How to Change Oil in a Club Car Golf Cart (STEPS)

Changing oil in a Club Car golf cart

What kind of Oil Does a Club Car Golf Cart Use?

The type of oil that goes into a golf cart depends upon the climate. The climate becomes a factor in how thick the oil should be for your club car golf cart.

A Club Car golf cart uses 15w-50 or 10w-40 oil. Synthetic oil can also be used for a golf cart. Synthetic oils are good for heat, but can be difficult to handle. Oils that contain zinc are beneficial for a golf cart.

If your region has a moderate climate throughout the year, oil-like SAE 30 is suitable for your golf cart. 

It is important to change the oil from time to time as oil causes degradation. The conventional category oil can also be used to replace the filter when it starts darkening. Usually, such oils’ longevity is good; hence, they prove to be beneficial for your golf cart. 


How Often Should I Change the Oil in a Club Car Golf Cart?

Vehicle starter powered by traditional engines must be maintained and should undergo a regular check.

The engine of a gasoline-powered golf cart must be checked on a monthly level.

After the first hundred hours of use of the golf cart, the filter and the engine oil must be changed. It should be changed again after the next 200 hours and then further annually.

Although it is recommended that the engine oil should be changed after every 125 hours of use, or one can also plan to change the oil twice a year. 

Club car golf carts are equipped with two kinds of engines. It is either equipped with an electric engine or a gasoline engine.

A club car which is powered by a gasoline engine should be checked frequently and be handled just like any regular car. The oil should also be changed at proper intervals.


How much Oil does a Club Car Golf Cart need?

A club car golf cart that comes with the gasoline engine can hold from about 1 ½ to 1 ¼ quarts 10w-30 oil. It is recommended to add as much oil as the manufacturer specifies it.

The correct amount of oil adds insurance and optimum golf cart performance for a good amount of time.

Adding the amount of oil specified by the manufacturer will also ensure that the engine is lubricated properly, and this can be maintained by the owner easily. 

You can change the oil easily by placing a funnel in the engine cap hole. Add the oil by passing it through the funnel into the engine.

After you have added the oil, remove the funnel and put the cap back on properly. Start the engine and run it for about a minute.


Can I use Synthetic Oil in my Club Car Golf Cart?

Synthetic oils can be definitely used in Club Car golf carts. Synthetic oils are more suitable for small engines. It is highly recommended for small engines because of the advantages it brings.

Synthetic oils can be on the expensive side, but are useful for golf carts with smaller engine sizes. Because of the long run times and the increased RPM, synthetic oils are highly recommended.

If the golf cart suits well with synthetic oil, it gives out excellent results and runs excellently. In the case of a new or fresh golf cart, you should use standard oil for some time and then switch on to synthetic oil. 

Premium synthetic oils are used by many golf carts for their engines. Many customers talk about the benefits they get after using synthetic oils for their golf cart, so it is advised that synthetic oils be used for small engines. 


How to change the oil in Club Car DS Golf Cart?

  1. You first need to park your golf cart on a flat surface.
  2. Turn the engine of the golf cart off.
  3. Remove the oil cap located that is usually on the top of the engine.It is of a round shape. Place the oil cap in a safe place. Remove the dipstick that is located on the driver’s side.
  4. Clean the dipstick by wiping it with a clean cloth or rag. 
  5. Find the oil filter attached to the engine under the driver’s side ahead of the clutch pedal.
  6. You will find three bolts that secure the oil filter base. Loosen them and remove them. You can use an open-end wrench for this step. 
  7. Secure the filter with one hand when you are removing the bolts. 
  8. Gently remove the oil filters from the engine. While doing so, make sure that the o-ring remains in its place. Put the oil filter in a drip pan and let the oil drain out from the engine completely.
  9. Get a new oil filter for your engine and make sure that an o-ring is attached to the top of it. If there is no ring attached to it, take the old o-ring and place it in the new filter. Attach the new filter using the three bolts and an open-end wrench.
  10. Now move to the top of the engine, take a funnel, and place it into the cap hole. Pour the required quarts of motor oil into the funnel. After putting in the oil, remove the funnel and screw the cap back on. Put the dipstick back to its place.
  11. Turn on the engine and run it for 30 seconds. As the engine is turned off for a minute, now pull the dipstick out again. Check the oil level. The level should be on the market that says “full.” If the oil has not reached that mark, then add in some more oil in small amounts. 


Tools required:

  • Drip pan
  • Funnel 
  • Torque wrench
  • Clean rags
  • Open-end wrench
  • Motor oil
  • Protective gloves
  • New filter
  • O-ring


How to change the oil in a Club Car Precedent golf cart?

Follow these steps to change the oil in your club car golf cart. 

  1. The first step is to get the protection gear ready. Use work gloves, safety glasses and take safety precautions to avoid any injuries. 
  2. The best time to change the oil is when the engine is still warm. 
  3. The next step is to part your golf cart on a plane level. Turn the engine on and let it warm up for a while and then turn it off.
  4. Apply the brakes after you have turned off the engine. 
  5. Remove the ignition key and take a clean, lint-free cloth to clean the oil cap. This will make sure that no debris falls into the engine after you remove the cap.
  6. Place the new oil filter back with the three bolts.
  7. Use the wrench to fix the bolts tightly in place.
  8. Take the filter out and place the ring nearby. 
  9. When the filter is removed, the engine’s oil will start draining out, so make sure that the pan is kept directly under it so that the oil coming out does not spill. 
  10. Use a link free cloth to wipe the filter mounting point.
  11. Place a new filter with the ring to seal it.
  12. Put the three bolts back using the wrench.
  13. The final step is to put a funnel into the cap opening and pour oil slowly into the funnel. 
  14. Make sure to fill the right amount of oil into the engine. After you have added the oil, remove the funnel and clean the excess oil if spilled around.
  15. Put the cap back on.


