Callaway Epic Flash Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

How Do I Adjust My Callaway Epic Flash Driver?

The Callaway Epic Flash driver has an adjustable hosel and moveable perimeter weight. The hosel can be adjusted to alter the loft and lie of your swing, and the weight moves the center of gravity to adjust draw and fade.

The Callaway Epic Flash driver is among the most versatile drivers around. These clubs are built with cutting-edge technology and designed to be forgiving and powerful.

One of the greatest features of these drivers is that they are adjustable, but it can be tricky to make the right adjustments for you. This leads many to ask, “how do I adjust my Callaway Epic Flash driver?”


Adjust the parameters of the club to perfect your hits, accuracy, spin, and distance.


The Callaway Epic Flash driver is one of the best adjustable drivers on the market, and the variable settings can help you improve many aspects of your game instantly.

aHowever, there are so many adjustable parameters, and it can be challenging to adjust them correctly. Let’s explore how to adjust the Callaway Epic Flash driver, what the adjustments alter, and how they can be an advantage for you.


What Can Be Adjusted On The Callaway Epic Flash Driver?

The adjustability of the Callaway Epic Flash makes it one of the best drivers available for players of every skill level. This club has been built with state-of-the-art technology, including a clubface designed by artificial intelligence.

However, the true greatness of the Epic Flash lies with its adjustability.

The Epic flash has an adjustable hosel, as well as a sliding weight above the face of the club that can be precisely calibrated to improve many aspects of the performance of the club, depending on the player who is using it.

The adjustable nature of the Epic Flash means that it can be set up to provide optimum performance for any player, and in the hands of a professional, it can be fitted to improve the game of anyone who uses it.

While the adjustments can be used to the advantage of any player, understanding what the adjustable features of the Epic Flash do is crucial.


Callaway Epic Flash driver adjustment


Adjustable Hosel

The Epic Flash adjustable OptiFit hosel has two independent cogs, the upper cog and the lower cog.

The upper cog adjusts the loft settings of the driver, which is the angle of the driver’s face where it strikes the ball. The ‘S’ setting is stated loft, which is the default loft setting, which on the Epic Flash is 10.5o.

Move the cog to +1 to add a degree of loft, making it 11.5o, or to +2 to change the degree of loft to 12.5o. This increases the loft angle of the driver’s face, increasing or decreasing how high the ball goes in flight.

The lower cog adjusts the lie settings. The lie angle changes the angle of the clubface at the moment of impact. This affects the accuracy of your hits and can make it more or less difficult to strike the ball accurately.

The ‘N’ setting on the lower cog stands for neutral, and the ‘D’ setting indicates draw.

On the neutral setting, it is easier to hit the ball straight, as there is no draw in the club hosel, and setting the cog to ‘D’ affects the right to the left trajectory of the club in swing.

Getting these settings dialed in for your personal swing will greatly improve the effectiveness of your hits and improve your swing accuracy.


Moveable Weight

The moveable weight just above the clubface on the Epic Flash driver is used to adjust the clubs’ center of gravity.

The two extremes of the sliding rail are marked with ‘Fade’ and ‘Draw.’

Sliding the moveable weight to the Fade side favors fade, which is left to right swing, and moving the weight to Draw will favor right to left swing.

When the weight is set to the center of the rail, it keeps the center of gravity in the middle of the club. Moving the weight to either side of the rail moves the center of gravity in that direction, which alters the way the club moves when it is swung.

The center of gravity is a vital aspect of every gold club, and these adjustments should only be made carefully and in small increments at a time.


Callaway Epic Flash Driver Adjustment Settings

SettingMeaningEffect of the Adjustment
NNeutral SettingHelps you work golf ball in both directions
DDraw SettingMinimizes slicing
S Stated loft The stated Loft on the clubhead
-1 Decreases loft by 1 degreeDecreases loft
+1Increases loft by 1 degreeIncreases loft
+2Increases loft by 2 degreesIncreases loft further



How To Adjust The Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Making the adjustments to the Epic Flash driver from Callaway is far more simple than many realize. The adjustments can even be made on the golf course. All you need is a golf wrench with the right bit.

Making the adjustments to the driver when using it is the best way to dial in the perfect setting for you and allows the club to be actively fit to your own swing as you go.

Below are the steps for calibrating the adjustable components of the Callaway Epic Flash:


How To Adjust The Hosel

To adjust the hosel cogs on the Epic Flash, first, you will need to remove the head from the hosel by loosening the screw that can be found just below the base of the hosel.

When the head of the club comes off, set it aside, and turn the shaft upside down so that you can see the adjustable cogs and their settings clearly.

Rotate the upper cog to adjust for loft, adding or removing degrees of loft depending on your requirements. Adding lift will increase the height of your ball flight, and removing degrees of loft will decrease it.

The lover cog will adjust lie. This cog can be set to either N for neutral or D for draw. The neutral setting will not change the swing of the club, and leave it as Callaway has calibrated it, and the draw setting will add some left to right motion in your swing to adjust the accuracy of your particular swing.

After you have made the hosel adjustments that best suit your swing, replace the head onto the hosel and tighten the screw until it clicks. This will lock the head back onto the shaft securely.


How To Adjust The Moveable Weight

The moveable weight on the Callaway Epic Flash is very simple to operate.

  1. Simply loosen the screw on the weight to allow it to move on the rain, and slide to any point along the rail, according to your individual requirements.
  2. The weight can be placed at any point along the rail.
  3. To place the weight in position, tighten the screw until firm, and you’re all set.
  4. Moving the placement of the weight along the rail will move the center of the gravity to either favor a left to right swing or a right to left swing.
  5. This can be used to improve accuracy while striking the ball or to adjust for draw or fade of your swing.


Callaway Epic Flash Driver Adjustment Chart

DriverLoft Increase (1°)Loft Increase (2°)Loft Decrease
Callaway Epic Flash Driver10°, 11.5°, 13°11°, 12.5°, 14°8°, 9.5°, 11°



The Calaway Epic Flash driver is one of the best adjustable drivers on the market.

The superior design and adjustability of this club allows the player to adjust the accuracy, fade, draw, and speed of their swing while also adjusting the behavior of the ball in flight.

Aspects of ball flight such as loft and spin are directly affected by the settings that are used when adjusting the Epic Flash.

Making the right adjustments on the Epic Flash can improve many various aspects of your golf game, and this club is a great asset for players of every skill level. Adjust the settings on the Epic Flash, improve your game instantly, and you will never look for another driver again!




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