How to Fix a Cracked/Broken Cobra Speedzone Driver (STEPS)

Can You Play With a Cracked Speedzone Driver?

You can play golf with a cracked Cobra Speedzone driver. However, you cannot replace the cracked driver during a tournament unless the club is extremely damaged.

Many tournaments will not let a participant replace a driver if the driver’s head cracks in the middle of the event. The USGA rules state that the driver must be severely damaged or shattered to be replaced.

A golfer must continue to play with a cracked driver until the end of the match. At times the participant may not detect the crack if it is very small. And it will not interfere with game play.


Why Is My Cobra Speedzone Golf Driver Cracking?

A Cobra Speedzone driver may begin cracking if you hit a hard surface, or using the wrong swing technique.  

If the golf driver hits a firm surface then it might crack. Several users have reported having experienced the same problem. It was resolved after contacting the driver’s maker.

Additionally the wrong technique might crack your golf driver. In such a scenario members of the forum have suggest contacting the manufacturer’s service department immediately.


Can You Fix a Cracked Cobra Speedzone Driver?

A damaged Cobra Speedzone golf driver is irreparable in most of the cases. If a Cobra Speedzone driver is cracked or broken, the shaft will need to be replaced.

Golf shafts can be replaced with a new one in pro golf shops to help you get back on track.

A shaft replacement is a simple procedure that saves both time and money. You won’t have to buy a new driver and can keep using the one you already have.

The damaged shaft of the Cobra Speedzone driver must be placed into the vise and extracted with a heat gun.

The amount of heat utilized varies depending on the type of shaft. Moderate heat is ideal for graphite shafts in Cobra Speedzone Drivers. It is important to allow the adhesive to melt away before pulling the broken shaft away from the hosel where it connects to the clubhead.


Cracked Cobra Speedzone Driver


How much does it cost to fix a Cracked Cobra Speedzone Golf Driver?

The cost to repair a damaged Cobra Speedzone golf driver will cost you between $30 and $200.

Since the Cobra Speedzone Driver shaft is made with graphite thus it is a bit more expensive than steel shafts. Although if you want to fix it yourself then you should definitely go for it!


How to Fix a Cracked Cobra Speedzone Golf Driver

Here are some tools required to repair a cracked or broken Cobra Speedzone driver:

  • Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Epoxy
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Butane Torch


Once you have gathered the components then you can start with the steps to fix your Cobra Speedzone Golf Driver:

  1. You must hold the shaft in the vice to avoid any scratching and tape your golf clubhead
  2. Trim the ferrule off with a utility knife (The ferrule is a little plastic piece that attaches to the hosel) and heat may be required to remove the ferrule or a butane torch held close to it will also suffice
  3. Add pressure to the head’s side until the epoxy bond softens and it will come off easily once it softens
  4. See if the shaft requires to be cut then apply any type of epoxy along with the interior of the hosel while rotating it until the shaft is completely down
  5. After the epoxy has dried then trim the shaft to the required length and allow it to rest for around 12 hours after which the club will then be ready to use


Why Does My Cobra Speedzone Driver Head Break Off?

User error can cause the clubhead on a Cobra Speedzone driver to shatter. When a golfer slams the clubhead into the ground out of irritation; this can cause the clubhead to break.

 Clubheads can also shatter due to improper club storage or due to wrong swinging techniques.

Some reasons why your golf clubhead keeps breaking off are mentioned below:


Fat Shots

If a golfer swings the club and makes contact with the floor it is called a fat shot. This happens as a result of poor application of techniques and wrong positioning. The purpose of a club is not to touch the ground. Continually hitting fat shots might lead the head to separate from the shaft.


Clubs Rattling Around in Bag

Not taking additional care of your clubs can cause them to break. If you don’t use dividers in your golf bag then the clubs will rub against each other. This persistent clanging with the other clubs might do substantial damage overtime.


Players Abusing the Club

Golfers are known for slamming their clubs on the ground in a fit of rage. Clubs were not built to sustain such abuse. If you have an anger issue on the golf course then you will frequently end up visiting the golf shop for repairs and replacements.


Very High Impact

There is a good chance of your clubhead getting cracked if you hit the ball with a lot of force.

If the crack is large it could mess with the aerodynamic capabilities of the driver plus interior features.

You can follow the following steps to fix it by yourself at home and replace the broken head:

  1. Heat the hosel or the link between the clubhead and shaft to soften the glue as this will make it easier to detach the clubhead 
  2. Scrape the ferrule from the connecting point between the clubhead and shaft with a utility knife to get the driver head off the shaft
  3. Scrape down while keeping it away from your torso towards your head. Fasten a shaft clamp around the golf club’s shaft
  4. Melt the epoxy glue with a heat gun on the hosel
  5. Put epoxy on the shaft’s tip and the interior of a new hosel before inserting the shaft
  6. Ensure that both sides are completely coated before you spin the shaft within the hosel to insert it and then press the shaft’s tail end against a sturdy object to guarantee it’s in
  7. Make sure the shaft is ready for its new grip
  8. That’s all! You have now replaced the damaged head and have a good functioning driver


How to Fix a Small Hairline Crack in a Golf Driver

A hairline crack is a small crack that raises concerns about the company or product’s integrity.  It has quite a few impacts:

  • The hairline crack on the golf club crops up primarily between the driver’s grip and the shaft
  • When a fracture appears after a hit then the grip may separate from the remaining part of the club and it affects how the club strikes the ball
  • The driver’s post-impact range may also be affected by the hairline crack
  • Even then if there is a hairline crack then your golf driver is deemed fit to play

The best way to fix such a hairline crack is to check with Cobra’s customer care. They are helpful and will replace your product if it is well within the warranty period. You can get it replaced within a matter of days.


Can You Fix a Broken Shaft on a Cobra Speedzone Driver?

You can fix a broken shaft on a Cobra Speedzone driver by replacing the shaft at a golf repair store.

Shafts are replaced at numerous golf pro shops plus almost at all golf retailers. However it is also a simple DIY project.

You can save money and time by changing your shaft. On the other hand you can test out a new shaft without having to buy new clubs.

Thus it is a project you can take up for yourself. But of course if you think you need professional assistance I’d say go to a nearby shop. Plus you can even contact Cobra customer care.


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