Why is My Club Car Golf Cart Not Charging?

Club Car Golf Cart is not charging

Why is my Club Car golf cart, not charging?

The cause of a Club Car golf not charging is either a dead battery, a damaged power cable, or a faulty charger. 


Bad battery:

If you see that your charger is not turning on even after plugging it into your cart, then generally it’s your car’s battery, not the charger


Bad charger:

  1. if the charger turns on but there is no sign of charging
  2. If the charger is making noises like a loud click, before kicking off
  3. If the charger keeps charging even after turning the switch off then, without any doubt, it’s time to replace the charger


Poor connection

Before declaring your battery or the charger as the bad ones, make sure that the charger supplies enough power to your car. Not getting enough power supply can be the reason why your vehicle is not charging. Minimum 20-25 volts are required to set a standard golf cart.


Power cable

Talking about the power supply, the charger’s power cable must be in good condition in order to charge your car. Check whether it is torn or damaged. 


Incorrect water level in the batteries

Check the water level of your car batteries. Ensure that it has enough water before plugging in the charger. 


If the problem lies in your batteries, repairing them can be a solution, but the overall repairing cost will be relatively closer to the price of a new battery. So generally, replacing the damaged parts is the solution to this kind of issue. 


Club Car golf cart charging problems

A golf cart car may seem little, but you need to put the effort in order to maintain it properly. Keeping other problems aside, there are different types of charging problems your car would be facing. 


  • The charger is turning on naturally but turning off very soon without charging the car.

In this situation, I can confirm that the problem is occurring from your damaged charger, not from the batteries. So replacing the charger can solve the problem. 


  • Making loud noises or clicks while turning on the charger

This one is your charger’s issue. This sound indicates that your charger knows that now it’s time to charge, but for some reason, it is failing to start.

 In this situation, don’t try to plug the charger into your batteries. Replacing specific parts of the charger can solve the issue. 


  • The charger is not shutting off after switching it off. Replace the charger.
  • The charger is unable to supply the required power to the car. So it is taking longer than usual to charge the car fully.

An insufficient power supply can be the reason behind the issue—plugin your charger somewhere, from where it can supply at least 20-21 volts of electricity. 


  • Batteries are not charging even after the attempt to charging them individually.

Before replacing the battery, check if your car’s OBC is functioning correctly. Reset it or update it immediately. It should solve the problem.


Why your Club Car Battery charger does not shut off

A Club Car golf cart will not shut off if the OBC is outdated or faulty.

In this case, the reason depends on whether the charger is not shutting off when it is plugged into the device, or it is not plugged in but still not shutting off. 

  • If it is plugged into the device while facing issues, your device’s OBC is outdated and not functioning correctly.
  • If it is not plugged into the device, then there is something wrong with the charger socket. 


How to fix it

  1. Reset your OBC and make sure it is functioning. 
  2. Try different sockets and make sure it was that socket’s or the charger is faulty. 

If it is the socket, stir clear from that; do not plug in any other charger until the socket is fixed. 


And if it is the charger, then it’s not necessary to mention that it’s time when you have to replace the charger. 


How to Fix a Club Car golf cart that’s not charging?


Charger troubleshooting

  1. Before plugging the charger to ensure that there is some charge left in the batteries, in this situation, the charger fails to detect the batteries, which is why the charger will not turn on. Try to keep specific chargers, which will help your batteries to stay charged even when the car is idle. 
  2. Enough power supply is critical to keep the charger working and keep the batteries charging. Check your connections, and then turn on your charger. 
  3. If the charger is clicking while plugging it in, and doing nothing, examine your charger and probably replace it. 
  4. If the “brain” of the charger fails, then it can cause several issues, and the batteries will not charge. Purchasing a new one or repairing the component can solve the problem. 


Golf Cart troubleshooting

  1. If the problem is lying to the car, then generally it’s the OBC. Maybe it needs resetting or repairing or replacing. 
  2. Check the relay if it’s alright and notice if it’s making a click sound while plugging in the charger. If there is no sound, then maybe the fuse has blown. Perhaps it’s time to replace the relay. 


Club Car DS golf cart not charging

If you want to keep your car healthy and continue proper maintenance, then the first thing you need to remember is to charge the golf cart after every use. And do not just leave the car behind when it is charging.

When the charging is complete, plug it out from the charger. Another thing to remember is while charging your car; keep it to “Run.” If still, the vehicle is not setting, then maybe the issue is somewhere else. 

  • Make sure you are using the right amps charger for your golf cart. Because a low amp charger will fail to supply enough power to the car’s battery, and sometimes the batteries will not charge at all. 
  • Before charging the batteries, check whether the water level is adequate in the wet-cell batteries.
  • Check if the charger is not plugged into the receptacle of the golf cart. The charger needs to connect with sockets within the replaceable. 
  • Examine the charger’s cable connections. Damaged cables will not be able to charge the batteries. 
  • Using an extension cord is not ideal for charging a golf cart. But if it’s necessary, then use a heavy-duty extension cord. 


