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2008 EZGO golf cart

How much is a 2008 EZGO golf cart worth?

The average price of a 2008 EZGO golf cart is $2,100.

The price of a 2008 EZGO golf cart varies depending on whether it is an electric cart or a gas cart. The gas cart is often more expensive than the electric cart.

The two most popular types of EZGO carts are the TXT and RXV models. The two golf carts are available in both gas and electric variants.

For private party sales to an individual, the approximate prices for these carts are given below.

  • 2008 EZGO RXV (Gas) – USD 2,108.03 to USD 2,607.77
  • 2008 EZGO RXV (Electric) – USD 1,729.93 to USD 2,229.67
  • 2008 EZGO TXT (Gas) – USD 1,960.78 to USD 2,460.52
  • 2008 EZGO TXT (Electric) – USD 1,656.78 to USD 2,156.52

You can check out several websites like RMI golf carts (https://www.rmigolfcarts.com/), Carsforsale (https://www.carsforsale.com/), and Golf Cart Resource (https://golfcartresource.com/) to get a fair price for a golf cart of your choice.


2008 EZGO Specs

The following table gives the specs of a 2008 EZGO RXV electric golf cart.





Welded steel featuring DuraShield epoxy coating

Finish & Body

Injection-molded TPO

Overall width

47 inches

Overall length

94.5 inches

Overall height

68.5 inches

Wheel base

65.7 inches

Rear wheel track

38 inches

Front wheel track

35.5 inches

Ground clearance (at differential)

4.5 inches


401cc 13HPKawasaki

Motor type

48-volt AC

Power source

48-volt DC


4.4HP/3.3kW (Continuous)

Electric system


Battery Charger

48V PowerWise QE, 120VAC, CSA and UL

Batteries (Type/Qty)

12-volt deep cycle, four


Limited slip differential


Motor shaft direct drive

Rear axle ratio


Gear selection

Dash-mounted, forward-neutral-reverse

Seating capacity

Two people

Equipped with the provision for adding an extra rear-facing seat

Curb weight


Weight without batteries


Vehicle load capacity


Forward speed (level ground)

17.5mph to 19.5mph

Outside clearance circle

19.2 feet

Towing capacity

Three EZGO golf carts using a permanent and approved tow bar

Front suspension

Independent A-arm coil over the shock

Rear suspension

Motion leaf springs featuring hydraulic shock absorbers


Double-ended pinion and rack

Parking brake

Automatic electro-magnetic

Service brake

Induction motor

Rear tires

4-ply rated hole-in-one 18×8.50-8

Front tires

4-ply rated hole-in-one 18×8.50-8


2008 EZGO models

The table given below lists 2008 EZGO golf cart models that are available along with some of their features.


Golf Cart



·         54-inch top with handles

·         No plastic bumper on the front

·         Connected seatback

·         Serial number mentioned inside glove compartment

·         Fixed rear seat or plastic sweater basket

·         Horizontal tail-lights and single lightbar headlight


·         Single seatback

·         Large bumper in front and rounded front fenders

·         54-inch plastic molded roof with handles

·         Serial number on the steering column, passenger frame rail on the side at the rear and on the frame below the front splash

·         3-hole charger receptacle

·         Vertical tail-lights and dual headlights

·         Fixed rear seat or plastic sweater basket

EZGO ST (Workhorse)

·         Single seatback

·         ST front cowl in square shape

·         Horizontal tail-lights and dual square-shaped headlights

·         Lifted with minimum 20-inch tires

EZGO MPT (Workhorse)

·         54-inch top with handles

·         Dual headlights

·         Non-lifted

·         Rectangular single seatback

·         Square-shaped front featuring two light holes


2008 EZGO golf cart manuals

It’s advisable to keep a manual of your 2008 EZGO golf cart in an easily accessible place as it can help you troubleshoot and resolve many issues pertaining to your golf cart.

If you don’t have one for your cart, you can look up the manufacturer’s website or any genuine third-party website for the manual.

You can often download the manuals for free as many times as you wish from these websites in PDF format. There are also some websites from where you can download the manual for a nominal fee.

A couple of websites that you can download the manual from for your golf cart are as follows:


2008 EZGO parts

Some key parts of the 2008 EZGO golf cart are given in the table below.

