How to Adjust a Loose Steering Wheel (Yamaha Golf Cart)

Loose steering wheel on Yamaha golf cart

Why is the Steering wheel Loose on a Yamaha Golf Cart?

The most common reason for a loose steering wheel on your Yamaha golf cart is a loose tie rod. This can make your cart’s steering wheel feel loose while driving.

Reasons for a loose steering wheel on a Yamaha golf cart:

  • Cracks in the steering box. There could be cracks in it or the grease could be leaking.
  • Faulty wheel bearings. Faulty wheel bearings can cause the connected components to become loose.
  • Kingpins underneath the steering box.


How to Adjust the Steering Wheel on a Yamaha Golf Cart?

The main thing to do to adjust the steering wheel on a Yamaha golf cart is to check and realign the tie rods.

To do this adjustment yourself, follow these steps given below.

  • Jack up the golf cart and ensure that the wheels are locked.
  • The tie rod runs between the two front wheels and is connected to the steering shaft.
  • You must turn the wheels manually to one side and then the other to check if the tie rods are locked in place and not loose.
  • Move the tie rod and center it between the right and left wheels.
  • After this, if the tie rod does not have any play and is perfectly seated, the loose steering wheel issue should have been solved.

You should not be driving your golf cart if the steering wheel is  too loose.

There may be other reasons why you may have to make adjustments to the steering wheel on your Yamaha golf cart. This could include the bushings of the steering wheel. If the bushings are not fully tightened, there could be play in the steering wheel.

Lastly, the adjustment of the steering wheel on your Yamaha golf cart can involve examination of the rack and pinion arrangement on the steering shaft. It can wear out after prolonged use and become loose. You will have to replace the rack and pinion to ensure that you have the proper steering wheel movement.


How to Fix Loose Steering wheel on a Yamaha Golf Cart?

You can fix a loose steering wheel on a Yamaha golf cart by opening up the steering box, filling it with grease, and closing the cover.

The steps to do this are given below:

  1. Jack up the front of your Yamaha golf cart.
  2. Remove the cover of the steering box; it’s a plate secured by 4x 10mm bolts.
  3. Now fill the box with grease till the top.
  4. Fix the cover back.
  5. Next loosen the jam nut (10mm).
  6. Turn the slotted screw in a ¼ turn in.
  7. Ensure that the front tires are off the ground.
  8. Check if the steering wheel moves comfortably and fully to the left and then to the right.
  9. If you sense any resistance while doing this, you can go back to the slotted screw and reverse your tightening and then check again.

This should make the steering wheel tight and safe.


How to Tighten the Steering wheel on a Yamaha Golf Cart?

To tighten the steering wheel on a Yamaha golf cart, first remove the steering wheel completely, and then tightly reconnect the steering wheel.

  • The steering wheels in Yamaha golf carts have a snap-fit cover in the middle. You should be able to pull it out with your hands applying some pressure.
  • You will now see a 17 mm bolt in the middle of the wheel. Use a wrench to unscrew and remove it.
  • There would be a washer below it. Remove the washer.
  • You can now jerk the steering wheel out from its place. One way is to use all the force in your two hands to shake the wheel up and down and pull it towards you.
  • The other option is to use a nylon hammer and tap the wheel from below lightly. The wheel will come off.
  • Now, you can fit the wheel back the way you removed it, putting the washer and nut back and tightening with a wrench or a rachet. Take the cart out and see if you feel comfortable and the steering wheel is not loose anymore.


Yamaha G1 Loose Steering wheel

The loose steering wheel on your Yamaha G1 golf cart can be taken care of with a few adjustments. The steering box is important and filling it with grease will help.

There is an adjustment bolt and a jam nut on the G1 steering box. By making minor adjustments to this nut, you can fix the looseness in the steering wheel.

The way this is to be done is to first tighten the bolt till it is tight. You should unscrew it slightly and then tighten the jam nut.

This should solve the problem. Ensure that the front end of the cart is jacked up. You will not be able to handle this job without the front end lifted to expose the components.

Once you open the Steering box, check if the pins are in shape; worn-out pins can cause the steering wheel to go loose. You must first determine the play in the steering wheel. The play may be described as, how much the steering wheel has to be rotated before the tires move or turn.


