Callaway Vs Titleist (Chart) AVX or ChromeSoft Golf Balls

Titleist Golf Ball on the Green

Callaway golf clubs and Titleist are the two most popular golf manufacturers in the United States.

I have spent many hours with friends debating which company has the best products on the market. While the debates can become quite heated, when it comes down to it, most golfers respect both companies.

Still, what fun is golf if we can’t barrack for our favorite brand!

So which company is better? The only way we’re going to end this debate is by putting both companies head-to-head. I will break down several sectors and compare each company on their advantages and disadvantages.

When comparing the two golf companies we must look at several factors which include design, lifespan, pricing, specifications and overall performance!

Titleist Vs Callaway Comparison Chart

Year Founded19321982
FounderPhillip YoungEllie Callaway
Est Revenue (2017)1.49 Billion1.05 Billion
Best Performing SectorGolf BallsGolf Clubs
Current Golf Ball Models68
Most Popular DriverTS3, TS4Epic Flash Driver
Most Popular WoodTS3, TS4Epic Flash Fairway Wood
Most Popular Hybrid818H1, 818H2Big Bertha Hybrid
Most Popular GlovesPlayers FlexTour Authentic Gloves
Most Popular HeadwearTour Performance CapTour Authentic Pro Adjustable Cap
Most Popular UmbrellaTour Single CanopyEpic Flash Umbrella
Driver Price Range$299 - $499$399 - $699
Fairway Wood Price Range$299 - $340$199 - $399
Hybrid Price Range$279$269.99
Glove Price Range$19 - $25$10.99 - $39.99
Sunglasses Price RangeN/A$49.99 - $199.99
Headwear Price Range$22 - $70$24.99 - $50
Umbrella Price Range$40 - $80$51.99 - $90
Apparel SizesS, M, L, XLS, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Custom LogoYesYes
Club FittingYesYes
Product Variety Rating3.5/55/5
Golf Ball Rating5/53.5/5
Golf Club Rating5/55/5
Golf Bag Rating3.5/54.5/5
Price Rating4.5/54/5
Quality Rating4/54/5

Company History

Titleist Year Founded: 1932 by Phillip Young

Callaway Year Founded: 1982 by Ellie Callaway

The history of Titleist dates all the way back to 1932 when Philip Young founded the company. According to Wikipedia, Titleist was chosen as the company name because it means “title holder. (an appropriate name for a golf company).

Callaway is the second most popular golfing company in the US. The company was founded by Ellie Callaway, who was raised in Georgia, USA.

Callaway was founded in 1982 which makes it 50 years younger than Titleist. The company made an estimated 887 million dollars in the year of 2014. This is an incredible figure and is a testament to the company’s excellent products in the market.

When you buy either one of the company’s products, you can be fairly certain that you’re going to receive a high quality product.

On the surface, Callaway tends to have the larger range of products to choose from. However, having a larger range isn’t necessarily a good thing.


Which Company Is More Popular?

So which is the most popular brand out of the two? Well this result is not conclusive looking at a poll I saw online. The limited results show that Titleist is preferred by 58.82% of people on the forum. Callaway was chosen as the favorite by only 41.18 percent of people.

My experience playing on many golf courses, does show similar results. After asking this question to a few of my golfing friends, the general consensus was that Titleist was their favorite brand.

However the result was very close and I would say Callaway was chosen as the favorite about 40 to 45% of the time. Deciding on a winner between these two juggernauts is difficult to do. The brand you prefer will just depend on the type of golf clubs and balls that suits your specific needs


Golf Bag Range

When it comes to golf bags neither one of these companies really focus on this area. I must recommend that you consider looking elsewhere for your golf bag. Companies such as Sun Mountain heavily focus in this area and are worth a look.

However, after doing some further research, Callaway do seem to have Titleist beat in the bag department.

Callaway are producing some really good golf bags as of late. I have to tell you to check out their Capital Stand Bag which is their most popular bag sold on Amazon. This bag is being sold for a little over $100 which I think is a bargain for a 4 start reviewed stand bag!

I recommend choosing a golf bag that comes with inbuilt dividers to store your clubs. Also ensure your bag is waterproof to increase its life expectancy. I find bags that come with an attached rain cover is very handy to have.