Part Name

Model Name/Number

36/48-volt Solenoid

2008 and up EZGO RXV


2008 and up EZGO RXV

Brake kit

2008 EZGO TXT gas


2008 and up EZGO RXV

Accelerator microswitch

1994.5 and up EZGO Medalist and TXT

48-volt shunt motor

1994 and up EZGO TXT

F&R rocker switch

2000 and up EZGO TXT PDS

Front engine mount bumper

2008 and up EZGO TXT

Fuel shut off valve

2008 and up EZGO TXT/RXV gas

Oil filter

2000 and up EZGO gas

Driven clutch

1991.5-2009 EZGO gas 4-cycle


2008 EZGO wiring diagram

A wiring diagram of your EZGO golf cart can help you gain a clear understanding of the connections in your cart. This can vary among different cart models from the same manufacturer.

The wiring diagram of a 2008 EZGO MPT golf cart is found in the link given below.



The wiring diagram of a 2008 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart is found in the link given below.



The wiring diagram of a 2008 EZGO TXT Series golf cart can be found in this link.



The wiring diagram of a 2008 EZGO gas golf cart can be found in this link.



2008 EZGO fuse location

The fuse in most 2008 EZGO golf carts is housed inside the charging receptacle.

As far as the 2008 EZGO TXT gas golf cart is concerned, this cart comes with inline fuses that are fitted to the key switch using a small wire.

On a 2008 EZGO Freedom RXV golf cart, the fuse panel is located towards the front of the golf cart on the cover of the controller.


Common 2008 EZGO RXV/TXT problems

The 2008 EZGO RXV golf cart is more prone to problems than the TXT cart. The following list highlights some common problems encountered by golfers with their 2008 EZGO golf carts.

  • Occasionally failing batteries despite charging fully
  • Autobrake lockup or solenoid failure
  • Jerking action when the accelerator is pushed and the steering wheel is turned
  • Wheels getting locked frequently
  • Blowing out of headlight fuses
  • Operate with the key in the OFF position
  • Maintenance tow switch not working


2008 EZGO won’t move

The 2008 EZGO RXV may not move because of a failing parking/emergency brake, low battery charge, faulty or out of place connector, or brake disc out of alignment. A defective solenoid, a partially depressed accelerator, or a bad charger receptacle port can also cause this problem.

  • Failing parking/emergency brake
  • Low battery charge
  • Faulty or out of place connector
  • Defective solenoid
  • Partially de-pressed accelerator
  • Bad charger receptacle port
  • Faulty Run/Tow switch


  1. Check if the parking/emergency brake is functioning properly as required and if not, do a replacement. To determine this, put the cart in Tow mode and turn the key to the neutral position. Unplug the parking brake connection and check for a 48-volt connection. If you can see a voltage reading, change the brake.
  2. Check the battery pack voltage. This should be more than 48 volts and ideally between 50 to 51 volts. If you don’t get this reading, check each battery individually for one or more defective batteries that must be changed. You can also consider checking all the battery connections. The battery at the back on the driver’s side post often has a bad connection.
  3. Check for a connector under the cup holder and ensure that it’s in good working condition. If there’s no connector, get one fitted. On the other hand, if it has moved out of place, put it back in position. In case it’s defective, get it changed.
  4. Look out for a defective solenoid and get a new one fitted in place. Key signs of a defective solenoid include the color difference between the main posts, signs of scorching, or black marks.
  5. Check if the accelerator gets released only partially. This could be because of mud, debris, or other such things below the pedal. When this is cleared, the problem is solved.
  6. Inspect the cart for a wet or bad charger receptacle port. This makes the golf cart sense a charging action when it’s actually not happening. A faulty port must be replaced while a wet port should be dried thoroughly.
  7. Check the Run/Tow switch for loose wire connections, damage, or corrosion as these can cause the cart to function in Tow mode. If it’s just loose wires, tightening them should help while damaged or corroded wires call for a replacement.


2008 EZGO won’t go forward or reverse

The 2008 EZGO TXT/RXV won’t go in forward or reverse direction in case of a faulty solenoid, water in the ITS box, loose or burnt cable ends, a defective F/R switch, or a low battery pack voltage.

