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How much is a 2003 EZGO golf cart worth?

A 2003 EZGO golf cart is worth about $2,000.

The exact price tends to vary depending on the model and whether it is a gas or an electric golf cart. The accessories included also play a key role in determining the price. ATV Trader (https://www.atvtrader.com/) and RM Golf Carts (https://www.rmgolfcarts.com/) are two portals you can check out for used golf carts.


2003 EZGO TXT specs

Some 2003 EZGO TXT gas golf cart specs worth keeping in mind when you check out this cart are mentioned here.



Body and finish

Injection-molded TPO (back and front)


Welded steel with a powder coating


47 x 93 inches (W x L)

Front wheel track

34 inches

Rear wheel track

38.5 inches

Wheel base

66 inches

Valve train

One-cylinder OHV featuring a hemispheric combustion chamber

Power source

4-cycle, 401cc



Electric system

Solid-state regulator, starter/generator

Speed on level ground

13mph (+/-0.5mph)

Oil filter

Spin on


Pressurized oil system

Fuel capacity

20 liters


One 12-volt

Drive train

Continuously variable transmission

Gear selection


Cooling system

Air cooled

Seating capacity

Two people

Rear axle ratio

15.78:1 (rear), 11.42:1 (forward)

Towing capacity

Three EZGO golf carts using approved permanent tow bar


2003 EZGO golf cart


2003 EZGO models

Some popular 2003 EZGO golf cart models are mentioned in the list below.

  • 2003 EZGO TXT Series/Fleet – This golf cart differs from the PDS model by two key aspects. One difference is that there is no regenerative braking. Also, the positioning of the F/R switch is different. It is fitted near the leg position of the driver.
  • 2003 EZGO TXT PDS – This golf cart incorporates a precision drive system and is equipped with a separate motor that allows regenerative braking. The cart also has a programmable controller that makes the maintenance of the engine an easy task.
  • 2003 EZGO TXT Freedom – This golf cart features a steel frame with a powder coating. This coating ensures that the steel doesn’t rust over time.
  • 2003 EZGO Shuttle 2 + 2 – This golf cart can seat three passengers apart from the driver. The electric variant can withstand a total load of 800 lbs. including passengers and cargo.
  • 2003 EZGO Workhorse – This golf cart has a square-shaped front with two headlights. The cart comes with a cargo box or bed at its rear to help with cargo transportation.

The Freedom golf cart is available in Freedom, Freedom SE and Freedom LE variants as well. The TXT carts are best suited for recreational and personal use. On the other hand, the Workhorse, true to its name, is an apt option for industrial and commercial applications.


2003 EZGO gas golf cart

The 2003 EZGO gas golf cart must have a pressure rating of more than 160PSI on both its cylinders when a compression check is done. The difference in pressure between the two cylinders should ideally be 12PSI.

The solenoid must be checked periodically using a voltmeter to determine if there is sufficient flow of electricity from the ignition to the engine of the cart. If the flow isn’t sufficient, it can lead to a weak startup and eventually pave way for a damaged battery. It’s recommended that the solenoid is checked at least once in two months.

The fuel levels must be checked regularly and leaks should be cleaned for the smooth running of the engine. The battery cables have to be connected tightly and replaced if they are in frayed condition. The distributor cap must also be dry always.

The air filter and spark should be checked periodically and changed if needed. The fuel lines have to be inspected for leaks or cracks and fixed.

The pivots of the brake should have free movement while it must be ensured that the springs are clean and well lubricated. The brake drum, shoes and bracket system must be kept clean and wear out uniformly. Squeaking or grinding noises indicate that one or more brake parts need replacement.

Inflate the tires to exactly the desired level. Overinflation can lower their contact with the road, causing less traction and thereby reduced tire life.

On the other hand, underinflation can trigger increased fuel consumption. The tire treading should also be inspected for signs of wearing out to avoid a blowup.


2003 EZGO electric golf cart

The primary aspect to be addressed with respect to a 2003 EZGO electric golf cart is its batteries. Battery problem is one of the most common reasons for engine failure encountered with electric carts. The cart uses deep cycle batteries that need regular tuning and generate a lot of current.

If the electric golf cart is going to be kept unused during the winter, you must charge the battery to the maximum extent and clean it using an anti-corrosive agent. It’s ideal to spray an acid neutralizer over the battery.

During summer, two things to be checked on a priority basis are oil leakage and flat tires. Oil leaks must be cleaned and tires should be inflated as mentioned in the user manual.

You must also pay attention to a few other factors regularly, all through the year. The bushings should be inspected for signs of wear and tear and fitted with new ones when needed. Check the various wire connections and replace frayed wires. Adjust the steering so that it is neither too tight nor too loose.


2003 EZGO manuals

A manual can make it easy for the cart owner to have a clear understanding of how to operate the 2003 EZGO golf cart. The service manual helps to make the troubleshooting process easy while the parts manual can help you identify a replacement part when there is a part failure.


You can download a copy of the owner’s manual for the 2003 EZGO TXT model golf cart at



Some other websites from where you can download the manual are mentioned here.




2003 EZGO parts

This table mentions some parts of the 2003 EZGO golf cart for your reference.




Hose to connect carburetor to filter

1994 and up 295cc EZGO TXT, Medalist gas golf carts

Valve spring retainer with valve collet

1991 and up 4-cycle EZGO gas golf carts

Exhaust valve for MCI engine

2003 and up EZGO gas golf carts

Run/Tow switch

1995 and up EZGO TXT DCS, PDS gas and electric golf carts

Governor bell-crank assembly

1995 and up 4-cycle EZGO gas golf carts

Inner drum washer

1994 and up EZGO gas golf carts

Inductive throttle sensor

1994 to 2013 EZGO Medalist, TXT electric golf carts

Harness for accelerator pedal box

1994 and up EZGO electric golf carts

Pedal box assembly

1994 and up EZGO Fleet electric golf carts

Spindle for driver’s side

2001 and up EZGO TXT electric and gas golf carts

Input shaft retaining ring

1986.5 and up EZGO electric golf carts


2003 EZGO wiring diagram

A wiring diagram makes the troubleshooting process of your 2003 EZGO golf cart easy. The diagram also helps you perform some repairs and replacements on your own.

The wiring diagram for the Forward/Reverse switch of an EZGO TXT Fleet golf cart is given below.



The battery wiring diagram for a 2003 EZGO golf cart is given below.



Common 2003 EZGO TXT problems

Some common problems encountered with a 2003 EZGO TXT are given below:

  • Hard to start when cold (2003 295cc Robin engine EZGO gas cart)
  • Lacks power (2003 EZGO TXT gas cart)
  • Surges at top speed (2003 EZGO gas cart)
  • Runs slowly and finally stops moving (2003 EZGO TXT PDS electric golf cart)


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