How To Find Golf Balls At Night

Finding golf balls at night has never been easier.

If I could count and retrieve all the golf balls I have lost over the years, I would never have to buy another one.

After losing a few too many balls, I asked myself a question. Is there a way that I can find my golf balls at night time? Yes, you can find your golf balls at night by using a golf ball finder torch.


These days, you’ll find various golf finding equipment available. These devices certainly can help you go looking for your lost golf balls. However different scenarios will determine which type of product you need.


What You’ll Need


 During Day

  • Golf Ball Finder Glasses
  • 1 Large Bucket


 During Night


Use A Golf Ball Finder Torch

What you’ll need to find golf balls at night is a little device called a golf ball finder.  This device will produce artificial lighting so you can find golf balls at night.


What Is A Golf Ball Finder Torch?

A golf ball finder is a special UV torch designed help you find golf balls at night. This is not just any regular torch. They work with UV light, and are easily the best method of finding golf balls in the dark.

How Does A Golf Ball Finder Work?

The technology in the torch is quite simple, but very effective. UV light is emitted from the torch, and will light up any golf ball it comes in contact with. I’ve found the torch works great within a 12ft radius. This is enough of a distance to find 50-100 golf balls in 1 night. 


How To Use A Golf Ball Finder?

You simply walk around the course and point it around like any regular torch.  Check the manufacturer’s website, or instruction manual for the distance your torch will work. All torches are different, but most torches will find balls within 12ft of where you’re standing.


Why Can’t I Just Use A Normal Torch?

If you didn’t know any better, it would seem like a golf finding torch is no different to any regular torch you may have. I still get many people asking me “can I just use my own torch?”


The Experiment

Well no! In fact I decided to perform my very own test! I wanted to really know if these “golf finding torches” where just a gimmick to steal our money. After all a torch is a torch right? 

I decided to compare a Phillips torch which I already owned, to the Nite-Hawk Predator torch I had ordered online.

The POSMA LED Golf Ball Finder. Available at Amazon


Results #1 (Normal Torch)

I knew the normal torch was a powerful device as I had always used it to go fishing. To be honest, I expected both products to perform the same, but boy was I wrong!

On a dark night I went out to my local course and brought along both torches. 

My first test was the regular Phillips torch I had always used for my night time adventures. 

I was very confident that there were indeed golf balls at this course. I golf there regularly and always come across vacant golf balls. 

As I turned my torch on, and went walking along the fair way, I couldn’t help but be surprised. Sure the regular torch did help me see where I was going, but there was a problem. I couldn’t see any golf balls. 

I made my way to the rough, bunkers and even the outer skirts of lake. Surely I would now find some balls to take home! Well no, I came up empty handed.

After about 15 minutes of aimless wandering around the course in the dark, I gave up. The only balls I had with me were the 2 that I came with.


Results #2 (Golf Ball Finder Torch)

I then shifted my attention to the Night-Hawk torch. Much like my fishing torch, the Night-Hawk looked similar. Both black in color, and compact in size, any golf ball finding abilities where not evident looking at the outside of this device.

Although I wasn’t a believer, a small part of me wanted to believe this torch had some magical powers. As I picked up the golf ball finder, a rush of excitement came surging through my spine.

I decided to take the same path that I walked with the regular torch. After all, this was the fairest way to compare both products.



Within seconds I noticed the difference between the two torches. While the light from the Phillips torch shined a bright white color, things were different the second go round. Instead of a white light, the golf ball finder torch produced an incredible blue light! 

I continued walking with my new light saber, searching for those pearly whites in the grass! To my absolute amazement, within minutes I was finding golf balls left right and center! 

In fact my first night hawking, resulted in me finding 108 golf balls in less than 4 hours! 

It turns out that the blue UV light produced from the golf ball finder eliminates the white golf balls extremely well. You’ll find yourself walking around only to be stopped in your tracks due to a glowing white light. Imagine everything in your field of view is blue, expect the white golf balls!

Overall I was very happy with my purchase of the Night-Hawk Torch. I don’t know if there are better devices available, I suspect not. It works well and continues to work well for me.


Best Places To Find Golf Balls?

One question I get asked often is “where are the best places to find golf balls?” 

I find it really fun to just go wandering around in my own little world. However I have noticed certain areas where balls keep coming up!

  • Behind Par 3 holes (because shorter holes result in golfers hitting balls too far)
  • Dogleg holes (a crooked hole)
  • In the rough
  • Behind Bushes
  • Under Leaves


If you visit a course regularly, you’ll soon work out the hot spots. Mark down the best areas to find golf balls on a particular course, and then revisit them 1 week later.


Night VS Day Time Searching

Searching for golf balls can be done either at night or during the day. I personally prefer to go hawking at night time! There’s just something special about looking for golf balls in the dark.

You have more comfortable weather conditions, the shimmering stars up above, and the darkness really puts you in hunter mode. 

You can also avoid the feeling of embarrassment of “finding” other people’s balls. Remember, nobody is going to see you take them in the dark!

On the other hand looking for balls on a sunny afternoon is a completely different experience. It’s just not as exciting to do as night hawking. Why?


The Main Reason I Prefer Hawking At Night

Quite simply, the main reason why I prefer to go searching at night is because I’d rather Golf during the day. Why waste my time looking for balls, when it’s more fun actually playing golf! This is why I leave the searching for when the sun goes down.

If you really insist doing it during the day, you’ll need accessories that improve your vision on a sunny day.  Golf ball finding glasses are needed to be worn to help the ball standout. 

Aside from your torch, you’ll also need way to carry all the balls you’ve found. We have a complete guide to golf ball storage here. A storage bucket is going to be the best option for you. A bucket allows one hand free to hold the finder.



In conclusion, I must say golf ball finding is a very enjoyable activity. You will save a lot of money not having to buy balls anymore, and the extra exercise is a nice bonus.

I do recommend investing in a golf ball finder, as there is no better way of finding golf balls at night. 


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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