How to Fix a Golf Cart Radio that Cuts Out (STEPS)

Golf cart radio cuts out


Why does my Golf Cart radio keep cutting out?

A golf cart radio cuts out primarily due to voltage drop or other electrical interferences in the circuit. Solving the issue requires using working capacitors or replacing the battery. 


Using capacitors

The radio in my golf cart was cutting off during acceleration. After much brainstorming, checking the connections, the wires, I couldn’t find anything.

While checking the voltage during acceleration, I saw that it dropped as wanting more energy, and the radio was cut off.

I used capacitors and connected them between the battery and the radio wiring, and the problem was solved. 

Capacitors store energy, and they maintain a steady voltage helping the radio to work fine. However, if the battery is too old and almost dead, only using a capacitor will not help, but the battery also needs replacement. 


Why are my golf cart speakers not working?

Golf cart speakers can stop working because of a  low battery, wear and tear of the speaker wiring, or malfunctioning of the audio player.


Failure due to the low battery

One of the main reasons for golf car speakers not working is insufficient battery power.

Golf carts run on electrical (battery) power, and when the battery is low, the speakers don’t work.

Whenever my golf cart speakers fail to work, I check the volt and the ampere meter of my cart and find that the battery is running low. Charging the battery solves the problem.


Wear & Tear of the Wirings

If you are not using Bluetooth speakers, check if any wires coming from the player to the speaker is snapped or in poor condition. Replace the wire, and your golf cart speakers will again come to life.


Fault in the player

The CD/DVD player has developed a fault in them and needs repair, or the external storage device that you connect is crashing. Either you repair the player or format the external storage device and reload the audios as the case may be.  


Why Golf cart radio shuts off when I accelerate

A golf cart radio shuts off mainly during acceleration due to voltage drop. The voltage drop in the golf cart is one of the significant issues for its proper functioning.


Voltage drop

While accelerating the cart, it requires more voltage. It compensates with the voltage of other components like the radio, or the horn, etc. The radio in normal condition needs 12 volts to play; however, even 10 volts can also work fine with some radios, below that they shut off due to inadequate power strength.

In my case, not only the radio but many other electrical accessories in my golf cart failed, and it was a sign of battery decay and needing replacement. After replacing the battery, all the electrical accessories are running fine.



EZGO Golf Cart Stereo keeps cutting out

The EZGO audio can cut out due to improper grounding, faulty spark plug, or a dying battery.

  • Grounding –Grounding of any electrical accessories is necessary to work correctly. If the third wire grounding isn’t performing correctly, the audio in EZGO can cut out.
  • Replacing a faulty spark plug –However, the source of the problem was different in my case. My grounding was fine, but still the audio in my EZGO was cutting out. After lots of brainstorming and experiments, I changed my old spark plugs, and the nipples were loose. The audio played without any disturbances. 
  • Changing the battery – Itrequires more energy to accelerate the golf cart. If the battery is old, it drains all the power during acceleration, and while doing so, the audio player gets improper voltage and cuts out. Replacing the battery can solve the problem. 


Why Club Car golf cart audio keeps cutting out?

The Club Car golf cart audio keeps cutting out mainly due to the solenoid, MCOR, or battery problems.

  • Solenoid problems –If the solenoid in the Club Car golf cart malfunction, the power isn’t equally distributed to different electrical accessories through the sensors attached to the solenoid, and they malfunctions. Working on the solenoid can solve the problem.
  • MCOR problems –If the sensor is ok, then looking at the MCOR can solve the problem. If the MCOR in the Club Car golf cart malfunctions, it is not only the audio devices that cut out but also the speed of the cart reduces and drains the battery. Therefore, checking the MCOR ad replacing it can solve the problem of audio cuts.


How to install speakers on my golf cart

One of the least effortless methods of installing speakers is to use Bluetooth speakers on the golf cart. However, installing speakers with wire is also not difficult.


