How to Fix a Cracked/Broken Cobra F9 Driver? (STEPS)

Cobra F9 driver is an excellent driver with a design focused on aerodynamics for performance. In addition to performance, this driver offers various advantages to users. Some of them include great value for money, speed, and durability.

Even though the driver offers impressive features, it can break sometimes. So, don’t be surprised if it breaks or cracks after a long day at the golf course.

The USGA rule requires you to replace a broken or damaged driver.

Most golfing tournaments will not allow you to participate if the driver’s head is severely damaged.

Now, how to fix a cracked or broken Cobra F9 driver? This article will help you with just that, so keep reading!


How to Tell if your Cobra F9 Driver Is Cracked?

You can determine if a Cobra F9 driver is cracked by listening carefully to changes in the sound, and the flight of the ball after taking a swing.

When you notice these differences, it is important to fix them immediately.

If you let the crack sit as it is, it will eventually grow larger and cause a split. Then, in some time, it will break irreparably.


How to Fix a Cracked Cobra F9 Driver

A cracked Cobra F9 driver can be fixed by cutting the driver and applying epoxy glue to the hosel.


Tools needed

Before you dive into the steps, check out the things you will need to fix your driver. You can have a good start if you gather everything you need beforehand:

  • Bench vise
  • Tapes
  • Sharpened Knife
  • High-quality epoxy
  • Butane torch

With all that, you can fix it alright for your next golfing time! So, below is a step-by-step guide to fix your cracked Cobra F9 driver for your reference:


Step #1 Set It Up

It would help if you positioned the driver in a way that makes it easier to complete the process. Therefore, you can use a bench vise.

You have to start by securing the shaft in a bench vise. To prevent any scratching, you can tape the golf club. However, if you are sure you will not make any scratches, you can skip the taping.


Step #2 Cutting and Heating

Cut the ferrule off using a sharp knife. You do not need a special knife since a utility knife will do the job. If you do not know what ferule is, it is the small piece of plastic that stays by the hosel.

You may have to apply some heat to remove it successfully. However, it is not always the case. If you have to apply heat, you can use a butane torch for it.


Step #3 Pressure

Next, you have to apply pressure on the driver’s side until the bond softens. You should apply pressure until it comes off. This step is quite challenging since you need to be very careful while applying pressure, as too much pressure can do more harm than good.


Step #4 Fill In Epoxy

Then, trim the shaft if it is necessary. You should follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer carefully.

Once this is done, add the epoxy carefully along the insides of the hosel. It is advised to use high-quality epoxy to ensure it stays long.


Step #5 Twisting

Once you finish adding the epoxy, twist the hosel until the shaft goes down. It would be best if you were extremely careful when you do so since twisting too little will not have any effect on it. On the other hand, twisting too much will ruin it.


Step #6 Drying and Cutting

Wait for the epoxy to dry before you go ahead with this step. Then, cut the shaft at the preferred length. After cutting, let it rest for about 10 to 12 hours.

After this drying period and cutting, you can pick it up, and it will be ready for use!


A cracked Cobra F9 Driver


How Much Does It Cost to Repair A Cracked Cobra F9 Driver?

It can cost between $30-$200 to fix a cracked Cobra F9 driver.

Cobra F9 has titanium and carbon construction. These materials are quite expensive, more so than steel or graphite. Therefore, the repair cost will be higher for Cobra F9 than other drivers.


Cobra F9 with A Cracked Face

Does the Cobra F9 have a cracked face? It can happen when the cracked head touches any hard surface.

You can fix it with some DIY methods. The best way to resolve this issue is by contacting the manufacturer.

The company will help you with the replacement. However, it should be done within the warranty period.


Fixing Cobra F9 Driver Cracked Head

You can fix a cracked driver head with some simple steps. The steps are very similar to the guide mentioned above. Nonetheless, here is a breakdown to help you understand better:

  • Secure the shaft and tape the golf properly.
  • Cut the ferrule using a utility knife or a sharp knife.
  • Melt the ferrule out using a butane torch. This step is where it differs since you have to put pressure on the sides of the head.
  • Then, add epoxy inside along the hosel.
  • Once it is dry, cut the shaft according to the preferred length and let it dry.


Small Crack in the Cobra F9 Driver

Most of the time, it is a small crack in the driver that makes all the trouble. It can curtail the distance the ball travels. Moreover, it can affect your scores on the golf course.

The driver can split and break into two faces if you continue to use with the cracks. Besides, you may even end up injuring your hand if it explodes. So, even if it is a small crack, you should fix it immediately.


There Is a Hairline Crack in My Cobra F9 Driver

Hairline cracks generally occur between the grip of the driver and the shaft. It is a very thin crack that can develop into a larger crack given some time.

Although hairline cracks in high-quality drivers like Cobra F9 are not common, they can still happen.

These tiny cracks can also impact your scores at the game. It may loosen the grip from the rest of the ball, which can affect the hit. Most importantly, it can negatively impact the distance covered.

You will have to contact the manufacturer to fix this issue. They can replace it for you if it is within the warranty period.


Cobra Golf Warranty and Repairs

If you have registered your Cobra F9 with the manufacturer, you will receive a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase.

It will not be more than two years from the time they release the date of the product against defects in manufacture or materials.

You cannot use the warranty even if it falls within the one-year period if the date of purchase is not available. Furthermore, the manufacturers will inspect your claims and determine if they can extend the warranty to you.

Generally, if you have the date of purchase, the company will replace the driver soon. However, they do not cover for normal wear and tear or other damages by someone.


Final Takeaway

Cobra F9 is a fantastic driver that can help you improve your performance. Even though it has high-quality construction, it can crack or break sometimes.

You can tell if there is a crack by giving careful attention to details. Then, with the help of the right tools and processes, you can fix it completely.

If you cannot fix it, you can always contact the manufacturer for a replacement. That is, if it falls within the warranty period and you have proof to show for it.


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