Club car rear differential oil change

Follow these steps for the rear differential oil change in the club car:

  1. Turn your club car’s ignition to the off position. 
  2. Apply the parking brake. 
  3. Ensure that the golf car will not move, and to do that, place some chocks in front and behind the rear wheels. 
  4. Check the underside of your golf cart. 
  5. The differential housing is placed in the center position. 
  6. You will find the rear differential in the center of the rear axle. 
  7. Find the fluid check plug at the rear center in the differential housing. 
  8. The plug resides in the middle of two housing bolts that stays horizontally parallel to the axle tube.
  9. You can use a 13 mm socket to remove the plug. 
  10. The next step is to check the level of the fluid in the differential housing.
  11. You can check the fluid level by a visual inspection or by putting your finger into the checking hole. 
  12. Make sure that the bottom portion of the hole meets the fluid level. 
  13. Remove the plug located on the top of the differential case with the help of a 13mm socket. 
  14. Take the hose and insert it into the funnel. 
  15. Put the oil in small amounts into the funnel until the fluid rises to the check hole’s bottom level. 
  16. Fill holes to finish the process and replace the plugs to keep checking.


Tools required:

  • A funnel that has a flexible hose
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Wheel chocks


1988 Club Car Oil Change

  1. To change the oil, you will first have to drain it—warm-up your engine. 
  2. Place your club car on a ramp and secure it with a floor jack. 
  3. Remove the oil filter. Place a pan in front of the oil filter and the drain hole. 
  4. Place the plug back after the oil drains. 
  5. Put on a new oil filter firmly. 
  6. Fill up the engine with new oil.
  7. Run the engine for 30 seconds and then turn it off. 
  8. Recheck the oil level and ensure that it is full. If not, then slowly add in more till it reaches the level. 


1990 Gas Club Car Oil Change

  1. You first need to drain the oil. Warm up the engine of the club car and park it on a ramp. 
  2. Remove the plug.
  3. Remove the oil filter while it drains. Place a pan in front of the drain hole. 
  4. Place the plug back firmly.
  5. Make sure that the oil has drained out completely. 
  6. Take a new oil filter and place it tightly. 
  7. Fill up your engine and make sure that it is filled to the full level. 


1991 Club Car Oil Change 

  1. Park your club car on a flat level and secure it with some bricks. Warm up the engine. 
  2. Drain the oil and make sure to place the pan in the right place while draining. 
  3. Replace the oil filter with a new one when the oil drains out. 
  4. Fill up the engine fully after changing the filter. 
  5. Run the cart on maintenance mode and turn the engine on for 30 seconds. 
  6. Turn the engine off and check if the oil level is right. The oil level should meet the full mark. 


1993 Club Car Oil Change

  1. The first step is to drain the oil. So, to do that, first, you need to warm up the engine and do that while you place your cart on a set of ramps. 
  2. Secure your cart with a block of wood or a floor jack. 
  3. While the oil drains, remove the oil filter. Make sure to place the pan in front of the oil filter and the drain hole. 
  4. Put the plug back to its place and place it firmly after the oil drains out completely.
  5. Now, take the new oil filter and put it on tightly.
  6. Now fill up your engine with oil. 
  7. To know the right type of oil for your golf cart, you must refer to the manual. 
  8. Once your cart is filled, get it off from the ramps. 
  9. Now, put your cart onto the maintenance mode and run it for 30 seconds. Make sure there is no leakage. 
  10. Turn off your cart and check the oil level. Ensure that the oil level is full; if not, slowly add in some more oil.


1994 Club Car Rear End Oil Change

  1. Park your club car on ramps or on a plane level to ensure that the oil drains out properly. 
  2. Remove the plug and use the magnet that comes with the plug to eliminate metal filings, if any. 
  3. Once the oil is fully drained, clean the plug well and pit it back. 
  4. Install all the screws back using a hose. 
  5. Pour the oil gradually to fill it. Almost a full quart is required to fill it fully. 


1997 Club Car Rear End Oil Change

  1. Place your club car on a flat surface. 
  2. Drain the rear end by removing the plug. 
  3. Refer to the manual for a detailed description. 
  4. Pour in the oil gradually till it reaches the full limit. 
  5. Clean the plug before reinstalling it. 
  6. To put back all the screws, you can use a pump or a hose. 


2001 Club Car Rear End Oil Change

2001 club car rear and oil change, you will require a six-sided socket that is ¾ inches. A spark plug socket also works perfectly for a 2001 club car. 

  1. The first step is to take out the plug. 
  2. A 2001 club car usually has a movable plug that can be taken out easily. After taking it out; you have to drain the rear end. 
  3. The drain plug comes equipped with a magnet. You can use the magnet to catch any metal filings while draining. 
  4. Clean the plug by wiping it before you install it back into the hole. 
  5. You can also refer to the manual that comes along the club car. 
  6. Instead of using the hose, you can also use pumps that can easily screw on to the oil cap, which will help you fill the motor’s lower end. 
  7. Pumps are available at a very low cost at Walmart. It fills with almost a full quart of oil. 
  8. It is necessary to change the oil because the oil darkens and becomes dirty, causing harm to the golf cart.


2004 Club Car Rear End Oil Change 

  1. You first need to park your club car on a flat-leveled surface for a rear-end oil change. 
  2. Take the plug out. 
  3. Now you will be able to drain the rear end. Use the magnet to remove metal filings. 
  4. Wipe clean the plug before reinstalling it. 
  5. Refer to the manual for detailed description and information about every piece. 
  6. Use a hose or a pump to screw back the oil cap to fill the lower end. 
  7. You will require a full quart of oil to fill it. 


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