TaylorMade R11 Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART)

Is the TaylorMade R11 driver adjustable?

Yes, the TaylorMade R11 driver is adjustable. The driver supports three adjustments.

  1. The first adjustment is the increase or decrease of the stated loft with the loft sleeve.
  2. The second adjustment is the interchange of the two weights on the clubhead.
  3. The third adjustment is the alteration of the face angle using the adjustable sole plate without changing the loft.


TaylorMade R11 driver specs

The major noteworthy specs of the TaylorMade R11 driver are mentioned in the table below.




9.5°, 10.5°

Lie Angle


Hand Option

Both right-hand and left-hand

Clubhead Size



45.75 inches (Men)

Swing Weight



Aerodynamic shape for more speed and distance

Color Combination

Black clubface and non-glare white crown


Loft and face angle adjustment, weight interchange


Flight Control Technology (FCT), Movable Weight Technology (MWT) and Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP)

Shaft type (Shaft flex)

Fujikura Blur 60 (X, S, R, M)

Fujikura Blur TP 65 (X, S, R)


How do I adjust the loft on my TaylorMade R11 driver?

The TaylorMade driver supports eight unique loft settings with its FCT and adjustable loft sleeve. You can adjust the loft on your R11 driver by setting the loft sleeve on the hosel of the driver according to your preference.

The loft can be either raised or lowered from the stated loft in equal increments. You will need to make use of the TaylorMade wrench that comes with the driver to help you with this adjustment.

The following steps guide you through the process of adjusting the loft of your TaylorMade R11 driver.

  1. Use the TaylorMade wrench to loosen the screw behind the clubhead of the TaylorMade driver. This will require a few anticlockwise turns of the wrench inside the screwhead.
  2. Remove the clubhead from where it’s seated over the driver shaft.
  3. Rotate the loft sleeve over the hosel to select the preferred loft. The LOWER marking sets the loft of the R11 driver at the minimum value while the HIGHER marking ensures that the loft is at the maximum value. You can opt for any intermediate value by choosing any of the other line markings on the sleeve that increase or decrease the loft from its previous marking by 0.5°.

The UPRT marking ensures that the stated loft is not affected. However, this setting changes the lie angle.

  1. Align the desired loft sleeve marking with the arrowhead on the clubhead just below the stated loft marking.
  2. Push the loft sleeve back into the clubhead, taking care not to change the above alignment.
  3. Tighten the screw loosened earlier by turning the wrench once again inside the screwhead the same number of times in the clockwise direction to lock the clubhead.
  4. Stop turning the TaylorMade wrench as soon as you hear a click sound. The clubhead and club shaft can get damaged if you turn beyond this point.


Golfers achieve a higher launch angle and backspin on the ball when they raise the stated loft. They also find the high loft setting favorable for playing a draw.

On the other hand, the backspin and launch angle is lower with a low loft setting. This setting helps golfers to play fades better. With an upright setting, they encounter more chances of hooking the golf ball and triggering a slice.


TaylorMade R11 driver adjustment


TaylorMade R11 driver adjustment chart

The different loft adjustments of the TaylorMade R11 driver for both the 9.5°and 10.5° loft variants are highlighted in the table outlined below.



Loft Increase


Loft Increase



Lie Angle













Loft Decrease



Loft Decrease




Lie Angle











TaylorMade R11 driver weight settings

The TaylorMade R11 driver features a Movable Weight Technology (MWT) that allows you to fine-tune the center of gravity of your driver for either a neutral flight or a draw.

The R11 driver comes with a red colored 10g weight in its toe and a yellow colored 1g weight in its heel.

The position of these weights can be interchanged to change the center of gravity and implement the weight settings based on your playing preference. You will have to use the accompanying TaylorMade wrench to help with the weight settings.

The steps mentioned below provide a walkthrough of the weight settings of the TaylorMade R11 driver.

  1. Remove the screw weights at both the club heel and clubhead by loosening them as explained above in the loft adjustment setting section.
  2. Insert the heavy weight in the slot on the club heel and the light weight in the slot on the club toe for a draw.
  3. This is the standard weight setting on the driver and you may not have to change the positions of the two weights.
  4. Tighten both the screw weights until you hear a distinct click sound that helps you to ensure that the weights are fixed securely in position.