Installing Bluetooth speakers on a golf cart

One can select the Bluetooth speakers with battery or without battery wiring. The price of the speakers can vary between the US $ 260 to 580, including the amplifiers. It is best to use water-resistant speakers as the carts are almost open on all sides.

  1. Place the Bluetooth speakers anywhere you like in the golf cart cart.
  2. You can use speaker pods or fix the speakers with bars.
  3. Place one speaker at the front and the other at the back for uniform sound flow. 


Installing wired speakers

  • Fill the speaker pods with acoustic foam to prevent shock when they are playing.
  • Place the front speaker inside the pod.
  • Set the overhead console speakers in a desired area.
  • Run the amplifier wires and the speaker wires under the bottom carpet and the overhead console. 
  • Connect the speakers to the player.
  • Connect the playe, speaker and the amplifier power input to the battery. 


How to install Bluetooth speaker on EZGO

It is more or less a simple process to install Bluetooth Speaker on EZGO. 


Installing the speaker

The Bluetooth speaker for EZGO includes speaker grills and a ring with multiple holes or the hole-adapter.

  • Select the speaker pods on the front.
  • Set the speaker in position.
  • Screw speaker grills.
  • Connect the battery wires (if they have any) to the battery running them under the fibre-cover of the internal body of the cart.
  • The Bluetooth speakers are ready to use after paring with the player. 


How to install Bluetooth speaker on Club Car 

Installing Bluetooth speakers on a Club Car Golf cart is not at all cumbersome job. Using the enclosed speaker system can give more sound clarity.


Installing the Bluetooth speaker

Installing enclosed speaker is always better to get maximum sound quality in the Club car.

I always prefer them. I either select the dashboard or space under the driver’s seat or the back seats.

It is easy to cut the dashboard or the floor under the seats and install the Bluetooth speakers, connecting the wires to the battery if required. 


EZGO speaker placement

Placing the speakers for the EZGO Car Golf cart is very important to get perfect sound clarity. 


Placing the speakers

It’s best to place the speakers in the speaker pods that generally stay on the dashboard of any EZGO golf cart.

While using the enclosed speakers, one needs to cut the dash or any place between the seat rests or the seat’s side panels. Installing the speakers in the correct place enhances the sound clarity.


Club Car speaker placement

Placing the speaker is more or less same in various models of Club cart. The basic design of Club Cart 1982 –Present DS Model, 2004- Present Precedent model or the old-styled Club Cart 1981 to 2000 DS model is same except some changes in the outer front and the seats.

However, the dashboard style is almost the same which makes it easy to connect your speakers in your golf cart. 


Speaker placing in Club cart

The Club Car dashboard or the space under the rear seat is best area to place your speakers. However, for wired speakers, I prefer the dashboard as it requires less electrical wiring. 


How to setup Bluetooth speaker on EZGO TXT

After fixing the blue tooth speaker on the EZGO TXT dash or the main seat kick panel, you need to leave equal gaps between the brackets. You then should pair your smartphone or Bluetooth device to the Bluetooth speakers. 


EZGO TXT Bluetooth speakers troubleshooting

EZGO TXT Bluetooth speakers can have several problems. The most common problem is the audio cutting off when the battery is too low, while accelerating the golf cart.

However, I have found a solution to the audio cutting out. I lower the volume of my speakers, lower the cart speed and reach to the nearest charging point to charge my cart battery.

My speakers do not have an in-built battery, and hence they depend on the cart battery. Therefore keeping the cart battery fully-charged is the best solution to get crystal clear sounds from the Bluetooth speakers. 


Club Car Bluetooth speakers troubleshooting

When the Club Car Bluetooth speakers give trouble, it is best to check the battery connections and the pairing with the player device.

To my experience, these two are the most prominent factors and can be easily solved. The battery can be replaced. The pairing can solve most Club Car Bluetooth speaker problems.


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