How to Test and Adjust EZGO Golf Cart Pulser Coil

Adjusted EZGO golf cart pulser coil

What does a pulser coil do on a golf cart?

In order to start any golf cart, there is a requirement for a sudden spark that will ignite the engine. The purpose of the Pulser coil is to give ignition signals to the engine and ignition system.

  • The resistance categorizes pulser coils.
  • They are pulse generators that work when the engine is ignited.
  • Higher resistance ohms readings mean the coil is damaged.
  • AC tester can be used to measure the AC current generation from the coil.
  • If the AC current generated is zero, then the coil is not working.


How to test a pulser coil on an EZGO golf cart

A voltmeter can be used to test the pulser coil or the igniter of a golf cart. This will tell you if the coils are damaged or there is some other larger problem hidden underneath the golf cart.

  1. Check the user manual to know the exact location of the pulser coil under the seat.
  2. Disconnect the battery –ve terminal.
  3. Disconnect the wires and cables that come and go to the coil.
  4. Take the voltmeter’s black and red probe and place it on the –ve and +ve terminal of the coil.
  5. Take the readings. It should be between 3.7-5.2 ohms. If outside the range, the coil should be replaced.


How to adjust EZGO pulser coil

Pulser coils can be fried, and the only way to start a EZGO golf cart is by replacing the coil.

You can test the coil and use follow the below steps to remove and install a new one.

Steps to adjust the pulser coil:

  1. The HEI model should be grounded.
  2. The mounting ring should be appropriately placed.
  3. The screws should be attached centrally.
  4. To adjust the coil stability, replaced the coil wire or the coil.
  5. Switch the coil wires to adjust the pulser.


How to replace EZGO pulser coil

If the pulser coil is damaged, then there is only one thing left to do, which is to replace the coil.

Igniter coils can’t be repaired so removing the older ones and replacing the same with a new one is crucial.


Steps to replace pulser coil:

  1. The pulser coil can be removed while the engine is still placed in the cart.
  2. To remove the coil, the flywheel needs to be detached.
  3. Use a balance styled puller and attach the same to the threaded holes.
  4. Now add some pressure and let the puller do its job by removing the flywheel.


EZGO pulser coil location

The location of the pulser coil is under the cart’s seat and is near the engine. It is better to use a user manual to locate the coil so that it can be tested or replaced.

If there is no spark, there is always a requirement to check if the coil is working fine.

  • Use a grounded HEI model and mount it properly in the place.
  • Use jumper cables and connect the battery and terminal carefully.
  • Check if the igniter is working properly.


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