Yellow Vs White Golf Balls (Best Color for High Visibility)

Colored Golf Balls For High Visibility

Why Are Golf Balls White?

Historically golf balls have always been the color white. Recently, a lot of manufacturers have started coming out with other color options for golfers.

In the 17th century, when golf balls were hand-made and expensive, they’re painted white. This is because white was an easily available color back then. The golf ball also needed to be white as it could be easily spotted amidst the green of the grass.

Neon colors were unheard of back then; hence white was the preferred color of choice.

Chalk pigments were easily available and so it was used to paint the golf balls. This tradition was followed for a long time until quite recently when some manufacturers decided to try out other color choices for the balls.


Yellow Vs White Golf Balls

White golf balls have been in use since the very beginning. However the manufacturing of yellow and multi colored balls are a more recent introduction.

The difference between Yellow and white golf balls is that golfers can see color yellow more easily than the color white. It’s been found that at distances over 250 yards, the human eye can see yellow colored balls more effectively than any other colored golf ball.

Yellow contrasts better against the green color of grass making it easy to track. If you compare both white and yellow golf balls, yellow balls are 3 times easier to track. This can give you the much needed advantage during a high stakes game.


Advantages of Using Yellow Golf Balls

A lot of people often wonder what is so special in using a yellow ball. It’s after all only a different color than the regular white ball. As a matter of fact, there are some advantages of using a yellow ball instead of the regular white one. I will talk about the benefits of yellow balls over white balls.

The advantages of Using Yellow Golf Balls are:

  • Yellow colored golf balls are yellow easier to spot compared to white balls.
  • On a cloudy or overcast day golf ball visibility is severely reduced. Using a yellow colored golf ball will stand out easier and allow you to find your ball quicker.
  • When the ball goes out of bounds, it’s easier to spot the yellow color amidst the green of the grass.


Best Yellow Golf Balls

When choosing your golf ball color, remember that there’s technically no difference in performance between the colors. The only advantage of a yellow golf ball is the increase in visibility and the time you will save being able to find your ball faster.

I feel these advantages are enough to justify buying a yellow ball over your standard white version.

Toady more than ever before, you will find a great selection of high-quality balls designed with yellow finishing.

The following yellow balls are the most highly ranked balls I could find recommended among pro golfers and amateurs:

  • Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow
  • Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow Golf Balls
  • Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6 Golf Balls
  • Callaway HEX Warbird Golf Balls -Pack of 12
  • Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Ball


Why Use Colored Golf Balls?

Technically there are no performance differences between colored balls and white golf balls. You should definitely ignore any false claims about any specific color being able to travel a longer distance than another color.

Colored balls have been launched to offer you improved visibility. These balls are manufactured in bright neon colors which can easily be seen on the fairway.

You can use these balls to add a fun element to your game, or to just increase the visibility levels of your balls.

Using colored balls have been found to bring in a boost of confidence to the player and motivate them psychologically. This can have a positive impact on your overall results

Golf Ball Color Comparison

WhiteExcellent all round color which is ideal for all golfing conditions.Will appear dirtier than other colors.
YellowThe best color choice for a golf ball. 300% easier to see than a white ball. Improved contrast over white.Limited selection on sale.
BlueNoneNot a good color choice as blue will clash with the sky above. Blue golf balls offer poor visibility.
RedGood visibility during the day.Very poor visibility at night. Red will not contrast well with artificial lights either.
OrangeA good color to use during the winter and summer.Visibility is reduced significantly during the fall season.
NeonNeon balls offer great visibility and are becoming more popular.Expect to pay a higher cost for neon balls.

Best Colored Golf Balls for High Visibility

There are a number of colored balls available in the market. It can indeed be confusing as to which one you should choose.

Don’t worry, I have done the research for you and have listed below the best choices for colored golf balls:

  • Volvik Vivid – This has been very highly ranked both in terms of visibility as well as performance.

  • Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis – These balls are known to provide excellent performance metrics for players. The Truvis is available in red and black, as well as yellow and black combinations.

  • Chromax M1x – This ball provides a disco ball style visibility for the golfers.

  • Srixon Z-Star – Pro V1 is a classic ball known for its steady performance. The Srixon is the color variant alternative to the Pro V1.

