Titleist TS4 Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

How To Adjust My Titleist TS4 Driver

The Titleist TS4 driver is adjusted at the hosel. There are 16 setting combinations to adjust lie and loft. Rotate the rings on the hosel to increased or decrease loft and for draw or fade swing bias.

The Titleist TS4 Driver is one of the most versatile drivers on the market. This club is able to be fitted to any player and used by any player to improve their game in seconds.

However, setting up the Titleist TS4 for you can be challenging at first, leaving many asking, “how do I adjust my Titleist TS4 driver?”

The number gear adjusts loft, and the letter gear adjusts lie, combine them for the perfect swing.

The adjustability of the TS4 driver makes it an incredible asset for players of every skill level.

However, understanding the settings and how to adjust them is vital for using this club well. Let’s take a look at how to adjust the Titleist TS4 Driver.


Is The Titleist TS4 Driver Adjustable?

The Titleist TS4 Driver is adjustable. There are 16 adjustment combinations to adjust for lie and loft, which are made by turning the rings on the hosel.

The TS4 is not only adjustable, but it is one of the most adjustable drivers on the market. The sheer number of setting combinations make this driver incredibly versatile and good to use for every type of player.

The settings on the TS4 allow it to be adjusted for the lie and loft angles of the player’s swing. If the lie angle of the club is adjusted for a draw bias, the player will swing slightly more from right to left.

If the club is adjusted for a fade bias, the player will swing slightly more from left to right. This can make the difference between a winning shot and a lost ball.

The lie settings of the TS4 are very useful, but so are the loft adjustment setting.

The loft settings on the TS4 allow the player to easily increase or decrease the loft of the ball after striking it.

The ability to increase or decrease loft significantly affects the accuracy of a hit and can drastically affect the distance that the ball will travel in the air.

There are 16 setting combinations on the TS4 for loft and lie adjustment, which means that it can be set up to be ideal for any player out there.

All of these settings on the Titleist TS4 driver make it one of the best drivers available for players of any skill level. Using the settings to your advantage can improve your game significantly – maybe even more than you realize.


How Do I Adjust The SureFit Hosel On My Titleist TS4 Driver?

Adjusting the Titleist TS4 driver may seem complicated at first, but once you understand what the settings mean and how to adjust them properly for your own requirements, you will find that making the adjustments is simple.

All adjustments on the TS4 are made using the SureFit Hosel installed on the driver, and the biggest hurdle to get over when making adjustments to the driver is understanding how the settings on the hosel affect the performance of the club.

Titleist provides a very useful chart that indicates the settings and what adjustments affect the club in what ways, but it can be a challenge to get the adjustments right even with this chart.

Let’s try to make things simple, and look at how to adjust the SureFit Hosel on the TS4.

The SureFit Hosel on the Titleist TS4 is equipped with two rings, also called gears. Each ring on the hosel adjusts one aspect of the clubs’ loft or lie settings.

The upper ring, which has letters on it, is used to adjust the lie setting combination, while the lower ring, with numbers it adjusts the loft setting combination.

Combining the letters and numbers on the adjustment rings adjusts the loft and lie angle of the club.

Using a combination of the letters and numbers on the hosel rings, the club can be adjusted to improve or compensate for loft and lie.

Increasing the loft will increase how high the ball travels in the air, and the left adjusts the swing bias of the player, either from left to right or from right to left.

The numbers and letters are always used in combination by using the adjustment chart provided by Titleist.

Here are some steps to follow to adjust the SureFit Hosel on the TS4:

  • Step 1 – remove the club head from the shaft by loosening the screw that connects the two by using the provided club wrench.
  • Step 2– place the clubhead down, and hold the hosel pointing upward to clearly see the adjustment rings on the hosel.
  • Step 3 ­– Lift and turn the rings on the hosel to the desired settings, and release them to allow them to lock in with each other.
  • Step 4– once you have chosen your desired setting, place the clubhead back onto the shaft. Be sure that the number and letter combination that you have chosen line up with the white dot on the bottom of the head; this will lock in the settings.
  • Step 5 – tighten the screw at the base of the clubhead to secure it onto the shaft. Tighten the screw with a club wrench until you hear a loud click, and do not tighten it any further


Titleist TS4 Driver Adjustment


Titleist TS4 Adjustment Chart

The Titleist TS4 driver has 16 setting combinations that adjust the loft and fade settings for the club. We have discussed how to change the settings on the club, but interpreting the settings themselves can be a challenge.


The easiest way to understand the adjustment settings of the TS4 is to look at them in a table:





+ 1.5O





+ 0.75O










– 0.75O






1.5O up

0.75o up


0.75o flat



It may seem difficult to interpret these figures at first, but once you understand what they mean, it becomes very simple to make the proper adjustments to the TS4 to suit your needs.

The column on the left of the table indicates the degree of loft that a particular setting changes, and the lowest row of the table indicate the degree of lie that a setting changes.

The red settings, A1 and STD (standard), are the default loft and lie settings for the TS4.

The table shows that if you move up or down a space, the loft angle of the clubhead is increased or decreased respectively.

Moving across a space adjusts the lie angle of the head, increasing toward the left and decreasing toward the right, for either a fade or draw bias.

For example, if I want to move from the standard setting, A1, to the TS4 setting with the highest loft angle, and the highest angle of lie, I would set the hosel rings to A3.

If you want less loft from this setting, I would move down a space to D3 and make the adjustment of the hosel. This decreases the loft by 0.75o, which is still 0.75o higher than the standard-setting.

If you would like to use the setting with the lowest loft angle but the greatest fade bias, setting C1 is where to go. This will create a hit with the lowest loft angle while causing the club to swing from left to right (fade).



The Titleist TS4 is one of the most versatile drivers ever made, and the 16 setting adjustments that are available on the SureFit hosel can make this club perfect for any player.

Remove the head of the club, adjust the hosel settings to the perfect degree of loft and lie for your swing, and the TS4 maybe your greatest asset on the course!

Take your time to experiment and decide on which settings are best for you. The TS4 has many settings to choose from, so try all of them and choose which is ideal for your game.


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