How to Fix a Club Car Golf Cart that Keeps Beeping (STEPS)

Club Car golf cart keeps beeping

Why does my Club Car golf cart keep beeping?

Club Car golf carts can continue beeping because the battery is not fully charged, low battery voltage, or because the RE fluid needs changing.

  • Batteries are not fully charged: Batteries not being optimally charged is one of the most important reasons of the Club Car golf cart to keep beeping. If you try to use it without checking if the batteries are fully charged, then be sure of putting the ear plugs on.
  • Batteries getting old: If your golf cart is operational for quite a while now and batteries take a long time to charge, be sure that now is the time to get a change for the batteries.
  • Low battery voltage: Sometimes lack of proper battery voltage may cause the golf cart to keep beeping. It also may start beeping more when the accelerator is pressed more often. Check the battery voltage using the volt meter to be absolutely sure that the batteries are in running condition.


How to Fix a Club Car DS golf cart that continuously beeps?

Continuous beeping sounds are one of the most important problems that trouble Club Car golf cart owners. Here is how to fix the beeping sound on your golf cart:

  • Check Golf Cart gears and bearings: Check if the beeping sound increases when accelerator is pressed and goes off when the foot is released from the accelerator.

    Try to inspect the motor to determine the source of the sound (which part of the motor is causing the noise).

    Another part which may be the source of the problem is the input shaft of the Golf Cart. If the issue seems to be more complicated, it is better to take help from a professional at an authorized service center.

  • Change RE fluid: Sometimes changing the fluid in the golf cart may sort the issue of the continuous beeps whenever the golf cart is turned on. It may be because the fluid contained in the cart may have become thick or the level has gone down. In either case, changing the fluid should serve the purpose.
  • Wash the cart and put it to dry: If the beeping gets louder especially after washing the golf cart, then water may have accumulated in the floor boards. Put the cart out in the Sun or use a Dryer to soak the water. Once the water is evaporated, the beeping should come to a stop.
  • Remove the F & R wires from the Golf Cart: If the buzzing continues after drying the entire cart, chances are that water has entered inside the F & R switch. You have to put off the wires from the switch. Remove any water that may be on the surface of the wires, and then put those inside the switch housing. Be very cautious while handling electrical wires or removing water droplets from those.
  • Remove wires from Buzzer: Turn off the cart and check if the buzzing persists. If it does not stop, water may have trickled down on the wires of the battery set connected. You have to locate the wire and try disconnecting it. Keep the parts open to exposure of the Sun or the dryer to completely dry before starting the cart once again.

Try any one of the above tricks and should work in popular Club Car golf carts like Yamaha, EZGO etc.


Why does my Club Car golf cart beep 3 times?

A Club Car golf cart that beeps 3 times means the battery needs charging or the voltage is too low.

Try checking the same with the help of a voltmeter to verify if the minimum amount of charge is present in the batteries when plugged in the cart.

 Change the batteries if the problem persists. It should be applicable in golf cart models like EZGO Present RSV, EZGO Marathon, Yamaha G2.


Club Car golf cart beeping while charging

Many consumers have reported that the Club Car golf cart starts beeping while put on charging mode. Some of the probable reasons may be as listed below:

  • Check amount of charge left: Be sure that there is some amount of charge left in the batteries. If the batteries have been put to charging after a long time, it may happen that the charger is unable to detect the amount of charge left in the batteries. There should be at least a base charge of 25 to 30 volts for the charger to begin charging.
  • Check the Connections: If connections between the batteries are weak, then there may be loss of power and cause the charger to work properly. Check the battery terminals to see if corrosion has happened and if flow of electricity is getting hampered. If the charger is unplugged and there is nothing happening, then one or more of the batteries may be having some sort of a problem.
  • Issues with the Golf Cart: Sometimes it may be your golf cart that may cause some hindrances to getting optimally charged. If the batteries are not carrying enough charge and the charger is unable to start charging when connected, it may be that there are issues with the Golf Cart itself. When the charger is plugged in, there should ideally be a “Click” sound determining that the charger has been plugged in the proper manner.

One of the above shortcuts should solve the issue you are facing and should be compatible in popular golf cart makers like EZGO Present RSV, EZGO Marathon, Yamaha G2 etc.