  • Callaway SuperSoft Multicolor Pack – The SuperSoft Multicolor Pack contains 4 highly visible colors in each pack (turquoise, white, lime, and orange). This particular ball has been found to be ideal for slow swingers.


What Color Golf Ball is Easiest to See?

Golf balls are being manufactured in a wide spectrum of colors. It’s of course the personal preference of the player to select the best color.

White is a perfectly fine color to use which is why it remains the standard choice by golfers.

If you’re looking for the best color option, yellow golf balls are the easiest color to see on the golf course. Yellow is easier to find on a clear sunny day as it contrasts well with details on the course like the grass and sky.

While you may have your own favorite color with respect to golf balls, I recommend you don’t get overly attached to one color.

The general consensus regarding the visibility factor of colored balls is that yellow and neon colors are the easiest to see.


Neon Golf Balls

Neon golf balls are also becoming more popular due to their higher visibility. These balls are being manufactured in bright colors like neon orange, neon green and so on.

What I enjoy about these colors is that they’re much easier to spot on the fairway.

Even after hitting a shot, it’s very easy to spot these balls and track their path. These colors also add a touch of novelty to the game. These bright multi-colored colors and are being increasingly used in tournaments.

The neon golf balls are manufactured with the same gradients and texture as the classic white balls. This ensures that there is no difference in performance.

As a golfer you may enjoy a boost in confidence due to the fact that you can track your ball easier.

If you like to play golf at night I recommend trying some LED golf balls. LED balls are different as these will actually light up in the dark!

For a detailed guide read my LED Golf Balls article.


Blue Golf Ball

Blue golf balls are somewhat used but most people do not prefer this color. While hitting a shot, the blue color of the sky will not contrast well with the blue color of the ball. This clash of colors is likely to create visibility issues for you and hinder your results. This is the main reason why more golfers don’t like blue golf balls.

Even if the sky is overcast, the color blue still doesn’t reflect well. Even though this style of ball is being manufactured, I would avoid buying them at all costs.


Orange Golf Balls

Orange is a shade that will contrast well with both the grass green and the sky blue. This makes orange balls a good choice to play golf with.

You can use orange golf balls during the winter and summer seasons with no problem. Once the fall season begins, you should then switch to other colors such as white or yellow.

The only problem with using an orange ball is that during the fall season and the autumn season, the orange color merges with the orange shade of the trees around. This can cause havoc while trying to track the ball.


Red Golf Balls

Red is definitely not a popular color for a golf ball. Is this color even worth considering? It’s certainly a better choice then blue, but overall I think there are much better colors to choose instead.

There are some benefits to using a red colored ball. Red contrasts well with the green grass and blue sky, which makes the ball easy to see after it lands on the fairway.

If you only play golf during the daytime; red is a perfectly fine option.

However the problem with red balls is once you play with them at night. During dusk, the color red will not be seen at all!

Another disadvantage with using red balls during the night is that artificial lights do not work well with this color. If you’re playing golf at night or in the evening, it would be best to avoid using red golf balls or swap them for another color.


Which Golf Ball Color Should You Choose?

I read a study recently that said 75% of golfers prefer yellow golf balls over white. This doesn’t surprise me as I have personally found yellow to be the superior color. I suspect yellow will eventually replace white as the standard color within the next 20 years.

Remember that there is no perfect color when it comes to golf balls. White and yellow are clearly the best choices for golf balls. These two colors will cover just about any condition you could ever face on a golf course.

However as you now know, there’s many other designs which shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re the type who prefers a stylish looking golf ball, then don’t worry. You can still play with a red or neon colored ball, but you may just have to switch your ball for another color when conditions call for it.

Here is a quick summary on the color choices that are available:

White is a classic choice and can be used in any kind of weather or terrain. Yellow balls are quite popular and they can also be used anytime.

Blue and red have particular restrictions which I have discussed, and these colors need to be used with caution.

Neon balls are a great choice of golf ball. A neon coating will go well with all kinds of weather condition. Neon balls contrast well against almost any other color due to the extra-bright hues.

Multi-colored balls also have a slight problem of losing visibility due to their color combinations. These are difficult to track in the grass.

My Favorite Yellow Golf Balls

I have to share with you my absolutely favorite yellow golf balls that I purchased a little while ago.

The Callaway Superesoft Yellow Golf Balls are the best choice for most golfers.

callaway supersoft yellow golf balls

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