The way the two weights on the TaylorMade R11 driver are positioned plays a key role in determining how much distance players are able to achieve with it. With the draw setting, the distance tends to come down considerably when compared to the neutral flight setting.


TaylorMade R11 driver draw settings

There are two ways you can choose to set the TaylorMade R11 driver for a draw. One way to do this is to increase the loft of the driver. The other option is to do a weight setting adjustment. You can also choose to do both settings together.

The steps outlined here guide you on how you can set your R11 driver to play a draw.

  1. Loosen the screw at the rear of the clubhead using the wrench.
  2. Release the clubhead from the club shaft gently.
  3. Align the clubhead arrow mark with any marking between the STD LOFT and HIGHER markings on the loft sleeve. You can also opt for the HIGHER marking.
  4. Reseat the clubhead in place with no changes to the alignment done in the above step.
  5. Tighten the clubhead screw with the wrench to seat the clubhead in place without any wobbling. You will know this is done when there is an audible click sound.
  6. Remove the screw weights of the driver on the clubhead and interchange their positions from the standard settings.
  7. Lock the weights in place with the wrench and stop turning as soon as there is a clicking sound.


The clubface closes marginally at the time of impact with a draw setting. The backspin as well as launch increases while the distance decreases. The ball also gets directed from right to left for right-handed players and vice versa for left-handed players.

The driver offers the maximum draw when the driver loft is at the HIGHER marking and the 10g heavyweight is positioned at the club heel.


TaylorMade R11 Vs R11s

There are some noteworthy differences between the TaylorMade R11 driver and the TaylorMade R11s driver. These differences are highlighted below.


Loft Options

The R11 comes in loft options of 9.5° and 10.5° degrees for both right-handed and left-handed drivers. On the other hand, the R11s supports an additional 12° loft option for its right-handed driver.


Loft and Lie Angle Settings

The R11s driver has an extra 0.5° loft setting in both the upward and downward direction when compared to the R11 driver. Similarly, the adjustable sole plate of the R11s supports five lie angle settings of neutral, slightly open, slightly closed, open and closed in contrast to the three neutral, closed and open settings of the R11. These extra settings help golfers to increase or decrease their launch, backspin and distance with the R11s driver.


Clubhead Size

The R11 driver has a clubhead size of 440cc while the R11s driver has a bigger 460cc clubhead. The larger sweet spot combined with better aerodynamics makes the R11s a more forgiving and better-performing driver with more distance.


Shaft Type

The R11 driver is fitted with a Fujikura Blur stock shaft whereas the R11s driver comes with an Aldila RIP Phenom shaft. However, the shaft flex and stock weight of both the shafts are the same 60g.


Sound at Impact

The sound of the R11s driver appeals better to some players in comparison to that of the R11 driver. However, there are players who claim that the R11 sounds and feels better.


How to adjust the TaylorMade R11s driver

The TaylorMade R11s driver can be adjusted the same way you adjust a TaylorMade R11 driver. The loft sleeve and sole plate support different settings while the movable weights allow swapping the existing weights.

The steps detailed here will help you to adjust the R11s driver with the supporting wrench based on your preferences.

  1. Loosen the screw present at the back of the driver’s clubhead by turning the wrench to the right.
  2. Separate the clubhead from the club shaft without using much force.
  3. Turn the sleeve in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction to decrease or increase the stated loft.
  4. Reseat the clubhead in place by positioning its arrowhead in line with the desired loft sleeve marking.
  5. Tighten the above screw by turning the same wrench to the left until there is an audible clicking sound.
  6. Loosen the screw of the adjustable sole plate and rotate it to align the preferred setting with the corresponding arrowhead on the clubhead to set the desired face angle.
  7. Tighten the screw and secure the adjustable sole plate in position.
  8. Loosen both the screw weights and remove them from their slots.
  9. Interchange the positions of the two weights from their standard settings to promote a draw.
  10. Tighten the screw weights so that they do not fall off from the slots.


With an increased loft, golfers play draws better and have a closed clubface. Backspin and launch angle are more while the distance is less.

A decrease in loft is better for fades with an open clubface, less launch angle and spin, and more distance.


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