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How much is a 2005 EZGO golf cart worth?

A 2005 EZGO golf cart is worth between $2,000 and $2,500.

A key factor that determines the price of the cart is whether it is an electric cart or a gas-operated cart. An electric golf cart is usually cheaper than the gas version by about $200. You can check out online portals like Golf Cart Resource, eBay and Advantage Golf Cars for a good deal.


2005 EZGO TXT specs

The 2005 EZGO TXT electric golf cart features some specs that are worth noting as given below.

2005 EZGO TXT Feature



Powder coating on welded steel

Body finish

Injection molded TPO (Front and Rear)

Overall size

93 x 47 inches (L x W)

Overall height

46.5 inches (no canopy), 67.5 inches (with canopy)

Power source/Electric system

48-volt DC

Motor type

3HP shunt wound

Shock absorber


Seating capacity

Two people


Six 8-volt

Speed controller

250A solid-state


Differential and equipped with helical gears

Braking mechanism

Single point engagement with self-compensation (parking brake)

Rear wheel mechanical drum with self-adjustment (service brake)

Curb weight

935 lbs.

Dry weight

557 lbs.


2005 EZGO golf cart


2005 EZGO models

The 2005 EZGO model golf carts comprise both the gas and electric variants of the golf cart. The key 2005 EZGO models are

  • EZGO TXT Series – The maximum speed of this golf cart varies from 12mph to 14mph and does not support regenerative braking. The F/R switch is placed near the driver’s leg in this cart.
  • EZGO TXT PDS – This cart has a slightly higher speed than that of the Series and renders 19mph top speed. It is equipped with the ability to support regenerative braking. The F/R switch is fitted on the dashboard.
  • EZGO MPT – This cart has multiple variants and is used for heavy-duty tasks. It comes with a cargo bed fitted on its rear. The engine is also very powerful.

Additionally, the EZGO DCS golf cart was available in 2005 as a second-hand golf cart as the manufacturer had stopped the production of this model by 2000. This model incorporates a toggle switch on the cover of its controller. The Freedom and Electric Shuttle 2 + 2 EZGO golf carts are some other less popular 2005 EZGO cart models.


2005 EZGO gas golf cart

The 2005 EZGO gas golf cart requires maintenance similar to that of a car. The cart must be operated using regular unleaded gas to render maximum performance. The gas variant of the EZGO cart has a 10HP to 12HP engine. The cart is more versatile than its electric counterparts and can also be used out of the golf course.

Two major drawbacks associated with the golf cart are in terms of eco-friendliness and noise. The cart generates more noise than an electric golf cart. Also, the toxic emissions are high in a gas-operated golf cart.

You must inspect the engine oil level at regular intervals as part of the maintenance and do a top-up if needed. The oil must also be changed at periodic intervals.

A used 2005 gas golf cart often has several moving parts, which increases the chances of the cart breaking down if it’s not handled with care.

However, with proper maintenance and use, the gas cart can help you cover a better range than an electric cart.


2005 EZGO electric golf cart

The 2005 EZGO electric golf cart is a quieter cart when compared to the gas golf cart. The cart also doesn’t have any toxic emissions that affect or pollute the environment.

The maintenance costs, in the long run, is also lesser when compared to that of a gas golf cart.

The main drawback of the electric golf cart is with respect to the distance covered. Although the cart has a higher speed than the gas counterpart, the overall distance covered is lesser.

A 2005 EZGO electric golf cart with fully charged batteries will cover a lesser distance than a 2005 gas golf cart with a fuel tank full of gasoline from the same manufacturer.

Moreover, the batteries will have to be charged every day. You will have to invest in a battery charger.


2005 EZGO golf cart manuals

You must buy the right manual for your golf cart. Also, keep in mind that the manual is different for both gas and electric golf carts. There are usually three manuals for a golf cart, namely, the parts manual; the service manual and the owner’s manual.

A manual can be handy when you want to purchase a part for your golf cart or want to troubleshoot the cart.

Here are the links to some manuals of 2005 EZGO golf carts.




2005 EZGO parts

The 2005 EZGO gas and electric golf carts have several common parts as well as some distinct parts. Some parts of a 2005 model EZGO golf cart are given in the table highlighted below.



Golf Cart Model

Tune-up kit

1996 to 2005 gas EZGO TXT golf carts

Brake kit

1996 to 2008 gas EZGO TXT golf carts

4-gauge heavy-duty weld cable set

1994.5 and higher electric EZGO PDS golf carts

Front strut set

1996 to 2013 gas and electric EZGO TXT golf carts

36-volt total charge circuit breaker

1975 and up electric EZGO golf carts

Oil drain plug

1975 and up gas EZGO golf carts

White seat back cover

1994 to 2013 electric and gas EZGO TXT golf carts


2002 and up EZGO gas carts

Air filter

1996 to 2005 EZGO TXT gas golf carts

Powerwise 60-amp fuse

1998 and up EZGO electric golf carts


2005 EZGO wiring diagram

The 2005 EZGO wiring diagram helps to understand the overall connection of the different parts of the golf cart. Often, a manual will have the complete wiring diagram of the cart as well as the wiring for individual key parts.


The battery wiring diagram of a 2005 EZGO TXT golf cart is given in the link below.



The link below details the wiring diagram of the Forward/Reverse switch of the EZGO golf cart.



Common 2005 EZGO problems

A few problems encountered by owners of 2005 EZGO golf carts are mentioned in the list below:

  • Brake fails to hold (EZGO TXT)
  • Slows down suddenly (EZGO PDS)
  • Charger not working (EZGO TXT)
  • Solenoid not clicking (electric cart)
  • No cranking (EZGO TXT gas)
  • Spinning sound in the rear
  • Does not go forward or backward
  • Worn-out motor brushes (EZGO TXT)


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