Callaway Vs Titleist Golf Balls

One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to golf balls is that Titleist seems to keep their golf balls on the market longer than Callaway do.

It’s not uncommon to find a golf ball that you like from Callaway and then a year or two later, the model has been discontinued.

However I can’t say the same thing about Titleist. The company keeps their balls on sale for many years. You can always find a particular ball much longer on the shelves than you can with Callaway’s balls.

Having said this, both companies design and develop some of the best quality golf balls you’ll come across.

No doubt the most popular Callaway balls are the Chrome Soft range. Titleist is the proud owners of the AVX and Pro V1 golf ball range.

The AVX and Chrome Soft are both low compression-soft feel balls. As they’re very similar, I’m going to review these two balls to help you decide which model is right for you.

Wondering How many golf balls come in a case? The answer is found in this article

Recent trends indicate that low compression soft golf balls are growing in popularity.  Callaway started this trend by releasing the much loved “Chrome Soft” range back in 2014. The company had created a new category in the golf ball market, and stole a large chunk away from Titleist.

As balls are the backbone of Titleist, the company responded by launching their very own range of soft golf balled called AVX.

The AVX is the softest and lowest compression golf ball has ever created.

The AVX is a tour ball which can also be used by the everyday golfer. I wouldn’t say this is a premium ball by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely above average for this price range.

So which is the better golf ball; Chrome Soft or the AVX? I think both are excellent choices and you would be happy with either type. I do however feel that these two balls deserve an in-depth comparison.

If I had to choose only one ball, I think it would have to be the AVX. Remember that both balls are loved by millions of golfers all around the world.  The reason is because they’re both excellent products!

Callaway do say that the ChromeSoft will give you more control over your short-iron, mid-iron and wedge shots. I have found this claim to be accurate in my experience. The ChromeSoft is definitely more beginner-friendly than the AXV.

If you’re after a great golf ball on a budget, you should instead go with the cheaper Chrome Soft. Being much better than your average budget ball, the Chrome Soft will not disappoint!

Titleist AVX Vs Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

I have compared the features and specifications of the AVX and Chrome Soft golf balls. These are the most popular balls both companies release. Both are excellent options, so it'll come down to which type you feel suits your game best.

Callaway Chrome SoftTitleist AVX
Ball CategoryEveryday GolferTour
Balls Per Box1 Dozen (12)1 Dozen (12)
Available ColorsWhite, YellowWhite, Yellow
Spin RateLowLow
Layers4 Layers3 Layers
CoverSoft UrethaneGRN41 Cast Thermoset Urethane
Number of Dimples332352
Dimple ShapeHexagonSpherical


(AVX) 3 layers make up the Titleist AVX golf ball. Designed for low compression and high speed, the distances you can hit with this ball is impressive.

(ChromeSoft) Callaway were the innovators of the ultra soft – low compression golf ball. The design of this ball still holds up extremely well even today.

To learn more about why the core is important, read my article on Golf Ball Layers

When this ball launched it was designed with an all new graphene infused soft dual core.  The ChromeSoft is designed with a new larger inner core which produces many flight benefits. Loner distances while producing minimal spin is what this ball is all about!

The soft core technology allows off centre shots to reach far distances no matter where the ball hits the face. Beginners and amateur players will find this ball easy to use.


Ball Design

There are some differences worth mentioning between these 2 balls in the design category. The AVX has 20 more dimples than the Chrome Soft’s standard number of 332. What’s also interesting is the shape formation of these dimples. The dimples on the Titleist AVX are a unique Spherical shape, where you’ll instead find hexagons on the Callaway’s ball.



While we all have our preferences, being a golfing fan boy isn’t at all helpful to you. Both companies Callaway and Titleist make amazing products with high quality in mind.

You can see proof of this when you see some professional golfers using Callaway and Titleist golf ball during PGA tournaments.

The comparison tables I have created for you will make deciding much easier for you. I recommend picking and choosing items from both companies.

Callaway clearly offer a larger range of items in every category. Even their golf ball division offers more variety than Titleist, even though golf balls aren’t their main priority.

I have found that in general Callaway products are a good 10% to 20% cheaper than comparable Titleist items. The ChromeSoft is a clear example of this. If you’re after a recommended golf ball, I feel more beginners would prefer the ChromeSoft range as they’re slightly easier to hit.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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