Where to Get Your Golf Bag Embroidered (Prices and Designs)

golf bag embroidery

Although the manufacturing of golf bags has improved significantly in recent years, sometimes you want to add a more personal touch to your bag.

It wasn’t long ago that I decided to embroider my own golf bag. The process ended up being much more difficult than I originally thought. I didn’t know where to bring my bag nor the costs involved.

Fortunately you won’t be starting from scratch like I had to. In this article I’ll help you choose the best places to get your golf bag embroidered. I will also help you with design ideas and explain all the costs involved.


Where Can I Get My Golf Bag Embroidered?

Personalizing your golf bag is something you may have always thought of doing but never got around to. What may at first seem like a straight forward thing, quickly gets complicated if you don’t know where to begin.  Here are some recommended online embroiders who can service your golf bag design:

  • For the first stop, I would recommend My Custom Golf Bag. Here you can purchase personalized golf bags with your name embroidered on top. They offer a variety of quality designs without any minimum order requirement.

  • Another interesting name that I have come across is the Custom Golf Bags USA. Here, you can get anything you like embroidered on you golf bag. From your name to the logo of your company, they have you covered.

A few other companies that come recommended for golf bag embroidery are Carefree Embroidery, The Golf Bag Place, Arizona Manufacturing and Embroidery Inc.


How to get your name embroidered on a golf bag

Unless you have some embroidery experience, I would recommend you contact embroidery companies to help you with the design for your golf bag. However you do need to be prepared.

Make sure to ask the company if they use machines to help cover the embroidery work specifically for a golf bag. The machines and techniques used will depend on the size and design of your specific bag.

Other than that, there are few selected steps that you care to follow while trying to get your name embroidered on golf bag.

Follow these 4 steps:

  1. First, remove the panel or piece you need embroidered.

  2. Send the panel to the selected embroidery company with an enclosed order form. You can download the form from their website.

  3. Send the design and panel to the company.

  4. Once the pane is returned to you attach it back onto the bag.


How Much Does Golf bag Embroidery Cost

After your name has been digitalized, a stitch count will help in dictating the prices for the embroidery.

Embroidery costs will vary on the design you give them. On an average scale, the left chest logo at around 4 inches will require around 5000 stitches and can easily cost you around $6 to $24 per item, based on the level of complexity and quantity. The more items you include will reduce the average cost per item.

On the other hand, if the embroidery design comprises of around 6000 stitches a machine can complete the task in less than 10 minutes. On an average scale, the embroidery logo is around 4000 to 7000 stitches and most machines will run for around 600 to 750 SPM on average design.

It’s really quite difficult to tell you the exact cost of golf bag embroidery as it is highly dependent on the features you request. This variation includes the length of your name, to the type of embroidery you want to have. Every point will count, and affects the final price.


Golf Bag Embroidery Designs and Ideas

There are significant designs and ideas that are well suited for golf bag embroidery. Before deciding on a design selected choice, I found it useful to look at ideas on Pinterest.

  • Most of the time, people like to have his or her name on their golf bag using either mono colored threading or multiple colors.

  • Other people prefer to add their national flag along with the name.

  • There are flexible choices available, when it comes to colors and designs. There is no restriction as you have complete choices on the final design.

  • There are various font sizes and styles available. This allows for a great amount of personalization.

  • Some creative minds can embroider a cartoonish figure playing golf with your name on top.

Always remember, the more complex your designs get, the higher you have to pay for the embroidery services. If your designs call for extra threading or multiple colors, be prepared to spend a little more.


Custom golf bags for embroidery

The truth is most of the golf bags are not manufactured for custom embroidery. Moreover, it can be rather expensive as shipping golf bags is costly.

If you ask me, a better solution is to get a custom bag with little initial branding on it. The embroidery companies will then have the available space to embroider as per your exact specifications.

Most of the retail based golf bags are designed for promoting the brand of manufacturer and have very little space for customization.

  • That’s why I recommend you choose Club Globe bags, which are designed to promote your name or brand. This bag is the best choice because of the available “blank space”.

  • All that is needed from you is stock number, brand, photo of bag and complete illustration of the place where you want the embroidery to take place.

  • You may need to download a PDF format of your customized golf bag layout. Yes, this layout won’t match the golf bag you have right now, but it can prove to be rather helpful. Provide the company you choose with written instructions, material descriptions and correct bag sizes.


Custom Embroidered Golf Shirts

Just to show your true passion for golf you can create a customized embroidery golf shirt. You can log online and select the finest piece of clothing from the selected outlets, and ask the working team to customize the Polo Shirt to match your requirements.

  • You can customize the embroidered golf shirts for your personalized use or for addressing brands. The name of the golf tournaments or even the logo of your company can be embroidered on top of the golf shirts to make those pieces.

  • The embroidery takes place in the production facility of the companies for ensuring faster service and higher quality on every shirt they design.

  • Reputable companies will offer name brand golf shirts of premium quality directly from the source. They will never purchase the item from secondary sources or from any of the gray market wholesalers.


How to Remove Embroidery from Golf Bag

At some point you may wish to remove embroidery work from your golf bag. This is easy to do by using an embroidery eraser or stitch eraser.

Steps to remove embroidery:

  • You’ll need to use an embroidery eraser or even a stitch eraser. You can find such items from a well-stocked fabric store. This item is made perfectly for the professional based embroidery. For that, you have to turn the item to reveal the back side and then work on removing the stitches.

  • You can try using a seam ripper. For that, you need to turn the project over to check the back side of the embroidery. After that, you can cut down the stitches with seam ripper. Then, return to front portion of the fabric and stitches out from front of the fabric.

Some embroidery might have stabilizer attached to it. So remember to tear off the stabilizer first.

Whether you’re planning to have your golf bag embroidered or want to promote your brand through this service, make sure to use an expert service. I found the process too difficult to perform on my own, but you may have better luck than I did!

 A professional embroidery company will assign a team of embroidery workers to start working on your golf bags. This can often work out cheaper than buying a new golf bag and will give your golf items a personalized touch.

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