGO gas models

Battery strap

2008 and up


Drive/driven clutch mounting washer

2008 and up


Drive belt

1994 to 2013

EZGO gas 4-cycle


2011 EZGO wiring diagram

If you are facing problems in the working of the various accessories, electric and mechanical parts of your golf cart, you may eliminate most of the issues by looking at the wiring diagram. In addition to this, the wiring diagram of your golf cart is extremely beneficial in the troubleshooting process. That’s because you can tick off the parts that are not likely causing the issue just by looking at the wiring diagram of your 2011 EZGO golf cart. So, here is the link to the wiring diagram of your golf cart. 



Common 2011 EZGO RXV/TXT problems

Here are some common problems experienced by the drivers of 2011 EZGO RXV/TXT. 

  • The brakes of the EZGO RXV 2011 become heated after running the cart for only 25 or 30 seconds. 
  • The engine keeps jerking and comes to a halt in the EZGO RXV 2011golf cart.
  • The solenoid is getting stuck at the ON position. As a result, the cart runs without stepping on the accelerator.
  • The power of the EZGO 2011 golf cart engine tends to be less while going up the inclined surface. 
  • The wiring in the golf cart may melt due to the buildup of corrosion or loose connections.
  • The engine of the RXV/ golf cart makes a clicking sound but the cart doesn’t start. 
  • The speed control of the cart is lost. This happens due to a problematic potentiometer. A potentiometer can become faulty because of loose wiring. 


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