How To Fix a Yamaha Golf Cart Leaking Oil (STEPS)

Yamaha golf cart leaking oil

Why is my Yamaha golf cart leaking oil?

If your Yamaha golf cart leaks oil, it can because of  a  degraded engine gasket, oil pan damage, faulty oil drain plug, or bad oil filter. 


Degraded engine gasket: 

This is the most common cause. In this case, the gasket which joints two metal components breaks down due to excessive use. In this case, the oil sludge over time that may be harmful to the gasket.


Issues in oil drain plugs: 

The oil drain plug is especially located at the base of the oil drain. Most of the time, the oil drain plugs may be worn out or loosen from their base due to running over dust and debris. This causes an oil leak, which causes severe damage.


Oil pan damage: 

An oil pan may be damaged due to the bad running experience. This usually occurs due to bad driving experience and loose or damaged components. Because of this, it can be broken or loosen the seal that causes oil leaks.


Issues in the cap of oil fillers: 

When you look for the oil filler’s cap, then it is placed over the engine. It usually covers the compartment of engine oil. But when it loosens or is broken, then it causes oil leakage from the vehicle. 


Oil filter: 

Oil filters are loosened down and misalign over the period, and that’s why it’s suggested to change the oil filters in consecutive periods. 


How to fix a Yamaha G1 oil leak

As you read earlier, a Yamaha G1 oil leak was caused due to excessive pressure on the engine gasket, oil filler caps & oil filters, etc.


Replacement of engine seals: 

To fix the issue, you should check your Yamaha G1 cart’s engine seals. If it’s damaged, then replace this.


Replace oil filters: 

If you notice a massive oil leakage from the cart, you should check the oil filters and replace them. Change the oil filters regularly when needed.


Replace the oil drain plug: 

You should replace your golf cart’s oil drain plug if damaged or loosened because of excessive riding.


Replace engine gasket: 

Engine gasket joints the two metal components of your Yamaha G1 cart. It needs a replacement if it’s not replaced over a long period.


Yamaha G2 is golf cart leaking oil

The Yamaha G2 golf cart leakage oil worn and damaged inlet valve, float pin, damaged engine gasket, vent tube sock, and dirty valve seat.


Check the engine: 

Check the engine of your Yamaha G2 golf cart and replace the engine if it needs a replacement. For a better riding experience, you should replace the engine from time to time. 


Replace worn and loose circuits: 

To stop the oil leakage from your Yamaha golf cart G2, you have to check all the circuits. Tight all the loose fitted wires or circuits and replace the damaged one.


Check the oil filters: 

The oil filter plays an important role in the oil leakage of Yamaha golf cart G2, and that’s why you need to replace it with the new one from time to time. Replace it if it’s damaged; otherwise, align it correctly and go for a test ride. 


Yamaha G9 golf cart is leaking oil 

The reason a Yamaha G9 golf cart leaks oil is because of damage to the engine gasket, valve, or bolt threads.


Damage in gasket:

To fix the issue, you have to check the Yamaha G9 golf cart’s engine gasket. The engine causes oil drainage due to the damaged gasket. 


Check the oil limit:

The oil leakage may occur due to the unbalanced oil limit. If your oil is overfull, it may cause leakage, so take out the excessive oil and store it in a container to use later.


Remove oil from the airbox:

To fix the Yamaha G9 golf cart’s oil leakage issues, you must check the airbox’s oil. You should remove the oils from it and allows this for a safe drive.


Check the valves:

Check your golf cart’s valves and replace this if it’s worn out. The same issue may arise due to oil in the muffler.

After replacing all the damaged parts and tightening the loose parts go for a test drive. If the same issues arise within a few days, visit a Yamaha golf cart’s servicing center.


Yamaha G16 golf cart is leaking oil 

The Yamaha G16 golf cart leaks oil due to cracks in the engine, excessive oi or broken valves.


How to fix the issue:


Clean the valves:

You should take off all the covers and clean the valve of your Yamaha G16 golf cart.  


Check the consistency of oil:

To check whether it has excessive oil or not, you have to check the engine oil. If there is an excessive amount of oil in your Yamaha Golf cart G16, you should take out the rest of the oil.


Replace rubber hose:

If your G16 golf cart’s rubber hose is worn and loosens due to excessive use, you should change this. 


Clean the carburetor:

Sometimes dirt enters into the carburetor and causes leakage of oil. To fix this solution, you have to clean your carburetor after draining all the oils and then fill the exact amount of oil with oil filler.


Yamaha G22 golf cart is leaking oil 

The Yamaha G22 golf cart leaking oil occurs due to various reasons: damaged engine, overflow of oil, bad valves, and bad align of components.


How to fix the issue:

  1. To fix the issue, you have to check the level of oil in the golf cart. In most cases, the Yamaha G2 has better oil capacity than the Yamaha G16. If you talk about the drain plug and oil filler cap position, it’s slightly different from the Yamaha G16. 
  2. Check the drain plug, which is located under the driver seat in the Yamaha G16. Un-screw all the drain bolts. After draining the engine oil, screw it back to its position with correct alignment. Once the oil is drained out, screw it back. 
  3. To fill the engine oil again, you need filler. Use the correct amount of oil as it needs. You can check the level with the help of a dipstick. 

While doing these things, you should be careful that the dipstick is clean and your golf cart is placed on an even surface.


Yamaha G29 golf cart is leaking oil 

The Yamaha G29 golf cart leakage oil occurs due to the drain plugs and oil filler caps wrong axle position. 


How to fix the issue:

  1. For performing this solution, you have to check whether there is an excessive amount of oil is present in your golf cart or not.
  2. If it has an excessive amount of oil, then drain it out by screwing it down. 
  3. While performing this, make sure that no oil is spread around the engine.
  4. With the help of filler, fill the oil and ensure the oil level; check the oil level using a dipstick. 

While doing the above-discussed things, make sure that the oil isn’t spilled out around the engine and your golf cart is parked on a plan surface.


Yamaha golf cart rear end is leaking oil:

The Yamaha golf cart rear end leaks oil due to overflow of oil, bad alignments of valves, and other damages.


How to fix the issue:

  1. To perform this action, first, you have to check whether it has the right amount of oil in it or not. If it has oil more than it needs, then it drains out.
  2. To remove the rest of the oil first, you have to park your car on an even surface. Now unscrew the plugs of the air filter and drain the oil completely.
  3. After draining out the oil completely, screw back in its position. Remove the oil servicing plug and fill it with the oil with the help of oil filler. Reinstall it again in its place and go for a test drive. 

While performing such things, you should ensure the quality of the oil. By using high-performance gear oil, you can go for a safe drive. 


Why the oils enter into the Yamaha golf cart’s airbox?

The reason behind the oil enters into the airbox is bad running speed, bad alignment of the valve, Uneven oil levels, and all. 


The correct oil level:

The oil enters into the airbox because there is too much oil in the crankcase, ensuring that the oil should be in the correct range.


Check the valves:

You should also check the position of valves and their quality. If the valve is worn out, then replace it with the new one.

If there is excessive oil in your Golf cart and you want to remove the oil, then you can follow the same steps as the other golf cart models.

Besides this, if still the issue is there, then visit a servicing center and repair your Yamaha golf cart.


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