How to Fix a Cracked/Broken PING G30 Driver (STEPS)

Can you play with a Cracked PING G30 driver?

It’s not recommended to play golf with a cracked PING G30 driver. The majority of golf tournaments do not allow playing with a cracked driver as it can severely impact your performance. The distance of your shots and the accuracy get severely impacted by cracks on the surface of the driver.

There can be weak spots on the driver, which can impact your performance adversely.

If the head is damaged, there is a chance that even the shaft is damaged. This can lead to the head flying away mid shot.

It is better to get your driver changed as soon as you see the weakening of any sort to help your performance.


How to find out if there is a crack in the driver


Put your golf clubs in water:

  • Take a bucket full of water.
  • Submerge the driver into the water for two hours.
  • Check if you can notice any water entering the driver surface.
  • Check for bubbles forming on the surface of the head. If you see either water or bubbles on the surface, it is a sign of cracks in the driver head.


Running a razor blade along the surface:

  • Take a razor blade.
  • Run it along the surface of the driver.
  • If it runs along smoothly there is no problem. But if it catches, there could be a crack.


Cracked PING G30 Driver


Why is my PING G30 golf driver cracking?

One of the major reasons for a PING G30 cracking is repeated impacts at  certain points of the driver when it comes into contact with the golf ball. These repeated blows cause the development of weak spots on the surface of the driver and these spots become susceptible to cracks over time.


If the PING G30 driver has been through 3 to 5 years of heavy use, it can be a good idea to replace it.


Fast swingers cause more damage to the drivers in a short time.

It can be a good idea to change your driver after about 5 years as newer technology comes up every year. You might miss out on the updated features that can give you better accuracy and more distance.


Can you fix a cracked PING G30 golf driver?

Yes, you can fix a cracked PING G30 by following some simple steps using only a few tools. Hairline cracks are easier to fix than deep cracks.


How to fix a cracked PING G30 golf driver?

You can fix a cracked PING G30 golf driver by securing its shaft firmly and taking measures to tape the head to avoid scratches.


Tools needed:

  • Utility knife
  • Epoxy
  • Butane torch
  • Tape
  • Vise


Steps to fix the PING G30 golf driver:

  1. Secure the shaft in the vise properly. It’s ideal to tape the driver’s head as this can prevent scratches. 
  2. Make a cut in the ferrule with the help of a utility knife and remove it completely. 
  3. Removing the ferrule may require the application of heat, which can be done with a butane torch. You can also apply pressure on the ferrule to soften the epoxy and make it easier to remove. 
  4. Check the instructions provided by PING to see if the shaft has to be trimmed. Line the inside of the hosel with epoxy. The hosel needs to be twisted to get the shaft to go all the way down. 
  5. After the epoxy has dried, you can cut the shaft to the needed length. The club will be ready to use after being left undisturbed for 12 hours.


How to Fix a Cracked PING G30 driver head

Replacing the driver head of a PING G30 driver is a better option than fixing it.

The replacement is also faster and easier. PING has a great customer care team and they will replace the driver head with a new one. If it is under the warranty period of two years, it will be replaced for free.


Why did my PING G30 driver head break off?

This can happen in many cases. One of the major reasons is with regular use, the shaft can weaken. If the shaft weakens too much, the head can break off. It is likely that the head will fly off mid-swing as it breaks off from the end. A failing epoxy can also cause the head to break.


How to check if the shaft is weak

  • Bend the shaft gently.
  • Be very gentle, arc it slightly.
  • If there is a cracking sound, it means the shaft is weak.


Steps to check the epoxy:

  • Twist the shaft gently.
  • Check if the driver head is loose.
  • If it moves even a little, the epoxy has lost its grip.
  • If this is the case, chances are the driver head will fall off.


How to Fix a PING G30 driver face that is cracking?

The driver face is the flat, front end of the golf club. This is a part of the club that comes in contact with the ball. It can get cracked if it hits a hard surface. Customer service can help with fixes and replace the face if needed.

PING is known for its excellent customer service, quick replacements and repair. You can also get an upgrade on the head.


How to fix a small hairline crack in a golf driver?

Small hairline cracks appear on the driver mainly due to use and wear. Hairline cracks due to long use will not affect performance and accuracy as much.


However, these hairline cracks are indicative of the weakening of the driver surface. These fine cracks can become bigger with time, and they can also weaken the shaft.


You cannot fix the cracks, but early cracks can be prevented by:

  • Avoiding hitting hard surfaces
  • Cleaning your driver head after every use to remove debris
  • Cleaning the golf ball before hitting
  • Storing the clubs in a cool and dry place
  • Storing clubs in covers when not in use for a long duration


In case of cracks on the driver’s head, you can contact PING’s customer service to replace the same for you if it’s within the warranty period.


Can you fix a broken shaft on a PING G30 driver?

In case of a broken shaft, it can be a good option to reshaft. Reshafting can be done instead of replacing the whole shaft if the shaft is cracked on only one side or if it’s only a small crack of about 6 inches.

A broken shaft can cause a change in swing style and speed. Reshafting and customizing the new shaft to one’s own flex and grip can really help performance. Reshafting is also less expensive than replacing with a new shaft.

Graphite shafts are usually more expensive than steel shafts and this is mainly because graphite shafts have greater durability and strength than steel ones. Reshafting of PING clubs usually costs around $20.

How to fix a broken PING G30 driver shaft

Reshafting is less expensive than replacing the driver head. It can only be done in case of small cracks on the side and less than 6 inches.

Reshafting can be done by sending your club to the manufacturer or it can also be done on your own. However, it can be challenging and it requires specific tools, and a series of steps have to be followed to reshaft the club.

Why is my PING G30 driver head making a rattling noise?

The most common reason for a  rattling noise coming from a PING G30 driver is because of epoxy particles coming loose from the materials inside the driving head or the shaft.


Steps to stop rattling inside the PING G30 driver hea

  1. Pour glue into the driver head to catch any stray particles
  2. Pack the driver head with foam to soften any sound.


How to replace a PING G30 driver shaft?

You can replace a PING G30 driver shaft yourself with some readily available tools or seek the assistance of the manufacturer’s customer care team to do it for you.


Tools required for replacement:

  • New driver shaft
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Craft stick
  • Ferrule
  • A sharp knife
  • Shaft epoxy
  1. Scrape the paint and polyurethane present at the tip of the driver head using a knife. Do this carefully.
  2. Mix the epoxy as per the instructions on the epoxy bottle.
  3. Pour the epoxy into the ferrule and fix it into the new driver shaft. Work on the narrow end of the shaft first.
  4. Keeping the driver upright, position the club head above the ferrule.
  5. Press the grip and secure the ferrule.
  6. Using a craft stick, apply the epoxy into the hosel and on the shaft as well. This makes the bond quite firm.
  7. Check the epoxy label to see how long it will take for the epoxy to firm up. It is advisable to leave the club at rest for 24 hours before using it.


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