  • Faulty solenoid
  • Water in the ITS box
  • Loose or burnt cable ends
  • Defective F/R switch
  • Low battery pack voltage


  1. Look out for a defective solenoid due to a high resistance connection inside it. In this case, putting a new solenoid inside it should help.
  2. Check for water inside the ITS box present in front of the driver’s seat and under the floor mat. Open the box, dry it using a hair-dryer and seal it again.
  3. Tug and twist all 26 cable-ends gently to see if any of them are burnt, loose, or corroded. Get such connections corrected.
  4. Inspect the F/R switch for problems such as a short. Replace the switch if you notice the signs of a short.
  5. Check the battery pack voltage. This should ideally be at least 50 volts. If you don’t see this voltage rating, consider checking each battery to see if it has the desired voltage.


2008 EZGO randomly stops

The 2008 EZGO TXT/RXV randomly stops due to a faulty key switch or a defective solenoid.

  1. Look out for a faulty key switch or microswitch due to a loose connection, short, or any other problem. If the connections are loose, you have to tighten them. In case of a short, get the switch replaced.
  2. Check for a defective solenoid by looking for the symptoms mentioned earlier. Replacing the solenoid will get the cart set right again.


2008 EZGO brake problems

Some common 2008 EZGO brake-related problems are given below.

  • Failed brake switch circuit or FET switch
  • Improper brake harness connection
  • Failed brake coil drive and coil driver
  • Internal corrosion
  • Locking up of auto-brake or dragging friction disc
  • Brake cable out of adjustment
  • Defective solenoid
  • Heated up brake resistor


  1. Check for a failed brake switch circuit or failed coil driver due to an open brake switch. This calls for a brake replacement.
  2. Look out for an improperly connected brake or brake harness connection. Get the brake connected properly and ensure that the harness connection is as per the wiring diagram.
  3. Inspect the cart for a dragging friction disc, internal corrosion, or locking up of auto brakes. You will have to go in for new brakes in such instances.
  4. Check the brake cable to ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. Adjust it so that it has the right tension.
  5. Check the solenoid to ensure that it’s functioning properly. If it shows signs of malfunctioning, get it changed at the earliest. You can consider using a heavy-duty solenoid.
  6. Check if the brake resistor is getting heated up too much. Changing the resistor drain unit can help.


2008 EZGO not charging

The 2008 EZGO TXT/RXV often fails to charge because of no battery voltage, a faulty charger, or lack of hydrogen in the batteries. Sometimes, leaving the lights ON for a long time while the cart is parked can also cause the golf cart to not hold a charge.

  • No battery voltage
  • Faulty charger
  • Lack of hydrogen in the battery/batteries
  • Lights ON for a long time


  1. Check the voltage reading of each battery independently using a voltmeter. If any of them fail to show the intended reading, get the battery/batteries changed with those of the same age as well as voltage and amp-hour ratings as the other batteries.
  2. Connect the battery charger to another golf cart and check if it’s functioning properly. If the problem persists, the charger is likely to be defective and must be changed. You can also look for giveaway signs of a faulty charger such as a loud clicking noise, batteries not charging fully, or the charger not stopping the charging process when the batteries are fully charged.
  3. Get the batteries checked to see they have the desired water levels. If not, topping them up accordingly to the desired levels will help.
  4. Charge the two batteries that are connected to the golf cart lights separately with a 12-volt automatic charger to match the SoC of the remaining park. Once this is done, charge the entire pack fully with the cart charger.


2008 EZGO backfiring

The 2008 EZGO TXT/RXV tends to backfire due to the carburetor not closing fully, throttle cable being out of adjustment, incorrectly adjusted carburetor and governor linkages, or a blocked exhaust or stock filter.