48V Club Car golf cart not charging

You can perform three most important troubleshooting in this situation:

  • Try to charge the batteries individually. Maybe your charger is not able to supply enough power to both of the batteries at the same time. 
  • Maybe your OBC is malfunctioning. In the 48V club cars, the OBC is primarily responsible for the batteries’ charge. It controls the batteries charging, which is why the 48V requires a fully functional OBC all the time. 
  • Connect the batteries to a voltmeter and check if the charger is generating enough power. If the power supply is just sufficient, then maybe it’s your battery, which is faulty. 

Are you still facing the same problem? Well, now it’s time to ask a professional to examine the entire car, along with all the parts, and find out what precisely the reason is. Generally, charging issues of the golf car are related to three components, OBC, the batteries, and the charger. Maybe replacing some of these parts can solve the problem. 


1999 Club Car golf cart not charging

Take a look at the following list and see if your problem solves:

  1. Have you checked if the OBC communication wire, connected to the charger? Behind the charger where the where is connected, there is a yellow fuse. This is the part that could be damaged. 
  2. Another thing you can check is the fuse on the top of the charger receptacle. The fuse in the grey wire can be damaged. 
  3. Locate the low voltage sensor in the charger and bypass it. If still the charger kicks on, then examine the OBC.

While performing all the troubleshooting, don’t forget to examine your battery along with the charger. If they both are doing Great, then indeed it’s the OBC that is malfunctioning. Update it, repair it, if still the car is not charging, replace it. 


2000 Gas Club Car golf cart not charging

There can be so many reasons behind the charging problem of your cart. But I have mentioned the typical ones along with possible solution;

  1. Check if there is a mountain of the rectifier on the frame beside the black box. If that is there, then that’s what the problem is. 
  2. Check if any wire broke between the SG and regulator. Broken cables are one of the big enemies of golf carts. They need to be fixed immediately. See if it solves the problem. 
  3. Measure the voltage of your battery while the engine is running and also measure it when the car is idle. If the measurement while the engine was running is two or three volts higher than usual, then the battery is okay. And if the measurement is equal, then there is something wrong with the battery. 
  4. Check if all the battery connections are alright.
  5. Reset your car’s OBC. 


If the charging problem of your golf cart is not solved immediately, then obviously you can’t use it. To solve the problem as soon as possible, examine the whole car first, before performing any troubleshooting. You will need a specific skill set, even to inspect your vehicle. 


2002 Gas Club Car golf cart not charging

There is nothing to worry about in this situation. Charging issues do not make your car useless. In the following list, I have mentioned a few of the possible reasons and their troubleshooting. See if it helps. 

  1. At first, use a voltmeter to check if the charger is supplying proper power to your batteries. It must be from 14 to 15 VDC. The lack of power supply can be an obstacle to the golf cart’s charging. 
  2. The DC motor turns to a generator when the car is driven. So when you drive the car, the starter generates DC, and it charges off the battery. So maybe the generator is not functioning correctly. 
  3. Check whether your batteries are not hooked up accurately. 
  4. Make sure that all of the battery corrections are robust.
  5. Examine each battery terminal. Any build-up can interrupt the flow of the electricity. Thus it prevents the battery charging. 
  6. If the water level of the batteries is low, then the blade inside it will be dried, and you won’t be able to recharge your battery.

Charging problems of golf carts are not something new. It can be quickly resolved. All you need to do is to examine the cart thoroughly and immediately replace the faulty parts. 


2007 Club Car golf cart not charging

The charging issue of the 2007 golf cart is likely to be coming from a bad OBC. Maybe bypassing it would solve the problem. But to bypass the OBC, you will need a smart charger.

  1. There are three wires at the back of your cart’s charger connection- a large black wire, a large red wire, and the small wire.
  2. Run one wire of minimum 14 AWG.
  3. Connect this via at the one in of the large black wire and the other end to the negative battery terminal of the car’s battery, which is located on the driver’s side. This negative terminal has a connection for power from the battery.
  4. Install a switch in the wire you have connected to bypass the computer. This way, you can use the actual charger to put the OBC back in service. 

When the OBC is new, bypassing is the only option to solve any charging issue. And it works like a charm!


2008 Club Car Precedent will not charge

Apart from minimum skills, you will need safety glasses and protective gloves to perform the following troubleshooting. Make sure that you have all safety measures and then get to work. 

  • Confirm that the OBC is not malfunctioning. If it is there, reset it. 
  • Check whether the golf cart has a bad solenoid. 
  • To charge golf cart batteries, the charger needs to supply enough power, and all the battery connections must be robust. 

 Make sure that your chargers’ AC and DC cables are in good condition.

  • See if the water levels in your batteries are too low.

If somehow, during your troubleshooting process, the golf cart suddenly starts charging, leave the charger like that and let it complete the charging. 


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