Club Car golf cart beeping while sitting/key is off

Beeping of the golf cart even during idle situations has also been observed by many. Let us go through possible steps to get this sorted:

  • Test the Magnet: It is very likely that there is some sort of an issue with the magnet of the golf cart you are owning. Sometimes the magnet inside the cart may be broken, which may cause the beeping sound even when the Golf Cart is idle/key is off.
  • Old batteries: The batteries may be running for a long time which may have caused some sort of erosion. Hence charging of the batteries may be slow and may not last long post one charge.
  • Engaging the “Walk away” brake: There have been some instances where the motor field coil engages the “walk away” brake when sensory pulses are directly sent to the controller. There may be two alternatives to get it sorted, one being to keep the cart in towing mode or to unplug the bad sensor till the time you can replace the same.

The above steps work in all popular cart models like the EZGO Present RSV, EZGO Marathon, Yamaha G2.

Club Car golf cart beeping while driving

The beeping may not only be restricted to when the golf cart is idle, it may be the same even when driving due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • One of the most probable reasons could be that the buzzer wires present in the Golf Cart has come in contact with the lugs of the F/R switch. This may have caused the lugs to rise in the temperature and eventually melt.
  • Another reason may be the failure of the Parking/Emergency brake situated in the Golf Cart, towards the end of the motor. This brake is used to stop the cart from rolling away especially when parked on a downhill.
  • Replacing the original solenoid present in the golf cart sometimes may fix the issue. Sometimes the solenoids may not be of the right fit to the golf cart and be prone to multiple failures.

Popular Golf Cart models like EZGO Present RSV, EZGO Marathon, Yamaha G2 etc. should work fine when one of the above methods is applied.


Club Car beeps and stops running

Fixing the OBC of the cart should solve the issue of the Club Car beeping while running. The steps to fix the OBC are as follows:

  • Turn the Key Switch to Off
  • Change the Forward/Reverse to Neutral
  • Change the Tow/Run switch to Tow
  • The battery negative wire has to be disconnected from the battery pack
  • Change the mode of the cart to “Run”
  • Turn the Key switch “On”
  • Throttle peddle to be locked down

Once the resetting of the OBC is done, troubleshoot the Club Cart and the problem shall be solved. This works in all popular cart models like the EZGO Present RSV, EZGO Marathon, Yamaha G2.



Why does my Club Car Precedent keep beeping?

The Club Car Precedent golf cart may keep beeping because the battery is old and needs replacing.

  • Use a voltmeter to check the battery voltages. Kindly check if the batteries have been eroded or been in use for a long time, based on which you need to take a call to replace the same.
  • Use an automotive charger based on which individual batteries can be charged. If such a charger is not available, try to connect a positive to positive along with negative to negative.

Kindly visit the authorized dealer if the problem persists though we believe it may work in popular cart models like the EZGO Present RSV, EZGO Marathon, Yamaha G2.


2005 Club Car keeps beeping

The Club Car manufactured in the year 2005 may continue beeping; fix it by one of the following ways:

  • All three wires from the F&R switch should be removed and the orange and brown wires are to be joined. When the orange and brown wires of the F&R switch of the Golf Cart is joined, a buzzing sound is made.
  • Check if the F&R switch has some sort of an internal short which may cause the electricity to not flow properly.

 Kindly visit the authorized dealer if the problem persists though we believe it may work in popular cart models like the EZGO Present RSV, EZGO Marathon, Yamaha G2.


2006 Club Car keeps beeping

The 2006 Club Cars like the 48v Electric Professional have exhibited such beeping. You can solve the issue by any of the following methods:

  • Batteries going on for long: It may be that you are still using the same pair of batteries from the beginning. Change the battery set to check if the beeping gets sorted.
  • The speed sensor in the Golf Cart may have developed a glitch or the wires to the sensor need to be replaced.
  • You need to check and see if the speed magnet is in good working condition.


2008 Club Car keeps beeping

The 2008 Car Club Precedent may develop some glitches due to which the beeping does not stop. Let us discuss on some reasons and possible solutions:

  • The Tow switch should be turned to “Tow” and the batteries should be put on “Charging”. Keep charging the batteries till it comes to 50v.
  • Check if the F&R switch is broken. If it has snapped, you need to visit the nearest service center to get it repaired.


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