  • Carburetor not closing fully
  • Throttle cable out of adjustment
  • Incorrectly adjusted carburetor and governor linkages
  • Blocked exhaust or stock filter
  • Lean idle mixture
  1. Check if the spring on the throttle closes the carburetor fully when the accelerator is released. If not, you can get a secondary spring fitted.
  2. Check if the throttle cable is out of adjustment and take the necessary action. You can consider removing the cable and loosening the bolt connecting the linkage to the carburetor. Set the idle in such a way that you can start and stop the cart without any problem.
  3. Position the linkage against the idle stop and adjust the governor to the stop where it is idle. Tighten the bolt once again, connect the cable again, and do the required adjustment.
  4. Inspect the throttle linkage on the carburetor butterfly as you release the accelerator with the ignition OFF and ensure that the butterfly moves only after the microswitch clicks. If this doesn’t happen, do the required adjustment to the carburetor and governor linkages.
  5. Check if the exhaust and the stock air filter are blocked and clean them thoroughly. You may need a blower to get them cleared.
  6. Check the idle mixture if it’s running lean. If not, getting this fixed will often resolve the problem.
  7. Adjust the valves to 0.005 or 0.006 inches. This is often needed if you find the engine to be cold.


2008 EZGO solenoid clicks

The solenoid of the 2008 EZGO TXT/RXV clicks primarily because it is defective or because of a faulty speed sensor.

  • Defective solenoid
  • Faulty speed sensor


  1. Check that the battery pack has the desired voltage. Connect a jumper over the big cables present on the solenoid. Press the pedal and see if the motor is getting engaged. If not, you have a faulty solenoid that needs a replacement.
  2. Check if the speed sensor is performing as desired. If not, changing it should help.


2008 EZGO RXV/TXT clicking noise

The clicking noise from a 2008 EZGO RXV/TXT is because of loose bolts, damaged motor bearings, stones stuck in the wheels, dirty input shaft splines, or faulty rear wheel drums.

  • Loose bolts
  • Damaged motor bearings
  • Stone stuck in the wheels
  • Dirty input shaft splines
  • Faulty rear wheel drums


  1. Check all the bolts of the cart to ensure that all of them are well secured and in position. Tighten the bolts that are loose or have moved out of position. You can also consider removing the axles from the springs one by one and the pad as well as the spring on which it rests. After this is done, you can tighten the axles uniformly once again.
  2. Inspect the motor bearings for signs of wear and tear. Getting new ones fitted may help address the problem.
  3. Look out for small stones, sand grits, and the like on the wheels. Removing them will at times, eliminate the clicking noise.
  4. Check if the input shaft splines have become dirty. If so, clean them thoroughly followed by the application of some grease. The accumulated dirt may be the reason for the noise.
  5. Look for signs of wear on the rear wheel drums and get them replaced if needed instead of trying to repair them.


2008 EZGO RXV/TXT beeping noise

The beeping noise from a 2008 EZGO RXV/TXT is due to a clogged microswitch, a bent arm, a damaged brake, or low battery voltage.

  • Clogged microswitch
  • Bent arm of the microswitch
  • Damaged brake
  • Low battery voltage


  1. Check all microswitches and clean those that appear to be clogged. You can also disconnect the wire of the alarm that is connected to the microswitch. If the arm on which the microswitch rests is bent, do a complete replacement.
  2. Look out for a damaged brake as this can trigger a beeping sound. Replace the unit with a standard duty brake.
  3. Check if all the batteries have the required voltage. If any of them have a low voltage, getting those batteries charged properly should do the trick.


2008 EZGO RXV/TXT keeps blowing the fuse

The 2008 EZGO RXV/TXT may blow its fuse for several reasons. Some of the most common causes are loose connections, lesser rating than required, wrong battery connections, a naked wire, or a faulty relay switch or voltage regulator.

  • Loose connections
  • Lesser ratings than required
  • Wrong battery connections
  • Naked or unconnected wire
  • Faulty relay switch or voltage regulator


  1. Check all cable connections to ensure that they are tight and in place. Tighten up loose ones and connect those that have no connections. This is also a good chance to check for melted cables and do the replacement as required.
  2. Change the blown-out fuse with one that has a higher rating as the lower rating could be the reason for blowing up.
  3. Check if the positive and negative battery terminals are connected to the correct posts and correct them if needed.
  4. Check for shorted components and get them replaced instead of trying to set the old ones right.
  5. Check if the voltage regulator has an abnormally high rating and get it changed. The high rating could be because it’s defective, resulting in the fuse blowing up.


2008 EZGO RXV/TXT rear differential oil

The ideal rear differential oil for the 2008 EZGO RXV/TXT is Spicer Dana 30wt oil or equivalent synthetic oil. However, make sure that it is free of detergents. Some golfers also add a little friction modifier in their RXV carts.


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