How To Fix a Club Car Golf Cart Leaking Oil (STEPS)

Club Car golf cart leaking oil

Why is my Club Car golf cart leaking oil?

The cause of a Club Car golf cart leaking oil usually originates from the engine. The crankshaft or fuel filter may have a crack in it; which can cause oil to leak.

Here are some common causes for an oil leak in your club car golf cart:

  • Crankshaft leak between the engine case and drive clutch
  • Crankshaft seal leak beneath the fan blower housing
  • Gas leaks around the tank, fuel filter, pumps or supply hoses, carburettors
  • Leaks from the differential behind the driven clutch

If there is a wet spot surrounded by dry regions, I’d say there is something wrong. You might even have to remove the engine.

Oil leaks will appear as wet spots around the engine, gas tank, input shaft, or fuel pump.

I’d say engine oil leaks are the worst and most challenging to troubleshoot.


Dealing with a crankshaft leak

Club Car golf carts come with a two-piece crankcase. I have noticed leaks showing up in the seam, joining the case halves.

Inspect the case for a clean spot. It is likely the dirt there got washed away by the leaking fuel.

If you have a four-cycle engine, oil leaks can develop around the oil drain plug, filter, valve cover gasket, or the oil fill tube.


Inspecting for oil leaks

Before you start looking for leaks, I should remind you to keep cigarettes at bay while working. Now, you can check the carburettor float bowl.

The bowl gasket must be adequately sealed. Also, make sure the oil dipstick and the oil fill cap is in place for a four-cycle engine.


Checking the differential tubes

Have a look at the differential axle tubes and the rear wheel backs. You can find the brakes attaching there.

I always recommend completing this inspection before washing the engine and case.

If there is a wheel seal leak, the oil from the rear end can contaminate the brake shoes through the brake drums. It is adverse for braking efficiency.

If oil leaks from the differential tube behind the driven clutch, oil can reach the drive belt and affect pulling power.

You can find it as a large pulley with the drive belt wrapped around it.


Club Car FE290 Oil Leak

If you have a 1994 FE290 model, the oil leak problem usually lies with the gasket or the O-ring. It would help if you pulled the dipstick out without turning it.

Before we get into fixing the problem, remember to avoid turning the engine on with the dipstick out.

Also, don’t pull the dipstick out with a running machine. You’ll spill oil all over the place.


Steps to fix the FE290 oil leak:

  • Remove the ground strap.
  • Loosen the bolt keeping it attached
  • Pull out the dipstick tube (as called the oil filler tube)
  • Reassemble the parts

You may also have a hardened O-ring due to heating. Crankcase pressure can sometimes force the oil past the ring. Replace the O-ring if you observe any trouble around it.


How to fix a Club Car DS oil leak?

The key to fixing a Club Car Gas DS oil leak is to start inspection and trace the source. I’d recommend putting cardboard under the cart and getting an idea of the leak.

Before we get into the steps, get hold of an engine degreaser, and clean out the motor. Now you can start troubleshooting and fixing –

  1. Look around the dipstick tube, drain plug, gasket on the sides, or the crank seals.
  2. Some DS models have a hole and plug at the rear end of the block.
  3. You can pick up an OEM and rubber freezer plug from the local auto parts store to tighten the nuts.
  4. You may need to replace the oil plugs under the starter/generator (S/G) as well.

Remember that there is a plastic plug under the S/G for the rear end. Sometimes the plug can pop out and spill oil everywhere. I always use grease-resistant glue to clean the plug and dry it.

If you have to remove the engine, I’d recommend buying a service manual to guide you. The clutch also comes out. You can replace the main seal and the gasket with the engine out of the way.

To remove an engine, you need a clutch puller tool and an alignment tool. The steps to remove the engine are as follows –

  1. Disconnect the battery and the dipstick
  2. Remove the ½” carriage bolt and the 9/16″ mounting bolts.
  3. Remove the muffler clamp along with the ½” bolt attaching the muffler bracket to the engine block.
  4. Remove the throttle cable from the governor’s arm on both sides. Also, unplug the yellow wire to the oil sensor.
  5. Unplug the RPM limiter
  6. Loosen the four bolts keeping the engine in place
  7. Now bring the engine forward. Remove the ½” bolts holding the muffler clamp to the block.
  8. Remove the mount bolts now.
  9. You can use a clutch tool to get rid of the clutch. The engine should slide now, and you can find the extension to the 9/16″ tool bolt head. It should pop off if you run it with an impact gun.
  10. Finally, remove the engine through the seat hole.

When you use the impact tool, please don’t hold it for too long. Repeat the process periodically until the engine pops out.

Keeping the trigger for too long can break it.

If the impact doesn’t work or is unavailable, use a 5′ long 2×4 and tap the tool hard while standing on the driver’s seat.


Why Club Car Precedent is leaking oil

For Precedent golf carts, you may find the side cover gasket as the problem. The leak should be on the top of the side cover. It is distinguishable by the two stud bolts with nuts attached.

Usually, the leak results from over-torquing. The two stud bolts get tighter; as a result, the pressure falls on the gasket.


How fix oil leaks on a Club Car Precdent golf cart:

  1. You need to pull out the motor.
  2. Pull the clutch using a clutch puller bolt. You may also find a dealer for it.
  3. Now you can replace the gasket easily.
  4. Why is the club car gas engine leaking oil?
  5. The oil leak is depends on the basis of the drip. The same troubleshooting applies for DS and Precedent models.

The problem could lie with the dipstick, the seal behind the clutch, or the side case gasket.

If you have any issue with the gasket, try to fix it without removing the engine.

I recommend cleaning the oil first and running it once. It can help you find the source.


Club Car rear end oil leaking

If you find a leakage in the rear end, the cause may be the differential axle tubes or the wheel backs. A wheel seal leak can damage the brake shoes. Oil leaks from the rear can reach there by the brake drums.

Oil can also get to the drive belt from the differential tube to the clutch. It appears as a large pulley with a belt around it.

Generally, I found it to be a problem with the O-Ring. You can easily replace it from a deal or local auto parts store.

The ring is where the bearings slide into the motor side. Usually, the inspection becomes more manageable if you remove the cover.


Why is there oil in EZGO airbox?

Generally, oil appears on airboxes if there is a case of overfilling the oil in the engine. The same can be seen in both 295cc and 350cc models.

Suppose you list your cart. The dipstick may indicate the oil level as full. However, this can be misleading as the angle of the engine changes.

The oil can show up because the crankcase breather is below the oil level. Oil gets pushed up along the hose into the airbox.



  1. Drain the oil and refill the engine with 1.5 quarts of oil.
  2. Now the oil is at a proper level for engine lubrication. It can hold the case breather.
  3. Put a mark on the dipstick. The new marking is now your “FULL” indication.

Maintaining your golf cart is critical, and you should do conduct a monthly diagnosis. Oil leaks affect performance and can damage significant mechanical parts.

Be sure to follow them diligently and consult the manual whenever necessary.

If you don’t feel confident about it, don’t feel any pressure – contact a deal or your local motor shop.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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