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How much is a 2004 EZGO golf cart worth?

A 2004 EZGO golf cart is worth approximately $2,500.

A gas model will cost more than an electric cart because of higher maintenance and operating costs. Online websites like Tidewater Carts and Golf Cart Resource are good reference points to get a fair deal for the cart.


2004 EZGO TXT specs

The following table shows some noteworthy specifications of a 2004 EZGO TXT golf cart.



Seating style

Fixed rear seat with single connected seat back, can seat two people


54-inch top with a handle on the roof


Two horizontal taillights and one lightbar headlight

Bumper and nose cap

No plastic bumper and nose cap in front

Body material



4-cycle 400cc or 4-cycle 295cc Kawasaki engine

(Series and PDS models)

Serial number

On a plate inside the glove compartment on the passenger side


Plastic sweater basket


2004 EZGO golf cart


2004 EZGO models

The list below highlights some key models of the 2004 EZGO golf cart with a couple of details about each of them.

  • EZGO TXT PDS – The term PDS stands for Precision Drive System. This cart incorporates regenerative braking. It has a controller that supports various stages of this type of braking. The F&R switch is housed on the dashboard. The cart renders a maximum speed of 19mph.
  • EZGO TXT Series – This cart is also known as the Fleet TXT and is widely used on golf courses. It does not feature regenerative braking capability. The F&R switch is positioned near the leg. The cart has a maximum speed ranging between 12mph and 14mph.
  • EZGO MPT – The term MPT represents Multi Purpose Truck. This non-lifted cart has a square-shaped nose in front with two headlights. It features a cargo box or bed on its back.

The TXT models are best suited for personal or recreational use. On the other hand, the MPT vehicle is primarily designed for industrial or commercial applications. It resembles a pickup truck in terms of appearance and is a heavy-duty cart.


2004 EZGO gas golf cart

The initial costs as well as the follow-up maintenance and operation costs are higher in the case of a 2004 EZGO gas cart when compared to an electric cart.

A gas cart will travel slower than its electric counterpart but will help you cover a better distance. Ideally, the cart should have a speed lesser than 20mph.

The gas cart is lighter than its electric counterpart by around 200lbs because of its electric charger and smaller batteries. A two-passenger standard golf cart, on average, weighs close to 740lbs.

The following points are worth noting to help you make an informed buying decision if you are planning to check out a used 2004 EZGO gas golf cart.

  • Check out the appearance of the engine of the golf cart. A good engine should be free of burn marks and oil. It should have an overall clean appearance.
  • Do a compression check to determine the condition of the engine. Ideally, the engine must have a compression of close to 150PSI.
  • Ensure that other components like air filters and fuel lines are in good condition. They must be free of debris and dust accumulation. The dirty appearance indicates that the cart has had poor maintenance.
  • Inspect the belts to make sure that they look good and flat without appearing U-shaped. The big belt fitted to the clutch should be loose while the small belt fitted to the starter must be tight.
  • Watch out for an improper alignment by driving straight for a while and taking your hand off the steering wheel. If the cart moves to the right or the left, it needs a front suspension adjustment.


2004 EZGO electric golf cart

A 2004 EZGO electric golf cart is bound to be heavier than the corresponding gas cart because the batteries are heavier. A 48-volt two-seater electric golf cart weighs approximately 920lbs. The maintenance cost is less because it costs lesser to recharge batteries than to buy gasoline.

You must consider the following aspects when opting for a 2004 EZGO electric golf cart.

  • The golf cart is best suited for use on smooth and level surfaces and can be difficult to use on steep slopes or hilly terrains.
  • The electric golf cart renders a quieter or less noisy ride in comparison to a gas cart.
  • The batteries will often have to be charged every day for about six to eight hours. Hence, you will have to invest in an automatic battery charger to avoid overcharging the batteries.
  • The electric cart helps you travel at a decent speed but you will have to compromise on the overall distance.


2004 EZGO golf cart manuals

A 2004 EZGO golf cart usually has three types of manuals. These are the owner’s manual, the repair or service manual and the parts manual.

You can check out EZGO dealers online or websites like Amazon and eBay for a copy of your 2004 EZGO golf cart. Often, they allow you to buy the manual from them in PDF format for a fee ranging between $60 and $100.

Some websites to help you get started with searching for a copy of a manual for your 2004 EZGO golf cart are mentioned below.


2004 EZGO parts

The table below highlights some parts of various 2004 EZGO golf carts.



Resistor assembly

1989 and later EZGO TXT carts without DCS

High speed upgrade chip

2000 and later EZGO PDS TXT carts

Seat bottom hinge plate

1995.5 and up EZGO TXT, 2004 and later EZGO MPT electric and gas carts

Heavy duty Forward/Reverse switch assembly

1994 and up EZGO TXT electric carts

Heavy duty Rear 3-leaf spring kit with sleeves and bushings

1995 to 2013 EZGO TXT electric carts

1996 to 2008 EZGO TXT gas carts

Solenoid relay

1980 to 2010 EZGO TXT electric carts

Scuff guard

1996 to 2013 EZGO TXT gas and electric carts

Driven clutch assembly

1991.5 to 2009 4-cycle EZGO gas carts with twin cylinder Robins engine

Accelerator microswitch

1994.5 to present EZGO TXT electric and gas carts

Pedal box assembly

1994 and later EZGO TXT and MPT electric carts

Clutch ramp button

1981 and later EZGO TXT gas carts


2004 EZGO wiring diagram

A wiring diagram gives you a clear layout and understanding of how the parts of your 2004 EZGO golf cart are connected. The wiring diagram is different for both electric and gas golf carts.

The wiring diagram of an EZGO PDS golf cart is given in the link below.



Common 2004 EZGO problems

The following are some common problems encountered with a 2004 EZGO golf cart:


Electric golf cart

  • Corroded battery connectors and terminals
  • Loose, corroded or faded ignition wire
  • Transmission selector switch not in the correct position


Gas golf cart

  • Burned clutches
  • Blown motors
  • Dirt and dust accumulation in the carburetor


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