How to Remove a Club Car Golf Cart Steering Wheel (STEPS)

Club Car steering wheel removal

How to remove the steering wheel on a club car golf cart

Unscrewing the center plates located on the steering wheel, will help you remove the steering wheel from a Club Car golf cart.

Over time your Club Car steering wheel may start to become outdated or malfunction. Sometimes the steering wheels get jammed or become too loose;  causing difficulty controlling the golf cart.

You need to remove the club cart steering wheel and rectify the defects to have a smoother drive.

If you have the correct tools and the technical experience, removing the steering wheel is quite easy to do.

Tools needed

  • A screwdriver
  • A drilling machine.
  • Few screws.
  • A 3 Hex nut and a bolt
  • A metal plate.
  • Spanners of different sizes.
  • Pliers.
  • Allen keys. 
  • A tap to make threads.
  • A hammer and a small block of wood.

With these things ready in hand, let’s begin removing the steering wheel!


  1. Check the center plate of the steering wheel. Look on the backside of the plate and find out if the plate is attached with any screws. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws so that the center plate comes off.
  2. If there are no screws, it is a snap-on and off type center plate. Carefully remove the plate lifting through the edges.
  3. Once the center plate is removed, we can see that the steering wheel is attached with a 15/16 inch nut.
  4. Now, remove the nut using a proper spanner or a wrench. Some effort is needed to unscrew the nut as it is tightly screwed.
  5. We can see that even after the nut is unscrewed, the steering wheel remain attached to the shaft. We shouldn’t hammer the wheel out from the bottom but use a different technique.
  6. Take the drill and make two quarter-inch holes on two sides of the steering wheel just a few inches away from the shaft.
  7. After the drilling is complete, take the ¼ inch tap and make threads on the inner diameter of the holes.
  8. Take the small metal plate that has two holes that can be aligned with the holes made on the steering wheel and another hole aligned with the shaft and fasten it lightly with the help of the screws.
  9. Now take the 3 hex nuts and the bolt and keeping the nut on the bottom side of the metal plate, fasten the bolt.
  10. Now, tighten screws that are attached to the metal plate and the steering wheel. You can use the pliers for the same.
  11. After the setting is complete, take the Allen key and drive the bolt downward. As it drives down, the steering wheel gradually lifts, and after some time it pops up from the shaft. You have successfully removed the steering wheel from the club car.


Why do I need to remove the cub car steering wheel?

If the club cart is old enough the steering wheel sometimes get jammed due to wear and tear of the shaft. 

  • I have seen that to replace the shaft that is connected with the front wheels; the steering wheel needs to be removed first as it is attached to the shaft.
  • Again, the golf cart is in perfect condition, but the steering wheel needs to be updated with the latest design. Removing the old steering wheel and replacing with a new style cart steering wheel enhances the beauty of the cart.
  • Replacing small items in the club car can give a new look, and a fresh lease of life and I do not have to invest much amount unlike while purchasing a new club car.
  • Again the alignment of the steering wheel on the long run needs adjustment. I felt that my cart was swirling in either side even with small turns of the steering wheel. It was found that the steering wheel is the culprit and needs to be aligned. However, removing the steering wheel, it was found that the grips have worn out and need replacement.


How to remove the steering wheel from a Club Car DS

  1. I followed the first four points, as mentioned above.
  2. Now sitting on the driving seat, I pressed both my foot against the dash making sure that my feet can exert some upward pressure on the steering wheel.
  3. Taking the wooden block over the shaft gently hit the wood block with the hammer while exerting pressure on the steering wheel from below with the knees.
  4. After tapping for a couple of times, a pop-up sound is heard, and the club car steering wheel comes loose from the shaft or the splines.
  5. Remove the steering wheel, and it is time to fit a new one.


How to remove the steering wheel from a Club Car Precedent?

As I thought to replace the steering wheel from my Club car Precedent, I followed the following processes to remove the existing one.

  1. After removing the steering wheel’s center plate, I found that the nut fixed to the shaft rather jammed. I soaked the nut with oil for a few days, and tried all the methods of normal processes as mentioned above but failed to remove the wheel.
  2. One of my friends suggested using a wheel puller kit. I had no idea about them. I Googled for a few days and placed an order for the kit that my friend suggested. There were many items of different price, but I bought a kit for around the US $ 25. The package arrived in a day or two.
  3. It was a small toolkit box consisting of 14 pieces of gear puller set. 
  4. Then I drilled two ½ inch holes with the drilling machine like before and made the bearing pullers to pass through the bottom. 
  5. Using the metal plate and the center, I installed the center bolt keeping in mind that it rests on the center of the shaft. 
  6. I screwed the center bolt until 1/8 inches gap showed up. 
  7. Nothing happened. I used a rubber mallet to hot the center bolt a few times. Again nothing happened.
  8. Then, I decide to screw the center bolt further. After tightening the puller for some time, a pop sound was heard, and the steering wheel came off. 
  9. After the old steering wheel is removed, I took the adapter hub of the new steering wheel and used the old nut to fix it with the shaft center. It takes some strength to tighten the nut with the shaft keeping the adapter hub in between. Hard tight is necessary else the new steering wheel will move free without changing the direction of the cart, and it will cause accidents. 
  10. With the pre-aligned holes on the hub and the new steering wheel, it is straightforward to fit the new steering wheel with the help of the Allen keys and the hex screws. 


2004 Club Car DS Steering Wheel Removal

  1. Remove the cables attached to the cart at the beginning. It is done to avoid any electrical shock.
  2. I removed the plate and then the two mounting screws. Use a marker on the wheel and the shaft to match the position when the wheel is again fitted. 
  3. It is time to loosen the steering wheel nut by about ¼ inches. 
  4. The puller Anvil is placed on the top opening of the wheel.
  5. The anvil feet should pass through the slots of the base plate.
  6. The anvil screw is rotated clockwise. Make sure to turn the screw until the base plate, and the steering wheel is in contact with each other. 
  7. I sued a ½ inch air drive wrench and tightened the anvil screw. Gradually the steering wheel came off form the shaft. 


Club Car Precedent Steering Wheel Removal

  1. The steering wheel of 2007 Club Car Precedent needs to be removed it is damaged.  
  2. Whenever removing any steering wheel, I always cut off the electrical connections and if possible empty the gas cylinder. 
  3. As various techniques are used by me, as mentioned above, it is better to work safely, avoiding any accident during working. 
  4. Sometimes, blow lamps are used to heat the jammed nut or to breakaway any steering wheel that needs to be replaced. So working safely is the best option. 


Club Car Precedent Steering Wheel Removal

  1. Remove the scorecard unscrewing from the bottom of the steering wheel.
  2. Use a wrench to unscrew the center screw that is visible and attached with the shaft.
  3. Use a spanner to remove the center screw.
  4. Stand on the cart and pull up the steering wheel with some force and tilting and turning.

The car steering wheel detaches from the shaft and comes loose in hand.


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