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How much is a 2006 EZGO golf cart worth?

The average price of a 2006 EZGO golf cart is about $2,500.

The price of the golf cart depends on whether it’s a gas cart or an electric cart. A gas golf cart is often more expensive than its electric counterpart.

The most popular 2006 model of an EZGO golf cart is the EZGO TXT that is available in both variants. The average prices for these variants are given below.

  • 2006 EZGO TXT gas cart (Gas) – $3,000
  • 2006 EZGO TXT gas cart (Electric) – $2,200

The actual price depends on the private party selling the golf cart. You can check out online resources like Golf Cart Resource and Cars for Sale for a fair price that you will be expected to pay for your cart.


2006 EZGO TXT specs

The table highlighted here mentions the specifications of a 2006 EZGO TXT golf cart.




4-hole column frame made of durable steel

Front underside (edge to edge)

40 inches

Rear underside (edge to edge)

42.5 inches

Sides underside (edge to edge)

54.5 inches


12mph to 14mph (gas)

Engine power and type

9HP, twin-cylinder unit

Electric system


Speed controller

250A solid-state


557 pounds (dry weight), 935 pounds (curb weight)

Rear axle ratio


Load capacity

800 pounds

Front and rear tires

4-ply rated 18 x 8.50


2006 EZGO golf cart


2006 EZGO models

The following table highlights some 2006 EZGO golf cart models and their features.

Golf Cart



·         Comes in electric and gas cart options

·         Economical to upgrade

·         Forward/Reverse switch close to the driver’s legs

·         Transaxle with differential gears

·         Pedal start functionality

·         Handles on top roof

·         One-piece connected seat with a seating capacity of two people

·         Front and rear suspension with leaf springs. Front suspension additionally has shock absorbers.

·         No plastic bumper in front

·         Serial number on a plate inside the glove compartment on the passenger side.

·         Single point engagement self-compensating parking brake

·         Rear wheel self-adjusting mechanical drum service brake

·         Self-compensating pinion and rack steering system

·         Affordable and not very highly priced

·         Quiet and fast take off

2006 EZGO (PDS)

·         Higher stock speed than the Series cart

·         Utilizes a regenerative motor

·         Has a Run/Tow switch above the controller cover and a Forward/Reverse switch on the dash

·         More expensive than a Series cart

·         Fewer upgrade options supported compared to a Series cart

·         Allows connector to be inserted into the controller for more torque or speed


2006 EZGO gas golf cart

The 2006 EZGO gas golf cart is slightly higher priced than the corresponding electric cart variant. The maintenance and operational costs are also high. This cart has a number of moving parts. Some of these parts include filters, spark plugs and drive belts. A gas golf cart makes use of deep cycle batteries.

The top speed of a gas golf cart is only around 19mph. This cart can get quite noisy over time without proper maintenance and the comfort level is also not very high. However, it covers a decent range which makes it ideal for long trips.

The tips given below can guide you in troubleshooting your 2006 EZGO gas golf cart.

  • Check the oil level in the golf cart every week. If it’s below the desired level, top it up with good quality oil such as 10W-30.
  • Change the filter once in five to ten years depending on how extensively the cart is used and clean it periodically to keep it free of debris.
  • Inspect the engine for signs of oil leak due to a defective oil seal and do a replacement.
  • Check the valve clearance on the cart’s motor and do an adjustment if needed.
  • Inspect the generator, starter and motor belts for wearing out signs and change them if they are damaged.
  • Watch out for signs of wear and tear of the spark plug, starter/generator brushes and air filter and get new ones fitted. Clean them thoroughly only if they are dirty.
  • Check the engine compression and timing if the cart appears to run rough and do the required adjustment for smooth running.
  • Check the brake parts like brake pads, shoes, cables and drums for proper functioning and do the required adjustments if needed.


2006 EZGO electric golf cart

The 2006 EZGO electric golf cart is not very expensive. The maintenance and the operation costs are also not on the higher side. The cart has a higher speed than the gas cart but the overall distance covered is lesser. It offers a comfortable ride and noiseless operation. The tires must be pumped with air as soon as they run low on pressure.

The batteries of the golf cart are the key source for almost all its problems. Hence, it’s essential to charge, clean and maintain the batteries properly. The following points can serve as a checklist for ensuring the good life of your cart batteries.

  • Recharge the batteries after each use of your golf cart. Make sure that you do this in a well-ventilated area.
  • Check the charger connections as well as battery terminals for wire fraying, dirt and debris. Replace frayed wires and clean the accumulated, corrosion, dirt and debris.
  • Ensure that the connector of the charger is well connected to the receptacle.
  • Check the battery water level and make sure that it is above the lead plates by just half an inch. Use only distilled water.
  • Replace all the batteries in the battery pack even if it’s time to change only one or two of them.


2006 EZGO golf cart manuals

The 2006 EZGO golf cart comes with a manual that helps you understand how your cart works and troubleshoot any issue that you are likely to encounter with the same. It’s a good idea to always keep a copy of the manual in your cart or in a place that is easily accessible.

If you’ve misplaced the manual of your cart, you should consider looking up the manufacturer’s website for a copy. Another option is to check out reliable third-party websites. These websites usually have an uploaded PDF version of the user manual that you can download any number of times you want to for free or for a minimal fee.

The following are some websites that you can consider checking out.


2006 EZGO parts

The table mentioned below gives a list of some parts used in a 2006 EZGO gas or electric golf cart.



4-cycle valve stem seal

1991 and later EZGO gas cart

Drive belt

1994 to 2013 EZGO gas cart

Electric motor

2006 EZGO PDS cart

Brake compensator

1994 and later EZGO electric and gas cart

4-gauge battery cable set

2006 EZGO TXT cart

Leaf spring bushing kit

2006 and later EZGO TXT cart

2-cycle brake drum

1982 and later EZGO cart

6-inch drop spindle lift

1994 and later EZGO TXT gas and electric cart


2006 EZGO wiring diagram

The wiring diagram of your 2006 EZGO golf cart gives you a clear understanding on how the different parts of your cart are connected. This varies for gas and electric carts. There can also be various wiring diagrams for the same cart.

The wiring diagram of a 2006 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart is available in the link given below.



Common 2006 EZGO TXT problems

Some common problems encountered in a 2006 EZGO TXT golf cart are:

  • A sticky key switch preventing cart movement
  • A solenoid that doesn’t click when the key is in ON position
  • Batteries not charging or retaining the charge
  • A defective speed controller causing jerky movement



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