Yamaha G9 Loose Steering wheel

You may face a loose steering wheel issue on your Yamaha G9 golf cart. Sometimes, the steering wheel may make a clicking noise as well. The only solution available to you is to open up the steering box cover and fill the box with grease.

After filling the steering box with grease and replacing the cover, make adjustments to the pitman adjustment screw while turning the steering wheel till you feel the binding on the wheel. Now back off the adjustment screw and tighten the jam nut. This will take care of the issue. 


Loose Steering wheel on a Yamaha G16

A loose steering wheel in a Yamaha G16 golf cart can be because of a gearbox problem. The design of this model includes a worm gear for turning the Pitman arm. If the gear is worn out it can result in a slack feeling while using the steering wheel. The movement of the tie rod is controlled through the splines and the idler arm.

The solution here is to remove the cover of the gearbox and do a thorough inspection. If you find any worn-out gears you have to replace them. Remember to pack the gearbox with grease before closing. Wherever you find that any part needs replacement, order them and change.


Loose Steering wheel on a Yamaha G22

You will first have to do a complete inspection to identify the reason for the loose steering wheel on your Yamaha G22 golf cart. You will require someone to assist you with this.

The way to go about doing this inspection is to have the other person rotate the wheel of the cart one way and then the other, while you check the following parts one after the other:

  • You should start with the steering column.
  • Move down to the steering wheel knuckle.
  • Then the steering wheel rack assembly.
  • Check the tie rod ends.
  • Finally, the spindle pins.

You will know which part is not moving at all when the wheel makes the movement and you experience the looseness or play in the steering wheel. The steering wheel knuckle is often found to be the reason for the loose steering wheel.

The knuckle can be removed, replaced, or heated and reshaped if you have the infrastructure to do it. After you have replaced the knuckle, confirm that the steering wheel is tight enough and the wheels move in tandem.


2004 Club Car Loose Steering Wheel

The 2004 Club Car golf carts come with a rack and pinion arrangement in the steering column. Here’s a step-by-step method of tightening this to take care of the loose steering wheel.

  1. Place blocks on one of the rear wheels to prevent the cart from rolling off.
  2. Lift the front part of the cart with a jack; the wheels should be free.
  3. Now check if there is any play in the steering wheel by rotating the wheels right to left and back until they lock.
  4. Turn the wheel to one side; this will take the rack out of the neutral steer position.
  5. Use a wrench to turn the large locknut in the counterclockwise direction; the locknut is at the bottom of the rack.
  6. Next, tighten the adjustment bolt using an Allen wrench or a screwdriver.
  7. This should be turned clockwise until it makes contact with the rack.
  8. Now back the adjuster off by 22.5° to 45°.
  9. The locknut should now be turned using the wrench in the clockwise direction; this must be done holding the center adjustment bolt in position.
  10. Move the steering wheel a few times to check if it is freely moving without any binding.
  11. Now lower the golf cart and remove the wheel blocks.

The steering wheel on your 2004 Club Car golf cart should now stay tightened.


Loose Steering Wheel on your 1998 Yamaha Golf Cart

There are two ways to tackle the loose steering wheel problem of your 1998 Yamaha golf cart. One is to open the steering box and pack it with grease and close it. If that doesn’t work, try the other fix. The steering wheel arrangement in the 1998 Yamaha golf cart is of the ‘Worm shaft and Pitman arm’ type.

Follow these steps:

  • Jack up the front end of the golf cart.
  • Loosen the adjuster screw jam nut.
  • You should turn ¼ turn each time.
  • While doing the above, turn the steering wheel from lock to lock.
  • When you find there is a binding, stop turning the adjuster screw jam nut.
  • You should back off one ¼ turn and tighten the jam nut.
  • You will find that the play in the steering wheel has reduced substantially.
  • If you still find a little play, you will have to manage with it.

Most of these golf cart models mentioned above are quite old and Yamaha would have stopped manufacturing them.

However, a large number of these vehicles are still in use across the country and because of this, you should most probably be able to get the parts/components online.


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